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Discrete - Time Control Systems Book Reviews from YouTube

Amazing Discrete Math Book for Beginners
Rosen Discrete mathematics Book Review | Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
Discrete Mathematics by Kenneth rosen Book Unboxing from Flipkart!
Discrete Mathematics Book I Used for Self Study
am using this book and it is very helpful
Very interesting analysis in every video; Kudos and thanks
Sold. I have the book on order now. It was here that I got curious about discrete mathematics.
If ever I gain an interest in learning the fundamental mathematics governing electronic computers, this will be the book I'll go to. However, until that day comes, no way am I purchasing this book. It goes for $150, used! In this economy that's robbery.
than k you 😍
Thanks for sharing this and could you give some recommendations whose teach Video is good for our beginners, thanks!
Why are all this books soooooo fricking expensive??¿
I tried to search this book and I found it at 26£ (:
can this book be used by a person who knows nothing about math? (I only have basic math)
if i can buy one book for discreet math which one should I buy this one or keneth rosen book ????
Not $10 anymore lol
Can you make please a list of these discrete math books you used from beginner to advanced in order of how well the info is presented?
I take classes in calculus of variations and mathematical analysis, and it feels like I lack base. The books that are recommended by the teachers seem to be too difficult for me.....So....Should I read the book from the video or something else related to the classes I take?
How beginner is beginner here? Do you think someone who only knows how to do add 2 + 2 can follow along?
Is there any books you recommend for someone that forgot all of high school math ? I want to understand the logic behind math
Explain how the fuck you got that book for 10 bucks.Literally google this book and it's hard to get under 50 bucks!
What are pre requisites for this book. I mean what type of math do i need for this book
Is there any difference between this edition and the latest one?
I just worked through the first 8 chapters and it's an easy read, although I was already familiar with the subject matter from my CS curriculum. Also very suitable for a quick refresher course. Maybe someone can explain why she chose to use "~" as the negation symbol instead of "¬".
I never finished high school, nor was I ever really good at school so my math likely suffered but I can’t remember. Would this book be good for me still? I’m interested in learning math for a few reasons I just don’t want to spend $44 CAD on a book that I’m too dumb to read. I tried finding it cheaper but no luck unfortunately
why do you not recommend the more recent edition???
Plz provide pdf
Is book ka course code kia hai?
Pdf is a available or not???
Does online pdf of this book is available?
This is going to be in my list
Vedio shaking stop
how much calculus is needed for this book?
Very useful video
Pdf available ??
Don't lose hope! Just keep your work at top, Big Things take time.... All the very best wishes and do. Keep Believing in yourself
Sir tell me about sequence and series in discrete math by kinneth h Rosen plz sir
Kitne ki hai ??
ISBN # for that edition please and thank you.
Konse cource year me li thi aapne yeh book Or latest edition konsa hai
Is this better or the rozen?
Hi,i love your videos.can i know what is your full time profession?
Where can I find more resources and materials for Discrete Mathematics. Also do you have any videos on discrete on this channel?
Is there a “pre-discrete” mathematics book(s) suggestion for those of us completing algebra 1. Thank you.
I went to Rose-Hulman, and had a few conversations with Dr. Grimaldi. He's a funny and down to earth kind of guy from what I remember. The discrete math courses were my favorite as a math major, and ended up doing a thesis on rook polynomials. I still love going back to this book from time to time.
Just got a used hardbook cover version, this is a good day lads!
If you had to pick one book for discrete maths for self study, which one would you choose?
I theft it from Library
Thank you very much for your GREAT review of this famous book.
Where can I buy the hardcover one?
Thank you so much.
Is it required to have studied a proof book before this?
I need to get this
Awesome, thank you so much!
Can you please point out the best analysis book in your opinion.. please. Thanks sir
Love this book. Made me love counting.

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