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Buy Eastpoint Wood Billiard Triangle Rack - Brown online at Amazon. Racks Eastpoint Wood Billiard Triangle Rack - Brown Colours: Brown
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Eastpoint Wood Billiard Triangle Rack - Brown Features

  • Standard wooden billiard triangle rack for billiard balls
  • Durable hardwood construction ensures long-lasting lifespan
  • Hardwood aesthetic brings a touch of class and style to the game
  • Designed to hold 2.25-inch billiard balls
  • Set includes: 1 wooden triangle billiard rack
  • Racks
Eastpoint Wood Billiard Triangle Rack - Brown Colours:
  • Brown

The lowest Eastpoint Wood Billiard Triangle Rack - Brown Price in India is ₹1,133 at Amazon.
Buy Eastpoint Wood Billiard Triangle Rack - Brown online at Amazon.
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Eastpoint Wood Billiard Triangle Rack - Brown Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand EastPoint Sports
feature Standard wooden billiard triangle rack for billiard ballsDurable hardwood construction ensures long-lasting lifespanHardwood aesthetic brings a touch of class and style to the gameDesigned to hold 2.25 in. (5.7cm) billiard ballsSet includes: 1 wooden triangle billiard rack
Manufacturer East Point
Model 1-1-01256-TP04
Number-of-Pieces 1

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Is the felt really as thin as they say it is? They say you can see the wood through it.
I got the same table in the mail today and the package was very badly damaged. All I did was open the lid and there was a judge hole in it. Shipping sucks. Now I have to fight with amazon to get a replacement.
What is the size of the room you are playing in?
I still prefer using magic racks myself.
Will these racks work for 2 1/4 inch balls ????
Another great video. The racker is a great design and I will probably buy one! I noticed that only after a year my pool cloth had shallow indents where I rack up the balls. Would you recommend using a racking cloth when racking up the balls?
If there was a way of putting a pushbar on a proracker, that would be brilliant!
With the new racker it’s easier to tilt the front up to remove it.
thanks great review 👋🏻🎱👄🎱🤚🏻
Very professional and well presented. Thank you for taking the time to review the triangles.
Nothing like a nice tight rack.
Great video
Where could I buy the 1st rack from??
That’s not a slate table.
its now over 500. Why ?
Thanks really helpful!! But, I have a whole another table! 😀
For help.contact 973-585-4747
Where can I find THAT power drill?? It disassembled to make middle part easier installation
Just bought one of these 96" table , assembly was hell , it took all day to do and after said and done , another hell of a task leveling this cheap Ass table , the worst instructions you can imagine, the freaking balls go all over the table , the que sticks are garbage they came with , they sale at Walmart for $7 I bought the table from SAMs club $500 , to return this table will hell again , do not buy this garbage of a pool table
got this table but parts are different, video useless
Installation time one year lol.
how much is the price of that pool?
Warning to anyone looking into the 90” barrington billiards pool table. DONT BUT IT. It’s only 679$ on Amazon, but remember that you get what you pay for. Read all of the negative reviews mentioning grooves and screws, that’s all true. However, quite possibly the worst part, is that you have to assemble it upside down, meaning you have to flip the pool table AFTER you are completely finished. It weighs 200 pounds. I had to get 6 fully grown adults to be able to flip it, so as not to put any sideways weight on the plastic shell legs and break them. All around terrible assembly experience.
Where can i buy that
"The main cabinet", which happens to be the most vital piece to ensure the balls roll true but is made of MDF which warps easily with age and humidity, "is the only non-replaceable part"..... Proper slate tables have all replaceable parts, why doesn't this?
Ha. 69 screw
Who are the actors in the video?
This has the absolute worst building experience ever! The nails dont fit holes! The screw inserts aren’t completely hollowed out. Just an all around disappointment
Do the legs come separate from the table and how big are the pieces or boxes
WOW you got it much cheaper than I did mine was $500 from walmar, It ordered it in November it is now Jan 5th and still no pool table
Is this a slate pool table?
Huge help!! From the video, I can tell that this is a good table that plays well. Do you guys feel it plays just as good if not better than a real pool table? Do the balls roll true? It looks like a good pool table for the money. A good starter table. This would be my very first pool table. Thanks again this video, was a huge help!
I got this for $700 -.-
How much the same table cost right now, october 2020? $650 Covid 19 inflation? Pedro from margate Florida
I bought this exact pool table in 2016 for $300. It is now $670.
Got one in amazon for 800 bucks and the legs are plastic that really dissapointed me
The kid is helpful. Your stupid music isn't. And, this table sells for way more than $250.
Best review of an MDF pool table I have seen to date. After seeing all of the other "reviews", I wound up buying a Steepleton slate table for $1100 because of lack of information on the MDF bed tables. Thanks for making this video, it is very informative.
Thanks for making this vid. I researched a ton of pool tables trying to find one I could set up in an upstairs apartment. Slate ones are a little too bulky for my situation, but I eventually came across this one. I was apprehensive about it due to some of the reviews, but I'm probably going to buy it after watching this video. Thanks, y'all.
That is an awesome man cave!
Is it slate ?
How's it holding up thinking about buying 1
That last shot 🤜
This for sale on walmart for 399 right now
Good video!
Dude your son was actually helpful. He's cute and has some important things to say. He's a keeper. Must come from good stock. Review was very helpful too. Thanks to both of you!
I'm glad you guys are having fun but I would suggest buying a real table if the boy gets a liking for the game you really need a slate table if you want to get your game to even a mediocre level but if it's just for fun keep playing with your children
You’re son is awesome
250 wow I check it today it said on sale but its 400 dollar

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