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Buy DN Smash Proteins (210 gm, Lemon Lime) online at Flipkart. Sports Vitamins & Proteins DN Smash Proteins (210 gm, Lemon Lime) Colours: Yellow
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DN Smash Proteins (210 gm, Lemon Lime) Features

  • Sports Vitamins & Proteins
DN Smash Proteins (210 gm, Lemon Lime) Colours:
  • Yellow

The lowest DN Smash Proteins (210 gm, Lemon Lime) Price in India is ₹2,120 at Flipkart.
Buy DN Smash Proteins (210 gm, Lemon Lime) online at Flipkart.
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DN Smash Proteins (210 gm, Lemon Lime) Specifications

Ayurvedic No
Brand DN
Composition L-Leucine, L-ISOLeucine, L-Valine, L-Glutamine, Taurine, Glutamine
Container Type Barrel
Dietary Preference Low Cholesterol
Flavor Lemon
Food Preference Veg
Form Powder
Model Name Smash
Model Number Smash Protein
Number of Scoops per Container 42
Protein Type Mass Gainers
Quantity 210 g
Serving Size 10 g
Shelf Life 36 Month
Usage Timings Pre-workout

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DN Smash Proteins (210 gm, Lemon Lime) Reviews from YouTube

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I just got a sample of this, it smells very identical to CK One Summer 2017. I am definitely getting a full bottle of Lemon Line.
You have my taste amin
Hows the projection?
Great review of Mancera Lemon Line, maybe the best performing lemon/lime/citrus fragrance out there.
HI, can you recommend anything like Lemon line - long lasting citrus? I can't find anything similar to it, is it the only one on the market? :///
very true i wore this today 6:30 am and it’s now 10 pm i and i can still smell it in the air
Creampie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Tq joy,I just purchased it from Lazada rm484....January 04 2020. From Malaysia.....love and enjoy your reviews always
so good description about lemon line. Thank you so much
Are you coming back soon? Great review
Hi, just been to the boutique, sprayed this on back of hand. Doesn’t seem to have strong projection . At €150 for 120ml seems pricey. Any suggestions for strong projection and long lasting summer scents. Thanks.
Good review 👍👍👍👍👍
Thank you Joy Amin! Another wonderful review! I have 8ml of Lemon Line and I love it! Now I'm looking for a big bottle... I'm very curious to see what you think about Rasasi Yazan - there is a lot of lemon vibe in it, but in a different way - kind of lemon peel... I love Yazan too.
Another Awesome review bhai
I've smelled that one today...sales girl was curteous enough to open box and let me test it on my skin...very high quality juice indeed doesnt smell synthetic...pure lemon in a bottle...im still searching for Cedrat Boise...but if I fail to find that...I will end up purchasing this one :-)
Hi Joy. I appreciate your passion and your quality reviews. I love lemon and lime because they are so refreshing. I may get this for my spring/summer work fragrance rotation. Your videos are a service to others. Many blessings to you. Foster Lee
Yo Mr Bangla👊
Joyda Mancera Aoud Vanille ta try koro next if you are looking for some oud stuffs...Ami niyechi...I found some similarities with 24gold...But its potent and amazing
Hi joy. The aoud is magic Black gold is simply the best fragrance on the planet Aoud s is leather and oud all the way
Great review as always!!welcome back bro!!cheers
Sir nasta ke bad nahi le sakte hai critipro ham to rat ko le rahe hai khali pet lene se koe dikat to nahi hoga
Sir weight gain ke liye konsa best hai
doctor sahab citripro nh. critipro h
Impoter tag kaha h
Bhagg bc... Musclebeast se order kar lo bhai log
Whtsup bai jaaan🔥
Happy New year bhaiya
Hahaha bas karo paji Arnold piche karta
Isse gaining kar sakte hai
Note - To all the people saying this supplement is fake based on the box I'm holding in the thumbnail photo, I want you to know that the box is edited so you can see what is written on it. That is the reason the color of the packing is different. I went a step ahead and checked with the company based on the batch number and it's confirmed that the box I'm holding is original. P.S - Thank you for your concern.
Bhai maine aaj strawberry wala mangaya bc bdda ganda test h.. Or foam bahut ata h sala 400 rs sasta tha.. Ab pta lga kyo tha
Iss ke dibbe pe likha he 6g bcaa pr scup milta he. Sahi he yaa galat ??? Agar milta he to bcaa alag se lene ki jarurat he ya nhi.???
Lab test
Bhai matlab ka sakta hai
Rum raisin ka test kesa hai
One science
Can you review on Himalaya - Quistapro (Make In India)
Bro nice 👌
Vidur bhai do Reply me.how is the taste of rum raisin taste.?
Nyc bhai
Love the video ❤️ you got some really good content, your articles for Generation Iron are really good too!
Hello bro I'm Ankit nice video
How does rum and raisins tastes..??
How was the taste of Rum Raisin.???
Bhai tere hath me hi fake supplement he ekk baar front dekh le protien ka
Brother ma bhi yahi use kr rha hu banana flavour ma
Karwa de
dude nowdays there is mpn scratch card. u can scratch n reveal from official website. lol why to use such lame flavour. atleast be logical. guys do scratch or verify it on official website of mpn or other authorised product.

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