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DronaIndia DIPL-M-128 Hand Cymbals Colours:
  • Brown

The lowest DronaIndia DIPL-M-128 Hand Cymbals Price in India is ₹301 at Amazon.
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DronaIndia DIPL-M-128 Hand Cymbals Reviews from YouTube

Sabian 18" El Sabor AAX Hand Cymbal Review and Demo
10 Crash Cymbals Compared - Which is Best For You?
ALL The ATV eCymbals: Reviewed
Soundcheck Blindfold Challenges - Crash Cymbals
Sh** gets real at 1:04. I'm so jealous of the pocket.
Can you do it with any crash cymbal?
The perfect gift to get for the kids of someone you don't like.
in an other video you said it is an 16 inch one, which one is this? the 16 or 18?
Sounds gong-like. Would it be possible to hang this and use it as a gong?
go to steve weiss music dot com...it is on the second [age of their cabasa/shekere page
Couldn't find it :(
Ahh awesome man, nice one.
no need for a video! Just google Meinl Shekere Holder...it's about 20 bucks, you set the shekere in it, and put it on your hi hat stand! that's it.
Hey, can you please please please do a vid on how to rig a shekere to act like a hihat? I have no clue and really wanna put one together. Thanks man. Ps awesome cymbal gunna have to get one
Hey man, nice video. Could you take some pictures of your shekere and send it to me please?
i use them a lot....the 20 is a ride i believe...i've never heard it in person
Thanks so much for demostrating and posting! Always woundered if any hand porcussionist used that cymbal! I been thinking of getting the 20".
Arent the Zildjian A's the most recorded cymbals, the industry standard?
зацените мой последний бит, делал 7 часов, рад любой критике :)
Zildjien forr the winnn
I bought the Sabian HHX Legacy Brilliant 18 & Istanbul Agop Traditional Paper thin 18...the best choice I've ever made
Paiste signature is the best brilliant crash of the world
thank God! A cymbal review whilst actually playing the f*ing drums!!! Thankx, much help
Sabian AA Thin Crash my favourite
Is it weird that I fell in love with the hihat in a video about crashes? What type is it?
1:22 1:35 4:30 5:14 5:22
i hate 16 inchs crashes, they will be only 18 and bigger
HHX, P.Signature, K
From my ear, the best out of the 10 is the Zildjian A. It has the cleanest, most crisp and controlled response that makes it suitable for several types of genres of music. The worst was the Paiste Signature. Sounded very uncontrolled. Like an out of tune gong! The Meinl Pure Alloy was also very bad. Too tinty. I’ve always used Zildjians and this demonstration has confirmed Zildjians to still be the most versatile of cymbal manufacturers. I’d like to see a demonstration of ride cymbals as I’m yet to find the perfect ride cymbal that suits my set. Great video. Thanks!
Hard to choose😭😭😭😭😭😭
K's the best for me.
Mmmm.. K custom dark, Nice demo but how much eq is on that snare, is it really that dead
NOTHING ..beats the Paiste Signature series !!!!!
Sabian is like a poor man's Zildjian. They are garbage.
Im proud of where i live ( İstanbul )
Paiste signature full18 😍😍
1, 4, 5, 9, 10 are the top 5 IMO
"No matter how they spin, it's going to make a sound." "I know that doesn't sound revolutionary." Well actually, since they are spinning it does sound revolutionary. Get it? Revolution? Spinning? Hyuck hyuck hyuck.
Would you take the Roland cy-14c-t and the cy-16r-t over these ?
Anyone use like Armor All or some kind of tire shine one your ecymbals to give em a glossy look?
What’s your take on pintech cymbals?
BUT 1) Where can you buy them? 2) Will they work with an old Yamaha DTXtreme IIs module?
I have the ATV Expanded kit, with the ATV 17' China cymbal... And I love them! They're really nice to play on. I highly recommend!!
Do you need a hi hat controller for the hi hats?
Hey buddy! I’m big fan of this channel. It’s really informative and cool!! I got this series atv cymbals 14” - 16” - 18” the crash and the ride I got the setup at 95% and I’m ok with it, but the hats feels like when you are starting elementary school and don’t know where the hell are you.. I have a td11, but planning on upgrade to a td 17 or maybe a new td25... will it work better on open/close action on those modules?? Thanks
