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Distributed Systems Book Reviews from YouTube

This should be your first distributed systems design book
Books on System Design and System Design Interviews | System Architecture | Top 5 recommendations
Chapter 8 - Troubles with Distributed System - Designing Data Intensive applications book review
5 books every software engineer should read in 2022
Thank you for the recommendation, Utsav! Which book would you recommend for a mid-level engineer who understands some concepts about distributed systems on a theoretical level - 'Web Scalability for Startup Engineers' or this one 'Understanding Distributed Systems'? I would soon be building distributed systems at my work (a growth stage startup) and want to pick a book that has some practical applications.
Hi Utsav I start learning distributed systems but i want to know the differance between learning distributed systems and learning AWS??
Thank you Utsav . What framework stack one should choose to implement a concept distributed system just to get through it . Thanks !
Would you recommend this book to someone who has less than 1 year of experience and looking for a SDE 1 role?
Hi could you recommend a book on software design. Like how to design a large scale software with multiple elements like database, cloud elements(AWS/AZURE), break into smaller components, make Class relationship diagrams to use OOPs properly. Any book that talks on this.
Next video on your views on latest technologies
Which one to start with this book or System Design Interview by Alex Xu for beginners? Please answer.
Thanks for the amazing content Utsav.
https://youtu.be/T2rMlc_0Cw4 !
Hmm nice recommendation......
Great video on Sunday, I started reading this book thanks to a previous video where you recommend this book and what a great book it is.
The only person / Tech YouTuber that i can count on for genuine content and career advice. You have my respect sir as always.🙌🏻
Hello Utsav Your recommendation on books are great. Enjoyed the one you gave on data structures. I suggest you strongly consider doing book Reviews both in depth or light weight on some computer science subject of your choice with beginners to advanced users in mind. Thanks for the amazing content on the channel
very useful Yogita : - )
Shaadi kar lo mere se
Kya item ho yaar tum..jabardast
An intro to microservices
Really helpful video! Thanks Can you suggest some resources (books/courses) to learn in detail about database?
Does Data intensive book outdated? Since it released in 2018 i believe..
Hai ma'am I am DHANANJAYA from Karnataka, India so I would like to share my decision in my life ..I completed my graduation..so I want to become a system designer..pls suggest how to prepare and what to do next and how to take first..step..I don't know pls say something about this..I hope u I'll understand..what I asking u..so pls..
Best Books for microservices?
what is the difference between system design and architecture?
Did you do your masters in comp sci? Also, what advice would you give for people who are aspiring to achieve your level of technical muscle?
Ma'am, Could You Make A Review Video About " Head First Design Patterns: Building Extensible and Maintainable Object-Oriented Software, Second Edition " 👈🏻 this Book ??? Or Anyone from The Comment Section can Add Your Opinions, That Might be very Helpful... Thanks..
Thank you, that was quite useful. What would be a good insight to have is what order do you recommend going through these books in given someone is just a beginner starting out ?
You have a nice content. Keep going
Thanks a ton. I was actually looking for an os book that lets you build intuition
Can you suggest a book specifically for LLD
Can you suggest a good book for Java multithreading
Thanks! For recommendations of Solutions Architect Handbook .You put essence of the book beautifully. 2nd Edition coming soon with some more advance topic’s.
Summary - Books to read 1. Designing data-intensive applications 2. System Design Interview - Alex Xu 3. Solution's Architect's Handbook 4. Fundamentals to Software Architecture 5. Three Easy Pieces
I think "Web scalability for start up engineers" is the best book for system design I have read till date
Wow j feel so old with 15 yrs experience and still only a tech lead..
Thanks for your lecture, it is amazing!
Wonderful contents. Thanks Kunal!
great summary! Thank you for doing this!
You Sir are a saint, this is a great help!
Awesome book review 👍 now I watch it as a quick intro before I read the chapter so I know what are the key points in each chapter.
Thank you for filming this series of chapter summaries, this is really helping with understanding the book.
The finest book review, kindly do more !...
Keep goingl..Waiting for your next videos..Now i feel volume is perfect..
Is the video a bit choppy for few minutes at the start only for me or most of them ?
Head first design pattern
I love you Utsav, I love you so much thar I'm helping spreading this love sharing your channel for everyone I can reach. thank you for your videos and keep doing it please. you speak about things in a very clear and concise way. it's fantastic.
These are also very interesting: https://youtu.be/fE1QThWUtmQ
I am a POst Grad in Computers from Kolkata , India , i am 47 , your videos are very informative and really really helpful , thank you very much ।
fps seems a bit off.
Thank you
totally agreed 7:16
already subscribed, excited about giveaways as always
Never read a single book like that. Programmers should just learn by doing. Build projects, google what you don’t know. Don’t get stressed about books, plenty of us never read these and got jobs in the industry.
Code Complete by Steve McConnell.
Isn't the issue the apperture choose in relation to the fps? It should be at 50 when recording at 24fps, 120 when at 60fps etc
Boy Scouts !
Amazing chanel👍
My Favourite Book is Read more
Endgame ka Hawkeye
Another great video full of usable content. 👍
IMO Clean Code shouldn't be on the list, the language is terrible and code examples are far from "clean". There are other books that cover the same topics, but are far more readable and comprehensible, e.g. Philosophy of software design by John Ousterhout.
how do you manage to do it in 10-fps?

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