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DSC Springo Hockey Stick

DSC Springo Hockey Stick Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand DSC
Size Full
Sport hockey

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This did not feel like a 19 min video lol. Idk how you made it this interesting lol
Do they have 95 flex? Also when you say the blade is flat you mean the rocker of the blade?
Just a bit of information for shooters - sorry goalies I do that also but - the OVIE has that "staging" available in its release - the follow-through will be at 3-feet but if you slightly adjust the wrist, that puck stages upward. If you have not played goal then try to visualize that I can see your follow-through at its height and end of release - behind a group of payers - I can stick my glove out and it's in there - the OVIE blade shape and pattern allows for a slight staging where that visual is different from most sticks in how the puck comes off that blade. I've done this for 40+ years; Mogilny had some blades that were wood, curved etc. but the action that the goaltender saw was different from their normal view. The stiffness is actual, if not feeling stiffer...I could care less what anyone says here, but I've had former-NHL players and local (StL)coaches ask who I played for; this stick can deliver and if you ARE serious you've got consistency. I don't sell for him or anything like that - I just had the mindset, when younger, if I'm going to play and get the chance I want something in my hands that feels like an extension of my vision...into the net.
Throwing this information out there for any potential customers: I like mine much and I've been doing pro sticks since 1978. My "custom" Laine came in at 397 grams full - length and my MacKinnon at 378 grams. The options are great!!! Being older a straighter stick was also needed and their LEON gave me that! I'm the cowbird and switch patterns depending upon what I'm doing so this company gives me options and a serious consistency that I appreciate. Hockey Tote
i really want to try these guys out
Do we have new Mission inline skates this year? Not found anything online yet
I'm curious, do they have different shaft shapes? Contoured, traditional, etc ?
I remember you were pretty big on hoapa. How would you compare these to hoapa? I have the right handed fact daddy arriving tomorrow btw.
Been thinking about getting one of these for a while, would anyone seriously recomend it over a top brand stick?
I love my prostock stick I got. Highly recommend trying it
Last summer I had bought a Rasky pro curve. Could not shoot for the life of me. But the feel of the stick was fantastic so I bought a 5 pack of fully customized sticks. I could not be more happy with how they came out. I message the Instagram account often with questions and I can confirm they have the best costumer service known to mankind. They truly do care about what they send to each customer. The only complaint I have is I wish I knew about this company sooner. I cannot believe I’ve been paying for $350 sticks just for them to sit on my wall as these sticks are by far my favorite I’ve used.
The textured finish on the blade makes a decent difference for inline and dek imo
I have a McDavid and rasky, my brother has a pm9, my neighbor has a geno. We all love the sticks. Great pop, great feel, super durable. I sent him some goalie sticks to make customs so maybe order one when he puts up the preorder
So interesting, wish I could try them out but I just got two new twigs over the summer
But please do more Reviews on smaller Brand sticks
Please dont get venal, I Always appreciated the honest Reviews
I have a few of these sticks... agreed that they're pretty good
For what it is worth, as someone that watches all youtube videos on a large TV through the app, the multi colored logo can get a little distracting especially during game play.. Maybe make it smaller or a neutral color? Just some feedback.
review jdh 2021 extra low bow or the concave please
Need a new stick
Great video. Great Stick
Stick sounds great :D
Stick looks very nice, great video
Stick looks 🔥🔥
Entering giveaway IG :@debeeralexander72
What is the best stick u think you've ever used?
What do you think of the Osaka Vision 25 Pro bow? Thanks
I've been looking for a new stick and can't say no to a prize draw
Mean videos g
What I would give to hit some balls around on the Astro at the minute...
Absolutely love your videos and reviews they are so helpful and love the stick
Wish me luck on the giveaway
stick looks amazing! i wish it was mine!
Interesting stuff
zo grappig hoe ze engels proberen te praten ma nie kunnen😂
Thanks guys for what u are doing, u guys are really changing life's and just because of u I'm playing for my national team at the age of 14
I want the fh500 as I am a beginner..sorry for lots of comments big fan
So u can tell the post man
O2-850 is my house number,my house is at level 2
Just to let you know where I'm from and where I live,I live in Singapore and my address is 187A rivervale drive,02-850
Those are nice sticks you guys have
Guys I want the hockey stick and ball giveaway I want to train so much so that's why I ask for the giveaway,I plead you for that
This stick looks amazing and I need a new one as there are lots of cracks in my one. The 900 looks great and I would really like one!!!
lawrence is looking good in that kit
How do these sticks, in particular the 95% carbon, compare to other brands such as Adidas or gryphon? They are about twice the price, why is that?
