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Efficient Auction Games: Theories, Algorithms and Applications in Smart Grids & Electric Vehicle Charging Book Features

The lowest Efficient Auction Games: Theories, Algorithms and Applications in Smart Grids & Electric Vehicle Charging Book Price in India is ₹13,640 at Amazon.
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Efficient Auction Games: Theories, Algorithms and Applications in Smart Grids & Electric Vehicle Charging Book Reviews from YouTube

What Is the Smart Grid?
28 - Applications of Machine Learning Algorithms in Smart Grids
The Electric Vehicle Charging Problem
You could do this all with Laser... Damn you....! 'Turning Fist in the air'
Sir, please make a video on Architecture of Smart grid
Dear admin, requesting permission to share this video. Thank you.
Please sear... I want software 3d to model smart grid.... Thank you
Thank you. Informational and straight to the point.
we had a shot after the second world war to go sustainable, instead we made horrific foreign policy decisions that destroyed our country, ballooned the military and surveillance and enriched a small set of oil and gas execs along with the large wall street inv banks. Meanwhile the entire US looks like a third world.
This is all very well but 90 days to reset my smart metre puts this sort of plan in doubt!!!!!!
can u suggest me a title for my final year project for the area of smart grid and solar system.
US Department of Energy.... but where is this system at? Its like you know, this is what we need... but still no change... BRUH
Event “IoT and Energy - How IoT is enabling the renewable energy revolution” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgKzdnNQ5Po&t=2307s
Thenk you vers much
Diploma batch Attendence 👇😴
in 2021 the grid is getting more inverters drawing power from the grid or placing power in to the grid from solar/wind devices factories/homes are faced with dirty power. thanks
What about supplying electricity at variable rates with upper and lower limits? The users will automatically schedule jobs to save costs.
How is two way system more greener? If energy is not produced from renewable sources?
Each point in the air and space is a bit of spacetime database just like a human it has a health record so restore it's being back to healthy state anytime is party time possible
The future data over power line, foundation mesh emf driver, and solar and street solar light works together like a giant super computer networking telecommunication for far and close self safety weather mitigation rain fall control, fire fighting, security and bio safety for all human and plants and animals safety
" *WiGL eNERGY* " Wireless electrical Grid Local Area Network's (Wi-GL or WiGL; "wiggle") patented technology allows you to pick a wireless power network the same way you pick a Wifi provider. Cut the cords and wirelessly power your devices upon demand. The time has come to wirelessly connect and power our devices
Can i get A.Mhamedi mail please ? Thank you
would you suggest me.. which programminglanguageshouldIlearn for SG optimization?
it is not the algorithm to blame for punishing different content, it is us the users, if I come to a channel for one topic that I'm interested on and get notify also for thinks I'm not interested in, I get annoyed really fast.
also, all devices require DC power, all of them... so each mixer, toaster, fan, tv, etc... has an internal electronic rectifier to make dc power from AC power... the reason we use AC power is it does not melt the transmission wires, as DC power would.
this ignores the real problem, materials to make 1 b illion batteries
Your videos too often conclude that government should get involved. We are experiencing massive inflation because government spends way too much and is just printing dollars. EV's will come on their own. We don't have the money to pay for all these programs everyone wants.
Here in the US, people who can afford a tesla tend to own their homes. Home ownership usually means you have a 120v or even better a 220v outlet in your garage. My tesla ownership story started in Wisconsin, where I owned my house. I paid 36k for a base model 3 and charged it at home with a 120v outlet in my garage. For those 4 years, I spent next to nothing on "fueling" up my car. I spent almost as much on snow tires as I did in electricity. Repair and maintenance costs were next to nothing also, just 4 cabin air filters. Now in 2022 I moved to Dallas, TX. If you dont own a house, forget about a charging your car anywhere here. In this giant metroplex of millions of people, there are only 3 superchargers and they only make logistical sense for *some* tourists. The tesla dealership across the street from the airport doesn't even have a supercharger ffs. So I sold my tesla for 40k (4k more than I bought it for due to inflation/low inventory/increased base price). All being told, am I happy I bought my tesla? Yes, for the time I owned it I was very happy with it and I have zero regrets. However, I do agree that it only works for a narrow, but growing, segment of the market. I'm also glad that I have a reservation for a cybertruck. By the time that they actually start production and get down to my reservation number, I will be well positioned to own another electric car.
