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DronaIndia DIPL-M-115 Hand Percussion Cymbals Reviews from YouTube

Cymbals & Cajon
Pearl Roadshow 5-piece Complete Drum Set with Cymbals Review by Sweetwater
Soundcheck Blindfold Challenges - Crash Cymbals
ATV artist Cymbal - Review
What would be the cheapest and best cymbal for cajon in india?
I think this is the best video on this matter in YouTube! Thank you so much this is what I needed!
Love from India
Thanks Heidi very awesome tutorial
I just bought the Sabian AA X-Plosion based on your recommendation. Thanks!
@heidi Hay! Nice to know you! I wanna ask you a question bout' cymbals. Do you prefer splash or crash for play cajon?
What about sabian b8 8inch splash for cajon?
Always a pleasure to see the Queen of cajon ! As for splash cymbals I use Arborea knight 6,8,10.B20 alloy. I Also recently a Radian xl 8"B20 and a zildjian 10"zbt.I mix up lots of Paiste chime cymbals as the accent cymbals the older ones. The 11" 2002 splash [2] of them and 12" blue colorsound 5 and the 12" 505 splash . A black visions 8" also on the kit right now. Even my 13" 2002 crash fills a nice splash too. Just some cymbals for you to try my friend. I have yet to get a cajon. Although I am doing the hand drums now too as the big 747 rock sound can't be played every where.I'm a stacker I like many sounds off one standand my emotions are better displayed that way. Cheers love the video
That 10 turkish one sounds like shit
Heyyyy heidi which cymbal stand do you use while your Gigs and other performances
Oh my gods, Heidi! You're so charming! :)
hi Heidi I have a 10 inch sabian aa. its great.
This is three years old now, Heidi. Have you found any new cymbal additions? Thanks ;-)
Mil.Gracias Heidi . Saludos desde Mexico
Non-musicians at 5:41 be like; " What's the difference? I don't hear a difference. There's no difference"
How do I learn "when" to hit the symbol?  I new to drumming and the cajon.
nice one Heidi, I was thinking about just getting any old cheap one to start, but I will get a decent one and try a few in the shop before I get one now. Good advice. Generally I think your Cajon lessons are great, thanks very much
I think it would be cool to see you play with , you are super awesome with cymbal and Cajon. Let me know which stand is this The one you prefer. Brand and model. Thanks.
Pretty good sounding drums, but I would immediately change those cymbals
Great review from a great company!
Drums yes. Cymbals
A nice looking drum set I like like it
I didn't get the Rock Roadshow because I thought I would get the 14" floor tom later and oh surprise. they don't sell it separate.
What does 22×16 mean I need to replace a head on my kit because the head for the bass drum cracked
Luckily they changed cymbals in 2019
Beggenner or not they cut through just fine new heads and its a great sounding kit I'm very impressed with the quality for the price besides the whole beggennar thing
a) this kit sounds really good b) the sound engineer deserves a raise c) Nick could play a set of baseball bases and it would sound good
Just bought . I’ll probably use the 16 in “crash” as a China. Sounds more of a china than a crash lol
Lool lo lol lol
The cymbals are trash. The kit is really cool,sounds really freaking awesome the snare,kick,all the Tom's are all freaking sweet but those cymbals has got to go.
My roadshow has the same color as Dave grohl s DW lol than in defferent lighting its changes like 3 defferent blues lol
I play on a more professional level but I was so exsited when I seen this kit im 40 been playing since three playen along to John bohnam at 7 all the way through good times bad times double strokes on the kick in all and just got the kit 1up2down I'm like 16 again because at 16 I settled for a ss series 500 dollar kit in 96 I always had an obsession with the bohnam set up like this rock roadshow kit that's why I got it and 24 years later I spent 61dollars more and here I have wut that 16 year old wanted but couldn't find in the stores for the price with a masters series ice blue and strong glittery sparkle not bad for a budget kit didn't get with I ordered but even better I'm not sending it back very happy with Pearl
that set sounds delicious oh my god i just came a little
Please don´t hit crash sounds like a skrillet drums sound like low cost drums decent sound.
How’d you get your snare to sound like that
The throw off on the snare drum that came with my son's roadshow kit was stripped out right out of the box.
Just goes to show there's no excuses. Nick played those cheap drums and hardware like any high-end stuff and sounded excellent.
Great review, sold! By the way you look like a much better looking John Lovitz, cheers!
Proof advertising works
Paiste is my favorite.
