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DESIGN & Fabrication of Electric Hovercraft Book Reviews from YouTube

How to make a mini hovercraft at home
Skirtless Hovercraft - Design & Build information
10 AMAZING Hovercraft Prototypes
DIY Electric Hovercraft Part 1, How To Build Hovercraft You Can Ride On
My attempts stalled a while ago, due to lack of information. Thiis video provides that info and I'll give it another go in the near future, thank you!
Hello there. I made one. Single engine 935 kv is pushing air with 8 inch propeller. A second engine is the mini 2730 1300 kv pusher engine and 9 gr. servo that drives the driving motor. And two ESCs. It's enough to lift 4-5 cm off the ground. Nicely steered engine. Your sharing has been very helpful. Thanks. home trial Link. is one of the best hovercraft design I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing with us
Love the top plate attachments, same method used on the hood/bonnet on rally cars
It's too bad that ion propulsion is so weak, otherwise it would be perfect for hovercraft, smooth evenly distributed thrust. although some people have built battery powered ion craft that are much more powerful than the typical science fair lifter. One example is Ethan Krauss' self contained ion craft.
Very nuanced designs. Thanks a lot for the video.
You are a star thank you for this I like the K.I.S.S. System So what’s your next idea!
Not our Future. Hovercrafts. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
Anything with props like that should be chopping up zombies on the walking dead, put an end to that monotonous show,an this idea
the hoverbikes are nice but wouldn't it be dangerous since the blades are exposed?
Hovering CAr save trillion of dollars on road and bridge maintenance and avoid land mine and sink hole
For hovering we need stabilizer tail and small telescope wings in double layer doors otherwise hovering is drifting difficult to control
Hovering vehicle is good saving money from road and bridge and it prevent land mine and booby trap
Flying motocycle with wing and sucking front propellor
thats not hovercraft, an upward rotational drive is not exactly hovercraft. this video is mislabled.
Many of them are not hovercrafts.
#luar São Paulo
Good job engineers
Any1 ever play protoype?
Open propellers is too dengerous. Why not use some net around ?
9;05 15 years back made by Russian .
Hah. Compare to Russian hovercraft, your No.1 is just a joke.
Any "craft" that can hover, is a hovercraft
But will it cut the grass though?
I don’t get it how does two EDF’s lift a person’s weight? The EDF’s make like 12kg trust max right? ‍♂️
awesome build are you gonna take it on water
Nice, so you're getting sponsorship now, looking forward to some even cooler builds

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