Best one of these for goalkeepers who occasionally play outfield?
Gidday team. 🤙 Dennis, which of these three sticks would you choose if your current go to GK stick was no longer available and why? They all look great and after living in the UK for years I was really excited to see Decathlon opening here in Australia. Sadly however the Australian outlets don’t stock a field hockey range. 😕 So while id love to get my hands on one, I can’t here in Aus. Keep up the great work team and if there is a chance I’d love to try one.
Mooie erg Engelse Carbon uitspraak
The new hockey stick should be called FH700(500+900 divided by 2) hahahaha.
I’ve been watching ur videos for a while now and I’ve learnt a lot from them. I am my teams goalkeeper and hopefully I have a future with hockey. I would also love to get a new stick as my current stick is quite short now and is not a very good quality anymore. ❤️
Great video. I'm also loving all the giveaways you guys are doing currently!
Thought Lawrence broke his finger again at 7:37 :O All I would like for Christmas is my first carbon fiber hockey stick hahaha :)
Weeral een topvideo! Ben zelf op zoek naar een nieuwe stick nu het carbon in mijn oude gebroken is. Misschien toch eventjes langs de decathlon gaan om die sticks aan te voelen!
I'll buy some old sticks from you but please don't throw them away!
Hockey stick prices are ridiculous
I’m Considering buying this or an FT2 due to the sale price. If I go with the FT2 I can only find my curve in a 70 flex. I typically cut down 2 inches. How much stiffer would it be according to their little graph on the back of the stick. I’m a 75 flex user.
Ft3 or Geo?
Looks dope. I'm becoming less of a fan of bauer with their new gimmicky sticks, holes in the blade, 6 and 7 sided shafts etc. 🙄
Whats the the best flex
The most breakable stick on the market
Whats the difference with like the shooting and release comaring it to the warrior alpa dx becase thats what I use right now @hockeyreviews
the intro had me dying in laughter great vids thanks for the humor!!! Great vids
Just tried mine. It's a good stick but I wouldn't say it kicks harder than the trigger 4. The snap shot is unreal. Better than with my t4. But I feel my wrister and slapper is better with my t4. Could be just my technique since I shoot better with low kick sticks overall. Still a very nice stick though. Nice blade feel that's a bit more dampening than the trigger.
The Trigger 5 pro will blow your mind way more than this it’s lighter too so there’s gonna be quicker shots
God damn I just wanna know how much the regular ft3 weighs not the pro but just the ft3
Bauer flylite or jetspeed ft3 pro
Hey so I use a 70 flex ft2 and flylite, my flylite open up on shots but the Jetspeed doesn’t. Really like the flylite but I find ft2 a bit harder to load than say an alpha. Should I go for a 77 flex flylite, ft3 pro or the alpha dx ? Thanks
Finally got to try the FT3 Pro, I couldn't use it with gloves so maybe this is why I'm about to write this, but I was massively disappointed, when I was shooting I felt the blade was moving back or the shaft was twisting and it was completely ruining my power and accuracy, I tried the AS1 and AS2 pro and they felt much better, the power was much better and accuracy was better, out of any stick I've ever tried, the AS2 pro had the best stickhandling by far, kept it under control and fit me really well, however shooting wise as1 and as2 felt virtually the same. I am used to tacks sticks and used this without gloves so it could be the blade stiffness or shaft shape, or it could be that I was using 70 flex when I use 75, but I really didn't like it, I don't think using gloves will help anymore, good thing I got the as1 on a fire sale. I also tried two different FT3 Pros at 2 different locations.
Would u recommend the ft1 mits?
Sadly I can’t see myself ditching my Ultrasonic for this
Could you slap shot with the stick??
All my ccm super stick died after some months - starting with blade... 3 or 4 sticks, enough this sh**t
I ordered one and thing is insane🔥🔥🔥