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Cims book of medicine // Cims Book full Review in Hindi //Cims Book Review 2020
drug today/latest medical formulation/preparations/molecules book/magazine/drug information
best book for learning medicines ll Drug today ll pharmacist
Are Generic Drugs Safe? Eban's Book Exposes the Rot in the Pharma Industry | The Quint
Od bd tds ke liye koin si book shi hai sir medicine ke liye
Hindi our English mix book
Ye book kaha milta hai ?
Hindi or English dono me aata kya
You are intelligent god bless you
Bhai ise kharide kaise.km se km discription me link daal dete.hmlog ko thodi n pta chalega ki yhi book h
Sir iss book me sare formula cover hai... Ya sirf formule jo book cover par mention hai woh hai?
Kya yah book hindi version me mil sakta hai
Kya yeh book medical ki dukan karna hai to uske liye achha hai dva jankari ke liye sir btaiyega
Online kaha se maga skte hai.
Animal drug book best kon hi sir jee
Sir drug Contraindication kaise se book me milega ?!!?
Sir is book m ye v h ki direct IV dena h ya Ns m
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you sir
Love watching this. Wow, you need to research P r o m o s m.
Books kaha se milege link send kru
Book hindi me
Sis, which one is best CIMS or drug today ?
Tell me book price please
pharmacology Best book for d pharmacy?
Very helpful video keep it up
We tell stories that no one is willing to tell. Support The Quint now. https://bit.ly/2mE6B8P
this is outrageous, i will not buy ranbaxy products in future
Obvious Big Pharma shill is obvious! The brand names don't have to charge 20x (in my case) as the Indian generic equivalent! They chased me to India!
This book is eye opening. Daymn
Forigen countries hate India drug Industry & Quint are main Horse for them.
To bend the rules of generic drugs indirectly. And Quint has speciality in that. Big pharma are behind this.
On whose payrolls are you in? You want to carry your livelihood with one bad example?
Here is a pharmaceutical industry and hospital fact:The hospitals do not, I repeat, the hospitals do not profit off of healthy patients..The pharmaceutical companies create customers and not cures.The malicious medical mafia professionalsA.k.a. Your Doctor.
Thq god eban is from US if she's from India she's buried in ground I guess
There are also scum bags in generic medicines. Substandard Generic Medicines are even sold at Jan Aushadhi Stores. Even i got allergic reactions. Search On Google about Karnataka Jan Aushadhi Scam.
this sounds like the exact message drug brands would want to spread to eliminate competition and prop up their high prices
wtf i supported generic medicine but in the name of that they are selling shit
I found some comments suggesting it's an american trap to buy expensive brand name drugs. I disagree. Some time ago, a friend of mine had told me the same thing that pharma companies in India do produce substandard drugs in less regulated markets like mixing a certain expiry portion of the drug in the new samples to make it cheaper for the company to produce. God knows what other extents do they go to!
This is why we call The Quint as lobby group.
If it is the same molecule and works similarly in the body, I do not see any problem with the generic drugs. If they are affordable, then what is the problem? IF we have to get rid of the generic drugs in India, we would get caught by the big pharma of the US that are costly and unaffordable to Indians. How can we ensure that this woman is not funded by the big Pharma of US? Big Pharma companies of US have got their own things exposed in public. So they can never be the alternative for Indians.
All this stuff is okay but why is no one talking about Ram mandir kb bnegawhat is this anti nationalist channel
I don't see any truth in this i am doctor and have been prescribing drugs from Indian pharma they work well. This could be just a set up to defame indian pharma industry because lot of patents in US 2020 are expiring and the US pharma lobby doesn't want to loose their market share to Indian companies so they all this stuff. Just a book with no facts if she has facts she would have filed a case in us courts rather than writing the book.
Katherine is beautiful
She is funded by the Big Pharmaceuticals Companies in the US. How can we trust her...

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