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DronaIndia DIPL-M-116 Hand Percussion Cymbals Reviews from YouTube

ATV artist Cymbal - Review
Do we NEED cymbal felts? | Stephen Taylor Drum Lesson
CHEAP CYMBALS SOUND DEMO - Budget Cymbals that Still Sound Great! Zildjian i Series
Jobeky Low Volume Real Feel Cymbals Review
I wasn’t sure about this gentlemen at first,, but when he said he increased the sensitivity to make it more sensitive,,,it put my mind at rest.
great review! Tnx! Do u know how to setup this cymbal with tm6pro module? Will it work right? I don’t know how to setup it and how to use two outputs... should they be routed to the same input in the module? Or two separated ones? And if so, how should I setup trigger functions? Tnx!
Wish I had the money and space to have this on my TD17KV 😔
ATV is made by Roland
It's funny. You rarely see high end e-drum sets being played by actual good drummers because the only people that can afford them are the ones with full-time careers...and they never have time to practice.
Cymbal swell is very nice! Bell sensitivity maybe due to hitting it with stick tip. Maybe try playing bell with shaft/shoulder. I mean that would also give you fuller sound with acoustic ride. 😉 As always very in depth review. Thanks! 🙌🏽 This would be an easy choice if money is no object hehe
I’m thinking of buying 2 ATV 18 ride, one for my eDrum and the other for my wife to use as an umbrella lol. This ride is so handy!! Thank you for all of your video. It has really helped me out a lot
A great review! Because of their price, it will be awhile until I can get one, but someday I will have at least one ATV cymbal
For a TD9, can the RDB cable works with it just like a roland cymbal?
damn, that's one expensive umbrella.
hi sir.. can you make a tutorial video how to hack CY-18DR to compatible with TD30 Module Ride Trigger Input
Great review! You mention the atv has 360 degree triggering. I was considering a CY-15R and presumed the Roland triggering was also 360 degree. Is that not the case?
HELP, i just got my ATV China...and when i connect it to my Roland TD-17KV, it sound so weak...i tried to adjust the volume even adjusting the volume for the specific cymbal but its still weak..HELP PLEASE
How is the cymbal holding up my friend???
Does the cymbal sound different if you pre-choke it (hold it while hitting it)?
wish yamaha made their silicone pads more cross-compatible with other equipment :(
would a different material for the heads of the drumsticks be something worth experimenting with? i figure if they're using different materials for the heads of the drums and cymbals, why not use a different material for the sticks as well? altho i suppose its good to have a constant across both acoustic and electronic drums, which regular sticks provide. although perhaps a certain type of material for a drumstick in combination with the materials of electronic drumheads would actually provide a more authentic feel, instead of trying to get the feel out of only the heads and cymbals, if that makes sense.
What are your thoughts on NFUZED Audio?
Hi ! I'm really insterested by this awesome e-cymbal, in terms of size, feeling and sensitivity. But do you know if it will be compatible with the alesis trigger IO module i'm using ?
The only problem I have had with mine is that the bell has become disconnected on the inside and I can't get the crews back in. also the choke doesn't work anymore after about 9 months or so
the felt absorbs sound . when, you want crispy and clear sound (like jazz or mellow passages), you lost the high frequences.......
The less wing nuts you have to deal with the better. That's my thinking when it comes to top felts. It makes setting up and tearing down a lot easier. I might use a top felt on a China type cymbal, but I haven't used a China in a long time, so, yeah. I have no need for top felts.
Did you say "if there is a choice between top of bottom cymbal felts"? I guess I didn't know that was a choice.
a note for heavy hitters that took me over 15 years to figure out lol. we all know not to have our cymbals too tight on the stands, but for a heavy hitter u can have them too loose. A cymbal with loose or no top felt, when hit hard, hits against the plastic sleeve with a good amount of force, and that sleeve doesnt give a lot so a lot of that force becomes stress on the cymbal and can lead to breaking. You want your cymbals to swing but u also want the felt to be a cushion and absorb that force rather than the plastic sleeve
Try using a China Cymbal without top felt or wing nut to see what happens....your china is gonna fly away on your first hit...
Thanks man, always wondered if I was doing it good enough to protect my cymbals.
Buddy Rich played with no top felts, nuff said.
I always use bottom felts on my cymbals along with making sure there are sleeves on the posts to help prevent 'keyholing'. Never use top felts except for high hats and splash cymbals. I've always had the opinion to let cymbals have their maximum sound potential by not 'muting' them by excess material contacting the cymbal. Also to let the cymbal have the movement to take up some of the shock from striking them. I've seen many new cymbals get cracked in a hurry by not having enough freedom of movement to take up some shock from striking.
boxers or briefs
Yes and no and yes and no and yes... and no! I use thin felts and a wingnut on all cymbals under 16"
I never have the top felt and wingnut on my cymbals for 2 reasons...It's less stuff to carry and I can accurately tell how hard I'm hitting the cymbal based on how much it swings. I used to be a hard hitter but when I removed the top felt and wingnut. the way I played my cymbals became more controlled as I didn't rely on wingnuts to stop the cymbal from swinging properly.
CYMBOLT ...nugh said
Bottom felts are essential but top gelts n wing nutz r 4 damening n killin unwanted overtones. If u have a big fat felt u can tear in in two so u have 2 felts instead of the 1 felt. I play with both nun n some on my top of da cymbal but id prefer the full package when it comes 2 cymbal felts n fasners
You know, I've seen cymbals fly off the stands countless times with guys who don't use felts or wingnuts on top. It's not just the subtle rubbing on the metal but the destruction of the entire cymbal. I'd say, at least have a wing nut on top to prevent that from happening if you are not going to use felt. Me, I use both.