I own about 40 pAisTe crashes. And the 18 Signature Full crash is Definitely top 3.
I guessed the 3 correctly. It was Easy. My ears do NOT like A Customs I own a pAisTe 18 Signature The AAX sounded like its name implied. Explosive.
Time for me to check out Paiste crashes. Liked my brand the least!
I'm looking for budget line vs pro line blind cymbal test. Me thinks all the people "in the know" wouldn't be able to consistently pick out which is which, especially when playing along with drums and almost certainly not when in a well mixed song.
Wow that paiste is nice
Sabian would be best for metal, zildjian better for rock and other genres, paiste is good for everything
1st time I heard the Paiste 18" signature full crash I thought it was the best crash cymbal I'd ever heard!
In his defense, the "medium" crash cymbals from Zildjian sound terrible to me, and are do not open up like normal zildjian A custom crashes cymbals.
Jokes on you I have Meinl cymbals
Paiste is good to me
They all sound good, but the the Paiste has that classic warmness to it which always makes them a cut above.
Soundcheck Blindfold Challanges - Keeping the Endorsement
These are all close. Paiste was the best sounding. AAX was most versatile for sure. Zildjian has a nice sound, just not for my style. I’m actually surprised I guessed these 3 right but i also recently played all 3 of these cymbals within the last year. If they did the AAX first the challenge would have been easier lol
Only Paiste. Paiste = my love)))
I only got the zildjian right. I use Meinl on my own kit.
I think my favorite might’ve been the paiste, and I have Zildjian cymbals
I want to purchase a crash cymbal I don't have one yet im pretty new to drumming and don't know that much. Google said that a 16" is good for a beginner but every video i see people use a 18" and you guys used all 18" soooo idkplease help.Sorry. FYI I play rock
Get all right by chance: 16.7% - get one right: 50% - all wrong: 33.3%
I wasn’t sure about this gentlemen at first,, but when he said he increased the sensitivity to make it more sensitive,,,it put my mind at rest.
great review! Tnx! Do u know how to setup this cymbal with tm6pro module? Will it work right? I don’t know how to setup it and how to use two outputs. should they be routed to the same input in the module? Or two separated ones? And if so, how should I setup trigger functions? Tnx!
Wish I had the money and space to have this on my TD17KV
ATV is made by Roland
It's funny. You rarely see high end e-drum sets being played by actual good drummers because the only people that can afford them are the ones with full-time they never have time to practice.
Cymbal swell is very nice! Bell sensitivity maybe due to hitting it with stick tip. Maybe try playing bell with shaft/shoulder. I mean that would also give you fuller sound with acoustic ride. As always very in depth review. Thanks! This would be an easy choice if money is no object hehe
I’m thinking of buying 2 ATV 18 ride, one for my eDrum and the other for my wife to use as an umbrella lol. This ride is so handy Thank you for all of your video. It has really helped me out a lot
A great review! Because of their price, it will be awhile until I can get one, but someday I will have at least one ATV cymbal
For a TD9, can the RDB cable works with it just like a roland cymbal?
damn, that's one expensive umbrella.
hi sir can you make a tutorial video how to hack CY-18DR to compatible with TD30 Module Ride Trigger Input
Great review! You mention the atv has 360 degree triggering. I was considering a CY-15R and presumed the Roland triggering was also 360 degree. Is that not the case?
HELP, i just got my ATV when i connect it to my Roland TD-17KV, it sound so weak.i tried to adjust the volume even adjusting the volume for the specific cymbal but its still weakHELP PLEASE
How is the cymbal holding up my friend?
Does the cymbal sound different if you pre-choke it (hold it while hitting it)?
wish yamaha made their silicone pads more cross-compatible with other equipment :(
would a different material for the heads of the drumsticks be something worth experimenting with? i figure if they're using different materials for the heads of the drums and cymbals, why not use a different material for the sticks as well? altho i suppose its good to have a constant across both acoustic and electronic drums, which regular sticks provide. although perhaps a certain type of material for a drumstick in combination with the materials of electronic drumheads would actually provide a more authentic feel, instead of trying to get the feel out of only the heads and cymbals, if that makes sense.
What are your thoughts on NFUZED Audio?
Hi ! I'm really insterested by this awesome e-cymbal, in terms of size, feeling and sensitivity. But do you know if it will be compatible with the alesis trigger IO module i'm using ?
The only problem I have had with mine is that the bell has become disconnected on the inside and I can't get the crews back in. also the choke doesn't work anymore after about 9 months or so

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