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DIABASCAN Pro Glucometer Price in India - Buy DIABASCAN Pro ...

DIABASCAN Pro Glucometer (Black) ... Pro. Model Number. TD 4235. Color. Black. Minimum Blood Sample Needed ... DIABASCAN GLUCOSE MONITOR Glucometer.


DiabaScan PRO Glucometer with 25 Strips TD-4235: Buy Online at ...

Buy DiabaScan PRO Glucometer with 25 Strips TD-4235 online at low price in India. ... DiabaScan PRO Blood Glucose Monitoring System With 25 Test Strips, ...


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DIABASCAN TD4235 100 Glucometer Strips Price in India - Buy ...

Q:Whats the expiry date of strips from date of purchase ? A:Within 3 months from opening the box, as mentioned on the box itself, although strips can be used ...


DIABASCAN TD-4231 50 Glucometer Strips Price in India - Buy ...

Number of Strips ... Perfecxa VHS 270 Upper Arm BP Monitor and DiabaScan Glucose Monitor with 50 Test ... Q:Can we use this strip in diaba scan pro td-4235?


DiabaScan Pro TD-4235: Your Ultimate Guide to Blood Glucose Monitoring

Understanding DiabaScan Pro Glucometer Strips

Managing diabetes requires precision, and the DiabaScan Pro TD-4235 is your ally in this journey. One crucial component is the DiabaScan Glucometer Strips, providing accurate blood glucose readings. Let's delve into the intricacies of these strips and explore the DiabaScan Pro Glucometer's functionalities.

Unlocking the Potential: DiabaScan Pro Glucometer How To Use

Getting the most out of your DiabaScan Pro requires knowing how to use it effectively. Learn the step-by-step process of using the DiabaScan Pro Glucometer to ensure accurate and reliable results. It's more than a device; it's a tool for better health management.

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The Accuracy Dilemma: How Glucometers Measure Blood Sugar

Ever wondered how a glucometer accurately measures blood sugar levels? Dive into the science behind glucometer technology, unraveling the mystery of precision in blood glucose readings. Understanding the process enhances your confidence in your monitoring device.

DiabaScan Pro Strips 4235 vs. 4231: Unveiling the Differences

When it comes to DiabaScan Pro Strips, details matter. Explore the distinctions between the DiabaScan Pro Strips 4235 and 4231, ensuring you choose the right one for your specific requirements. Make an informed decision for your diabetes management.

Gluco Pro Original vs. Fake: Navigating the Authenticity Maze

Authenticity is paramount, especially when it comes to health-related products. Learn how to differentiate between genuine and fake Gluco Pro products, ensuring that your blood glucose monitoring tools are reliable and trustworthy.

Perfect Rest: The Significance of Perfecxa Air Bed

Quality sleep contributes to overall well-being, and the Perfecxa Air Bed plays a role in achieving that. Understand the features that set it apart and how it complements your health journey. A good night's sleep is a step towards better diabetes management.

Blood Glucose Monitors: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore the diverse landscape of blood glucose monitors. From DiabaScan Pro to other renowned brands, gain insights into the features that matter. Make an informed decision in selecting the right blood glucose monitor tailored to your needs.

Mastering DiabaScan Pro TD-4235: A How-To Guide

Ensure you harness the full potential of your DiabaScan Pro TD-4235 with our comprehensive guide. From setup to advanced features, become proficient in utilizing every aspect of this blood glucose monitoring powerhouse.

Flipkart Sugar Test Machine: Unveiling Convenience

Convenience meets efficiency with the Flipkart Sugar Test Machine. Explore the ease of access, affordability, and features that make this sugar test machine a practical choice. Elevate your diabetes management with a reliable and accessible monitoring solution.

DiabaScan Pro Manual: Your Instructional Companion

Navigate the functionalities of your DiabaScan Pro with ease by referring to the manual. Uncover the insights it provides, ensuring you maximize the benefits of this innovative blood glucose monitoring system.

Monitor Price Wars: Finding the Best Deals

Price matters, and when it comes to monitors, getting the best deal is essential. Compare prices, explore offers, and discover the most cost-effective options for your preferred blood glucose monitor. Your health shouldn't break the bank.

Glucox Pro: A Closer Look

Dive into the features and specifications of the Glucox Pro. Understand how it stands out in the competitive landscape of blood glucose monitors. Make an informed decision by exploring what makes Glucox Pro a reliable choice for diabetes management.

FAQs: Answering Your Burning Questions

1. Are DiabaScan Pro Strips interchangeable between models?

DiabaScan Pro Strips are model-specific, and it's crucial to use the correct strips for your DiabaScan Pro variant. Mixing strips may result in inaccurate readings.

2. Can I purchase additional lancets for the DiabaScan Pro TD-4235?

Yes, additional lancets are available for purchase. Check the product packaging or contact customer support for information on where to buy them.

