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Find the best deal on DronaIndia DIPL-M-120 Hand Percussion Cymbals at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest DronaIndia DIPL-M-120 Hand Percussion Cymbals Price in India is ₹435 at Amazon.
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DronaIndia DIPL-M-120 Hand Percussion Cymbals Reviews from YouTube

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I think that I would choose the Pearl Export or the Mapex Storm. My first kit was a Maxwin by Pearl. I had an off brand crash/ride and 24 in hats. White with silver cymbals. I loved it and had it for over 20 yrs before selling when I moved to AZ from NY.
I bought a DW design series kit and added a DW snare and put good heads on the kit. Ended up with about 1400 in the kit and it sounds great.
Pearl Export wins but the cymbals aren't good enough for me, I'm gonna buy a Tama Rhythm Mate with Meinl beginner cymbals (also, I'm not exactly as beginner)
They shouldn’t even say include the cheap “trash can lid” cymbals really, these should be the first things to go…
You could pick up a used gretsch catalina or such for the price of the tornado. My first kit was a premier club I bought with my paper round money. Regret selling it when I upgraded to a pearl export pro a few years later. I moved on to gretsch these days but always suggest picking up a used intermediate level kit for beginners so much more responsive and easier to learn on.
i bought the millenium kit and everything is ok
The best one out of the lot was the mapex storm, best sounding one out of the lot, sturdy hardware, easy to tune toms, best value for money, would take it over a Yamaha, Tama Or Pearl entry kit anyday
pick the pearl roadshow kit. remove all heads and put new ones and you have a decent sounding kit
Even good brands fucked up
Any Sonor in this price range guys?
Amazing video! Thank you!
what are lessons?
I got a Pearl roadshow fusion, with some Zildjan cymbals. Love it! Only downside is the snare however
I bought Yamaha Rydeen studio 4 months ago and i think its very sweet! You just need to upgrade drumheads and you have a professional drumset!
I got a Pearl Export. It wasn’t my first kit, but I wish it was. The Export is a seriously good kit, and you can keep it for years and years. The poplar/mahogany mix sounds really nice, both sharp and warm, and the build quality is solid. If you get a too cheap kit, you will have troubles just as they folks in this video showed, and if not during setup, after the 10th jam, or the 25th, or the 100th. I know from experience. The Export is a real kit, for real gigging, recording, jamming, learning on. My Export currently has Aquarian Superkick 2 on the kick (stock head on reso side), Remo coated Ambassadors on the rest. And if you instead use Pinstripe, Emperor you get a very different sound!
This vid was a great help in making my final decision. Thank you. First drum set, but I wanted something which would go the distance. Was even considering Yamaha's Stage Custom Birch at the top end of my budget, but its general unavailability and the significant chunk of change difference over even the Export which would permit me to buy all those extras and accessories in going with what I did decided me to choose between Yamaha's Rydeen and Pearl's Export EXX, which coincidentally was the either or choice I had triaged prior to watching this video. I went with the Pearl Export EXX 22" Fusion Plus, HW830 inc. Basically the shell pack w/ hardware. Sourced killer value and tone Artist brass cymbals until I can afford B20s, better than entry level comfortable heavier duty Mapex D-570 throne, several pair of Firth sticks & a mallet set, Firth drum & cymbal mutes plus accessories inc Evans DATK, Gibraltar drill bit key etc separately all with budget of the same unit bundled just with the Zildjian Planet Z cymbal set RSG pack.
Tama kills all of them
ill go with gretsch
I love my 10/12/14/20 Pearl Exports in Black Smoke lacquer. 1st kit was Pearl Rhythm Travelers. Stock heads were fine but upgrades to coated Evans G14 tom batters and Evans coated Genera HD on snare made big difference. Hardware is great. In the video it's hard to choose between the Gretsch and Yamaha. Both sound great. And the Mapex Tornados - wow! Would definitely recommend them to any beginner based on what I saw and heard here.
I will gladly send you my address in case you get tired of those!
Even me I want to buy a drum
If it's dry I say bye
Imagine walking in on this intro
Nice those are expensive congrats.
I should try menil cymbals because I have been using Sabian for a while and I feel like I want to try cymbals I never played before.
On your next video, Can you say "Hi Lizbet?" PLEASE
Wtf was that intro
No splashes :,(
I like how he goes YEAH WOAH ! Every time he jumped
Just share your own cymbals
I am a meinl hcs jluxe db percusion and stagg sh guy but meinl byzance is cool to me to are you guys bellive me?