New to this stuff! so with thee different zones could you have a regular ride cymbal sound for the main portion of the cymbal then have a "ting" when hitting the top/cone of the cymbal?
I have a TD-17 module and I'm searching to upgrade my ride. I don't have a lot of space, so I bought the ATV Artist 12" to use as ride. The thing is: I'm not convinced it worth 240 EUR, which was a big stretch for me. I'm considering returning it and buying a CY-13R, which I found used by 120 EUR. How do you compare ATV Artist 12" with the CY-13R?
Hi Justin, do you have any suggestion to set up the atv hi hat on the Alesis Strike module?
You have a ATV drum set now
Hi Justin. I still don’t get it. I found the atv cymbals online, the 10 and 12 inch are described as 2-zone and the 14,16,18 as 3-zone while all five of them have two inputs (cup and edge). At the same time , you said that we can use any cymbal either as a ride or crash. I’d guess we can only use the 3-zone ones as ride cymbals, but again, why do all of them have two inputs? It’s so confusing! 🤷🏻‍♂️
Where is there some info on these?
I recently got me the ATV FX cymbal and splash cymbal. I’m enjoying the FX cymbal more than the splash. The splash seems quieter than what it should when triggered.
Justin does the basic standard from drum tec have 3 zone triggering? 12, 14, 16 atv from drum tec
Sabian should make rubber cymbals
Justin you know that there is now a Roland td27
Hey! Cool vid I really like the effect one :D Also it's not in the subject of cymbals, but I saw that brand named x-drum that made some drums but, there's one : the dd-670 that looks really good, and for 950€.... Is this a good offer or not ?
Time for me to check out Paiste crashes. Liked my brand the least!
I'm looking for budget line vs pro line blind cymbal test. Me thinks all the people "in the know" wouldn't be able to consistently pick out which is which, especially when playing along with drums and almost certainly not when in a well mixed song.
Wow that paiste is nice
Sabian would be best for metal, zildjian better for rock and other genres, paiste is good for everything
1st time I heard the Paiste 18" signature full crash I thought it was the best crash cymbal I'd ever heard!
In his defense, the "medium" crash cymbals from Zildjian sound terrible to me, and are do not open up like normal zildjian A custom crashes cymbals.
Jokes on you I have Meinl cymbals
Paiste is good to me
They all sound good, but the the Paiste has that classic warmness to it which always makes them a cut above.
Soundcheck Blindfold Challanges - Keeping the Endorsement
These are all close... Paiste was the best sounding. AAX was most versatile for sure. Zildjian has a nice sound, just not for my style. I’m actually surprised I guessed these 3 right but i also recently played all 3 of these cymbals within the last year. If they did the AAX first the challenge would have been easier lol
Only Paiste. Paiste = my love)))
I only got the zildjian right. I use Meinl on my own kit.
I think my favorite might’ve been the paiste, and I have Zildjian cymbals
I want to purchase a crash cymbal I don't have one yet im pretty new to drumming and don't know that much. Google said that a 16" is good for a beginner but every video i see people use a 18" and you guys used all 18" soooo idk😞😞😞please help...Sorry. FYI I play rock
Get all right by chance: 16.7% - get one right: 50% - all wrong: 33.3%
You guys should clean at least some of the finger prints off for the video .
They don't have similar weights tho..You should've used the Sabian Medium Crash so that all cymbals have the medium weight.
Imagine if they pic a AAX Studio crash or dark crash.....
Wow how could you miss the Paiste in the first round ? It’s the one that sounds GREAT. Light years better than the other two. I’ve never been sorry that i chose Paiste.

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