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Dynamic Programming: Models and Applications Book Reviews from YouTube

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From my experience with NoSQL and SQL, major difference is transaction and partial write some time. Although NoSQL supports transactions upto certain level but not like SQL. Partial write is also one of the biggest advantages of SQL. Some NOSQL(Azure Cosmos) started giving this feature.
Great video. Would have been better if it had zero opinion of yours.:)
I laughed so hard at the document-based difficult query (I've experienced similar pains, lol). I didn't know this was a comedy series :') Well done! (Segment from about 2:40 to 5:30)
Super useful explanation, thank you!!. Greetings from Argentina.
Thank you for this summary!
Fucking, of course DDIA in video format is a thing. Thank you so much Kunal!
Great video Kunal! I've one question - how easy are the edits in Document based model? For example if user u3 likes the post p1, then u3 needs to be added to the array in the document for p1. Will it be an expensive operation compared to Relational model?
There is a mistake. SQL is declarative query language.
This is golden. Love your work
Thanks a bunch! Great talk with clear explanations
SQL is a declarative language according to the book, not imperative.
Yes, SQL is declarative just like CSS, programming languages like Java, C++ are imperative
I think SQL is declarative and CSS is imperative, though definition of declarative and imperative are correct...
Thanks for breaking this down so easily.
Prof. I will ask you how to calculate R1(x1). For example on S1 = 1 then R1(X1) = 0 or 7. Not clear where 7 is from. Please give more explanation (on minutes : 50:44)
I love you so much Bro thanks mannnn
I can't understand anything
Nice video this helps me a lot
Thanks for taking the time for creating these lectures but you pretty much wasted 30 minutes constantly repeating yourself.
You are an amazing teacher
thank you sir, it was fantastic lecture
nice lecture on water resource systems
🚀 https://neetcode.io/ - A better way to prepare for Coding Interviews
I don't think 0/1 in 0/1 Knapsack refer to finite/infinite number of the item - its more about if the item put in the knapsack can be fractional or not. 0/1 means either it exists in the knapsack or it does not - in fractional knapsack, you can pick fraction of some item as well -- which would be represented as .someDecimalValue, not 0/1.
very clear explanation. good job NeetCode. keep up to date your videos . thanks
I want to thank Neetcode. The videos were great resource to learn coding and crack tech interviews. I'm very thankful to this channel. Hope your channel grows more and more. ❤️
you are the god !! thank you
Finally I finish all the exercises listed in the dp spreadsheet. It has been a lot of help, thank u. wish there are more summary videos like this.
Can you please make videos on fundamental DP questions (such as the ones you listed in this video) and solve them with multiple solutions describing how you build intuition to build the Brute Force way and optimized it in Top-Bottom/Bottom-Up fashion and finally optimized it with constant space. I understand you have explained the approaches in a your videos but can you go in a bit more depth as to how you came up with the Brute Force approach and how you thought that I can optimize it in this way. Your videos have been of great help, Thank you.
Can u please reduce the number of adds it's too much irritating
Thanks. You just made it clear. fear---;
DP = recursion + memoization. Then, if you want to memoize using an array instead of a hash map, you can optimize that after. So it's no harder than recursion. But DP often uses a variable number of subproblems, while more straightforward recursions use only one or two subproblems.
Ace video, mate.
why you don't put this video a the first place in this dp series
Curious what device and software you use to present like this.
The best Leetcode channel ever
Do you think it okay to solve DP problems with recursion with memoization? It's often much easier for me to conceptualize the recursive implementation than the iterative one. Theoretically it should be the same, but with the use of the call stack.
Thanks for sharing this approach.
Thanks alot . Too good....!!!
Fantastic video
Is this the same guy who posts daily dose of internet?
Easily the best LC channel, thank you :)
I have completed reading this book last week and was looking for some quick revision. These videos are really awesome . You have done a really great job mate !!!!
Great content Kunal, looking for slides for all chapters for offline references.
Thank you for this. You just made things easier to understand from the book. Thanks a lot.
Hey Kunal, thank you for putting this up.
I wished there was a superlike option for this play list. I had this idea as what if one could summarize this book as a video and I stumbled upon your awesome work. I will recommend this playlist to as many people as I can. Cheers !!!
This is a good series!
Hi, what tools your diagram write, looks very simplicity and nice!
Goo deep man, book is so concise and you need practical exposure to understand nitty gritty but you simply skip over it like a manager... But appreciate your efforts at least for trying out.
Thank you Kunal for doing this ! Am getting my own copy of the book after that lucid explanation in all of the videos !
I just started reading this book & found this review. Thank you so much!
Thanks for creating and sharing such a succinct and clear explanation!!
Hi kunal, Excellent playlist. i wish you continue same for other books as well :) waiting for some technical books playlist.
Just finished the whole playlist. Thank you so much. It was amazing.
Why do you say "weedio"?
thank you for taking the time to do the book review! I'd definitely be interested to see other tech book reviews! one big take away from the first chapter is the idea that there's no one fit all solution especially in the twitter pull-push hybrid example, and I like how the author termed latency vs response time, to me a lot of miscommunications during work come from misuse of those fundamental terms
thanks for this brother..such an amazing book..and this video playlist..weekend is interesting now.
Great stuff, thanks!
Are these type of books targeted toward CTOs or management? On glance, it seems to be more about architecting, rather than getting into the weeds. Or may be I am mistaken.
Appreciate the effort!! You have put it nicely.
Thanks for the videos, these videos covers all the topics of DDI?

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