3. Is the Gluco Pro original vs. fake guide applicable to all Gluco Pro products?

While the guide provides general tips, it's advisable to refer to the specific authenticity features mentioned by the manufacturer for each Gluco Pro product.

4. What are the key differences between DiabaScan Pro Strips 4235 and 4231?

The main differences lie in their compatibility with different DiabaScan Pro models. Review the product descriptions for detailed specifications to choose the right strips for your device.

5. How often should I replace the AAA batteries in my DiabaScan Pro TD-4235?

Battery replacement frequency depends on usage. On average, replacing AAA batteries every 2 to 3 months ensures optimal performance. Monitor the low battery indicator for timely replacements.


In the realm of blood glucose monitoring, the DiabaScan Pro TD-4235 stands tall, offering precision and reliability. From understanding the nuances of glucometer strips to exploring the diverse landscape of blood glucose monitors, this guide equips you to make informed decisions in managing your diabetes effectively. Your health journey deserves the best, and the DiabaScan Pro TD-4235 is here to support you every step of the way.

after opening the strips box product will not be replaced or return

  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.7 mg/dl
  • Key specs are not available.
DiabaScan Pro TD-4235 Blood Glucose Moniter Colours:
  • Black

Find the best deal on DiabaScan Pro TD-4235 Blood Glucose Moniter at Flipkart Shopclues, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest DiabaScan Pro TD-4235 Blood Glucose Moniter Price in India is ₹576 at Flipkart.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of DiabaScan Pro TD-4235 Blood Glucose Moniter we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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DiabaScan Pro TD-4235 Blood Glucose Moniter Specifications

Height 21.3 mm
Weight 45.4 g
Battery Requirements AAA
Color Black
Measuring Time 7 sec
Memory 150 Test
Minimum Blood Sample Needed 0.7 mg/dl
Model Name Pro
Model Number TD 4235
Number of Lancets 25 Lancets
Number of Strips 25 Strips
Sales Package Glucometer, 25 Strips, 25 Lancets, Lancing Device, AAA Battery, Storage Case
In the Box
Sales Package Glucometer, 25 Strips, 25 Lancets, Lancing Device, AAA Battery, Storage Case

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DiabaScan Pro TD-4235 Blood Glucose Moniter Reviews from YouTube

Diabascan PRO Glucometer
Using a Blood Glucose Meter & Peak Flow Meter
How to test sugar level at home using Diaba Scan pro glucometer
How to Check Blood Sugar Level in Less Than 01 Minute by Using Glucometer (HINDI)
My lancet and strip is ran out. Please suggest where I refill it. Most of medicine shop do not have strip for this comp.
Strip koi ve chal skdi aw
can you please share the link for downloading the health care software system for the PC.
Nice video
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Thank you so much for make this VDO
Thank you Was totally lost without this video.
Thanks for the video, have saved as I'll probably need to look back. Instructions are useless and keep bending the needle.
Thanks it helped a lot
Thank you
Very helpful thanks
Very helpful, thank you
shugar ke problam hai to call karo. problam se parmanent shutkara pao. 7
Very helpful thanks, got this from GP and the instructions are useless- Put the blood in the 'absorbant hole'? They should just link to this video which shows exactly how it's done. Thanks
You never know if you are getting the right reading on these things doesn't tell you the proper sugar level or of what it should be .
thanks only thing I wished was a normal blood sugar levelI have no idea but again thank you for detailed instructions
What did you do with the liquid?
thank you
date and time and mgdlsetting how type
Just followed your actiondone my 1st ever blood sugar test thank you so much
Very useful. Thank you very much.
This missan mee blood sugar result kaisa ayeagha please tell me sir this is fake
sir please reply morning I had tea after that I use my glucometer it shows 120 after I went bathroom onece again check my level shows 104 I use dr trust then iam use u r glucometer it’s shows 85 iam confused
Sir esa koi picker he jisme automatic nidle change ho jaye
Guys this year i had got aiims
Prikar pen niddle ko reuse karna h ya nahi sr plz reply
Sir sugar patient k before and after fast kitni reading joni chahiye. Plz reply
Sir mine or maximum keta ho na chahey
After putting blood iam getting 93 as reading
How to setting of things after changing the battery. please give details
145 my blood sugar is it danger?
Really very convenient and accurate device
The Unit Of Blood Glucose Is mg/dL ( milligrams/deciliter ) 1 Deciliter = 100 mL mg = 1/1000 gm Normal Values 90-120 mg/dL & Postprandial Value ( After Meal ) Could be up to 140 mg/dL In Pregnancy The Value Maybe High ( Gastational Diabetes Mellitus )
Wrong method of application of blood sample
Hai sir this stip rate pls
Penetration kitne pe set karna ye tho btaya hi nahi
Worst customer service in representative not responding.

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