My personal car right now is a good old 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser 76 series. It’s a turbo diesel V8 and I have the expanded 170L fuel tank. With this I can go anywhere and I have about 1200 km of range depending on how I drive. From empty it takes about 5 min to fill to full. As for longevity with proper and regular maintenance I expect this car to easily hit a million km on the clock (and it will) as well as more than likely out live me… Where electric vehicles fall down for me is the range, it’s 240km to the next nearest town and 400km to the one after that. Refill time, it’s 2000km to my nearest capital city meaning the current 18h drive is blown all the way out to what? A week? Lastly the batteries themselves li-on batteries don’t last!! A mobile phone has lost its mobile status after a year or so needing external battery packs a new battery or damn near constantly plugged in… am I gonna get the same sort of life out of a ev as I do with my uncomplicated diesel? I know I won’t… Bonus cuz why not… With a ev you lose the most effective anti theft device currently on the market, a manual transmission… lol
I think the best thing that EVs will achieve i to drive the price of ICE based cars lower!
that model at 10:00 is not to skale
From what I have been told the problem of the Lithium Batteries burning is as a consequence of dendrites forming from the lithium anode and cathode, which inevitably leads to the battery short circuiting, and this can be the equivalent of an incendiary bomb exploding. We cannot resolve the problem. No matter what ever is done to resolve the problem, it is a problem that will never get resolved. Thus we should stop wasting money on a technology that will never do what the creators of it thought or hoped it would achieve. Electric vehicles should not be powered by batteries. Electric vehicles should be powered directly from over head power cables. We see this in trams and railways going back centuries. Always such vehicles are not privately owned. They are always publicly owned by the government and in some countries public access and usage is for free. These so called fires are not chemical fires. Oxygen availability is not the cause of the fire. The flames are liberated electrons bursting out from the short circuited battery. There is no way to stop such an electric fire. One can only stand back and wait until the flow of the liberated electrons stop exiting from the broken battery. Putting water onto the electrical fire actually causes the electrical fire to become even stronger, because water is highly electrically conductive.
Play this video, but I would just say as an easy owner that what people think they need and what they actually need don’t always line up, 99% of the time you don’t need a few change I do agree that the charging infrastructure having chargers be every 50 miles on 3/4 is critical for removing the last barrier for a number of people who won’t buy EV‘s because of the long trips they can’t take.
Volt is 26k as of this week
can you make videos not just about america.....if you want international followers of course / love your videos pleaze do more in a week thanks
Can we maybe just have good trains, the go fast and they're cool and they faster and more efficient than a $100,000 tesla, so if you like going fast and not paying thousands of dollars a year on a vehicle we need some trains
I'm afraid we are painting ourselves into a corner and when we find out it will be too late, and we will grind to a halt.
Great video, one thing you very briefly mentioned but is a big consideration for anyone in a colder climate is the reduced capacity in the winter. In markets like Canada this is a HUGE factor in people buying EVs. When the range is reduced massively for half of the year (due to cold batteries and having to heat the car) the incentive for EVs goes down a lot. Not to mention the fact that Tesla's really weren't designed with cold weather in mind (freezing handles, etc)
Oh It was a real problem 1 year ago for us who do road trips. I was startled how low the Range is. Cut it in Have so you can get home. Also add 20 percent to avoid being toed. So I will need a much larger range before I am ever going to consider it again. sold my Car, and happily purchased a Toyota Camry Hybrid and I enjoy 50 and much higher on many Interstates MPG fill up in minutes. 13.5 gallons for an average of 600 plus miles These are conservative figures. Folks don’t realize what a wonderful car this is
BYD the world's second biggest battery manufacturer's LFP battery is now down to $87.00 per kwh. Recharging time fron 20 to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes. The tipping point will happen a lot sooner than expected.
The EU also has les freedom and what they do have is subsidized by the US...
EU sucks!
What about the strain on the power grid , simple math and common sense, brown outs are already costing billions each year , and i doubt that the people who own these cars later in the cars life span will be the biggest problem and the upkeep of the electric components that will eventually fault or "short" out and what ever in in close proximity will burn to the ground , the INABILITY to put the fire out from any of these products is a BIG issue also ... my opinion

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