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Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media Book Reviews from YouTube

Flow in Porous Media, Darcy's Law 1/2
Capillary Rise of Multiphase Fluid in Porous Medium
Review of single phase flow in porous media equations
[CFD] Porous Zones in CFD
Good lecture and teaching vibe
Download the slides from: you please why the permeability values are the same for air and water? as you explain that the porosity value is the same (0.7). The governing equations for mass and momentum conservation do not include the porosity term unless you select the physical velocity formulation but the flow is characterized only by the permeability that you define. Thank you
can you share the geometry file?
Nice video. But I have one question. How to derive continuity equation for porous media?
Hi.could you guys order the videos ? 'Would be better assimilated that way. Great Job though
Reservoir Engineering is crazy!
Thank you very much Doctor Aidan for your excelent explaination. But there might be a mistake about the definition of the "superficial velocity". I have read different explainations about the "superficial velocity" online, The superficial velocity ist defined as the volume flow rate divided by the cross area, which is, i think, the velocity "U", that you mentioned in your video. The "Us", which you called superficial velocity is maybe the physical velocity. In the the superficial velocity is equal to porosity times physical velosity, which means the superficial velocity is smaller than the physical velocity. But according to your definition the superficial velocity will be bigger than the physical velocity. maybe its just a mistake :)
It was amazing thank you so much for perfect explanation. Have a good day
thanks for your eplanation
I see in many cases that people say we use the porous medium to define a geometry where there is no flow actually. Sir, do you know how we define a porous medium that does not allow any flow through it?
U are a legend mate
Can porous zones be applied to filter media in CFD?
Thank you for your very detailed explanation about porous domain in CFD. Could you please handle about heat transfer in porous domain also? I'm now using porous domain to calculate conjugate heat transfer of plate heat exchanger, I have difficulty in setting a heat transfer model.
How can we double the porosity value for the current case with respect to governing equations. Means which term in the governing equation will tell me about the porosity value?
thank you.
Thank you so much for this wonderful videos! And I still have a question: How about the energy equation of fluid in the Porous zones? Some papers seems only considered the heat conduction between fluid & solid porous layers, while Ansys Fluent seems used different method, and I'm still quite confused about this.
GOAT fluid dynamics teacher
Thanks a lot for your excellent videos, really helpfull ! I have a question regarding method 1 for deriving c1 and c2 (Curve fitting on experimental data). Whic velocity is considered as x-axis ? Local velocity through the obstacle or velocity just upstream the obstacle ?
ı wathced the lesson carefully. thanks a lot. Do these coefficients change for heterogeneous and homogeneous porous regions?It does not change when it is calculated as an area. but i think it can change physically. my case study is airflow through people who are standing cramped up so heterogeneous permeability.
Thank you for this video. You really helped me. But I have a doubt in slide No. 16… when you are talking about the units. I can see the permeability unit is m^2 but what happened with the unit of seconds of the dynamic viscosity?
Dear Mr. Wimshurst, I appreciate your work, it's a big help for me. All your videos are very helpful. Can I have a question: are you planning to make a video about FAN boundary conditions (in OpenFoam etc.)? Thank you :-)
Very good video, A1/A2 is porosity ?, thank you.
Excellent lecture! The unit of C1/t should be kg/(m^3-s) instead of kg/m^3.
Excellent information. Thank you for the video.
How to change pore diameter of porous medium explain in detail
@8:27 you said that velocity will be increased due to reduction in area but as you considered before a cross section of equal area as that of pore then there will be no increase in velocity ,so what about superficial velocity then

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