Yup, you did a great job explaining the cymbal, plastic sleeve, bottom felt, top felt, wing nut. Here's the bottom line, as a drummer, know your equipment and how to use it!
Why don’t hi hat clutches have a plastic sleeve
I agree with the top felt affecting sound, but I use it anyway with the wing nut, loose enough to allow sway. But I've been thinking... maybe they should make the wing nuts built with a thin felt underneath. So you can have a space between the cymbal and the felt that's stuck underneath the nut. That way, gravity isn't pulling the felt down on the cymbal, and if the sway is too high, the cymbal hits the felt and not the wing nut. What you think?
I think you need it all for the cymbals especially a crash. Although it effects the sound I think it's often for the better and kind of dims the sound while also keeping your cymbals safe.
Hi there, I was wondering about the high hat top, metal against metal there or is it just me?
Ronnie Vannucci from the killers doesn't have top felts and I myself don't because I like the washy tone. Only problem I have is replacing the plastic part more frequently.
I have the planet Z and the I series, The planet Z definitely a starter symbol, but the I serious is all around really good, and that goes for the Planet z as well
Just spend $1000 and get the Sabian XSR ulitmate pack, or the Meinl Classics Custom Ulitmate Pack. I went with the XSR's and couldn't be happier,it also will leave you the option to upgrade to an AAX here and an HHX there. I don't know about anyone else but I can't stand to see a kit scattered with different brand cymbals. So get the Sabians or get the Meinl Classics Customs both sound great ,you can thank me later...
i series is the best in my opinion.
I use zildjian zbt's over in my YouTube Channel if you would like to hear them go listen to one of my videos
Lol the Planet Z cymbals are just terrible
I’ve just bought a Zildjian Planet z crash and it sounds amazing 👍🏻
Looking into a drum set, one on the short list, is the Ludwig Element Evolution set that has the i series cymbals with it... almost think I like them more than what the S series sounded like, with exception of POSSIBLY the S series Hi-Hats.... Maybe eventually some better heads and hats would be the most sensible upgrade to take a beginner kit further. This kit will be for myself, as well as the kids , so don't want stuff I'd be afraid to let them play as well. Thoughts?
Hihats: planet Z Crash:S Ride: S
Great alternatives to these (that sound much better) Instead of: Planet Z - Meinl HCS Brass I Series - Meinl HCS Bronze / Paiste PST7 S Series - Meinl Classics Custom / Sabian XSR
you can actually hear the difference. S sounds really good
Nice comparison
I got a planet z pack and the only dislike about the pack is how flattish the crash is but i dont use the pack’s hi hat i had a zht hi hat for 4 years
Ese crash planet z es una burla jajaja
S is more brighter
I have the S390’s, great for the price. Not A’s or K’s, but sound great & take a fair amount of abuse & keep going👍🏻
I have the Planet Z set, and oddly enough, I like the 16" crash but do not like the 13" hats. 20" ride is okay, but barely.
S series is more better 😘😍😘😍😘😍😗😘
Sabian for me
Personally, I like the i series hats and crash, the s series ride and crash
Sabian B8X??
Jobeky seem a very cool little company - they are giving drummers what they ask for without much BS. Their full kits are surprisingly affordable compared to to some of the other 'real look and feel' brands. I'm just an amateur who uses a cheap e-kit for recording but I must admit I'm kind of surprised that some of this gear is within my reach.
Please do a full review of the bundle pack, crash, hi hat, and ride.
Has anyone found a good way to keep these cymbals from rotating while playing?
Here's me using them in a drum cover - the bell of the ride is used a lot in this song and it's easy to hit with the 20" ride. https://youtu.be/Kx6yLffoU2c
Pintech makes low volume electronic cymbals right here in the states. https://www.pintech.com/product/pintech-lte-low-tone-electronic-cymbals/ I would love to see your opinion on their new stuff.
Try it with an Aquarian cymbal spring. It make stop the cymbal from spinning about.
can the rubber rings be taken off or do they have to stay on?
Wow, I have just realized that building e drum kits are easier than ever! Expensive, but easy.
Good video, Im in the process of doing my cymbals although I gonna just use paizo or however you say it.way smaller footprint. BTW great video. Might you make a video on Drumlite and maybe possibly on more ways to get our kits looking more acoustic. Im with you ...MAKE MY DRUMS BIGGER THAN 8"!!!! LOL
I think a way to get the cymbal to stay in place is to wrap the cable around the cymbal stand tight up to near the trigger box and then tape the cable
hi, i hope you're staying safe in lockdown. do you have any tips on the setup for jobeky real feel hi-hats? i just can't get the open hi hat sound anywhere close to acoustic sound. maybe they're just not very good not sure
your l80 cymbal test killed my soul
Does this work with an alesis strike
Actually they are not so cheap, from what I've seen
Congratulations Justin for your chanell...very useful informations....did you noticed if the holes of this cymbal damage the wooden tip of the sticks ??
Can you use low volume cymbals on a cable snake???? On td17kvx
I’ve recently converted my Sonor force 1500 to an electronic kit and bought the Jobeky cymbal pack. Really struggling with the hi-hat. It just sounds like an open hi hat permanently. Have set it to vh-11 on the td-30 as recommended but that doesn’t help. Any ideas?
The Magnatrack 16” crash’s rubber rim can be taken off without false triggering. The choke device on it works really well and the triggers take up so little weight and space. That said, Magnatrack is not ready for prime time and the customer support and service is lacking greatly with orders that take as much as 2 months to arrive. It seems more like a side hobby than a business which is a shame because their triggers are better designed than anything on the market.
Anyone know if Jobeky real feel cymbals are compatible with the Pearl mimic pro module? I can’t find this info on the Jobeky website
Aquarian Cymbal springs work perfectly to stop spinning - bee using them for years for this exact problem

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