800th like
Those hi hats are beautiful
Oh yeah yeah
I liked the 1 setup more .
Do you get your cymbals for free
6:50 ah yes, the lars set up
I'll never understand dry cymbals, but hey to each there own
Which cymbal was your favorite Get access to 100's of drum lessons (+ MUCH more) and join the #DBOFamily HERE: toms
I wondered why he was shooting this video with a drum key on the snare . Then I laughed out loud when I realized it was an Earthworks DM-20 drum mic.
I feel like half of the reason people use Meinl is just to tell everyone that they use Meinl lmao. They have some good cymbals, but are extremely overrated IMO.
Lol I totally laughed out loud on the “zildjian” cymbal that magically turned into a Meinl! I use the whole dark classic customs (big size set 16in hihat, 19” & 20” crash, 22 ride, 16” trash stack, 18” trash crash, either 16” or it’s an 18” China. a more. My only concern is with so many cymbals would a 2 mic overhead be able to catch all those different cymbals? Or would I need to add more mics? I’m already at 8 mic’s with my 2 rack toms, 2 floor toms, snare, bass drum, and hihats I need another port for my auxiliary snare to. and I’m lost for the 8 cymbal set up
I wish I could afford one of these :D but in Germany you dont even have the option to work with 14 years
Not only were the cymbals great playing is mesmerazing.I love your change in accents.I never know what you are going to do next.
awesome video! are you using die cast or triple flange hoops on that snare?
You just about sold me on the Byzances. I've been looking at getting the 19" Traditional Medium Thin and 20" Traditional Medium crashes for a while now. I want the 23" Traditional Heavy Ride (I'm a fan of big heavy cymbals) but hearing the Polyphonic ride used in some grooves I haven't heard it used in yet really makes me want it. My ideal Byzance combo as of right now would be 16" Hi hats (I made these myself by pairing a Pure Alloy crash (top) with a Byzance Dark Crash (bottom) 19" Traditional Medium Thin Crash 20" Traditional Medium Crash 20" Dual Trash Crash 21" Polyphonic Ride OR 23" Traditional Heavy Ride.
That snare! Wow!
lmao that Zildjian ride is fire
could you do a crash trash comparison
20 medium is awesome
7:40 unsainted?
Huge question! Your first crash mentioned wait it was “18 deep hats bottom”
Where's the head banging at?
what snare drum do you have
Beautiful setup! I’ve been playing byzance for 10 years! My favorite cymbal of all time is my byzance traditional 21” medium ride and I use it for ANYTHING Love crashing it Gillespie style lol
Very rad and informative video! I appreciate how much you talk about riding your crashes. That important for me and I'm trying to learn which ride or crash I should be using
Zildgain and paste say no more
The snare sound completely changed on the Zultans. Why? I'm not saying the Zultans suck. They sounded great. But the snare suddenly had more bass-tone than the rest.
Sabian B8X
Where’s Wuhan? Far and away Wuhan’s entry level cymbals sound incredible compared to all these brands.
Three pieces of rides cymbals , had the same sounds .listen. againstotals, cost .will be ? Half sets , will cost ?
All .total of seven sets .? I like .spend soon.collection .
Wheres is meinl?
Rock Beats with the Aja ride.
Zultan is musical
Sabian SBR
It would mean the world to me if i get any of those cymbal packs i am flat out broke
I really don't understand, where is meinl? HSC bronze, in my opinion, the best affordable cymbals ever.
i liked the sibian with a splash.
I personally like the sound of B8 Rides, but all arround I'll stick to my different B20 Zultan Cymbals
Definitely do not buy beginner cymbal. well without zultan rock. that is not bad.
O cara nem abre o chinbal direito
My first cymbal pack is Paiste 101 Grass series.
B8X Takes the top for me
Tbh I really liked the b8x Sabian set it had a nice crisp tone
all these cymbals sound like crap because their not hammered. Any cymbal not hammered, and just turned on a lathe has no projection to it and sound either tinny or have a single overtone that makes the cymbal sound unattractive. If you're not willing to pay 500 bucks on a cymbal than sure get these packs but if you're loaded with money and price is no big deal to you than more power to ya.
My advice - get a set of intermediate b8 cymbals (sabian b8, Meinl mcs, paiste pst5 etc) and then upgrade 1 at a time with second hands from eBay. The b8s are perfect for practicing and starting out gigging as they're just about indestructible. Eventually you'll have a set of nice cymbals and a backup set

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