Denver Cool, Brave Deo Combo (Set of 2)

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Denver Cool, Brave Deo Combo (Set of 2)

Denver Cool, Brave Deo Combo (Set of 2) Specifications

Fragrance Traits
Fragrance Classification Body Spray
Fragrance Segment Luxury
Ideal For Men
Quantity 200 g

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John Phillips Perfume Combo 2 Pcs  -LPO Theme (Code:8297)
John Phillips Perfume Combo 2 Pcs -LPO Theme (Code:8297)
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1:52 girl name?
3:05 that ad seems so good ( because of baby obviously)
1:03 Kya maal hai 😘
Scent lagane se Nangi ladkiya pakad leti hai wow this height of misleading content 👎👎👎👎
yar sahi me padkia patti hai kya perfume se.😂😂..girls what do you think
The only acts that I think is weird and you see the guy on YouTube asking everybody what scent do you like I just can't imagine anybody who wears sneakers and cookies it must be dirty sneakers and old musky cookie stuffed in a can that's insane who the hell want to buy something like that I would not even touch a can of that crap I would buy any other acts but not sneakers and Kirk he's the guy is completely out of his mind to make one like that axe has a lot of good brands but they sure don't need that one in their collection that is insulting to ask to take sneak dirty sneakers and a movie cookie in a can you have to be out here goddamn picking mind to buy something like that access some of the best friends that I've ever tried but to have something like that I think I rather locked myself up in a cell thank you Alex for the sense that you have but she was man you could do better than dirty sneakers and a dirty cookie just think of it how low the company must be to put something like that on the Shelf like I said you got to be insane I wish you can stop doing that because I don't like something like that that knocked me off of buying any acts now I will not buy anymore axe products unless you drop that one thank you thank you very much this is Elvis
Kamal ka advertise h😜
1:03 that was the thumbnail of this video ..
Never rub a fragrance idiot
Phir is axe ke wajah se disable person se bhi log pyaar karenge
Who is the girl at 1:00
Very funny
4:52 Kanan Gill
Kya chutiyapa hai😂😂
Fake adds
i wish this happens with me and from now on ill go with an axe perfume
1:06 Ayush Mehra 4:51 Kanan Gill
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why you are doing the big video is it practically possible to view this
now all these stocks are 25% more groth so who missed this opportunity including me
Good analysis
Good evening sir Please suggest for term plan and company Term returnble
Avanthi feeds, Nesco, Gm brewarires, Rane brake lining LTD, Exide industries, Jublient foodworks, Vinati organics, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Titan, Abbott India, Airtel
Excellent explanation 👍👏
Super video very useful 👌👍 Also make videos on futures and options with complete details and live example
Can I buy the stock now...... 478 points now
Hi Sir, what is the website you are using in the video to show the stock info.
Brother e analysis chudalante website enti chudali comment pettandi
enti bhayay meeru cheppina ee stocks anni manchi returns ichhayi with 2 months...just appude invest chesi vunte baavunnu...missed it.
I will do 5000 sip in avanti feeds for next 15years. Total I will invest 9 Lakhs rupees. Approximately how much I will get.
Can anyone tell me the website used for net profit and ROCE growth analysis in this video
Very good efforts but pls try keep the vedio less than 20 min .
Excellent bro thanks for giving such a valuable information by providing with website details.
Nice video sir
Eppati varaku hold cheyali
Please post your positive views on ILFS Engineering.
I was homeless 2 seperate times in my life, from '08-'10 as a heroin addict, & in '15-'16 as a single SOBER father, so DON'T THINK it couldn't happen to you, I also "thought" only druggies/alcoholics, mentally ill, or our former vets ended up homeless in America!!! 💯 THANK GOD I was fortunate enough to bounce back from homelessness twice in less than a decade, & learn MANY valuable lessons from it, & received a HUGE SLICE of humble pie! The first time I ended up homeless I went from earning around $350,000-$500,000 a year selling drugs, to living under an overpass in 6 months!!! 💯 Before you judge, why not ask their story, & see why they ended up in their situation, don't just ignore them & act like a child; "If I don't see them, then they can't see me...", if you can't help with cash, how about a little food, some clothing, a tent, blanket, stop acting like the homeless simply don't exist.
wow! this video on homelessness, the struggles and multifaceted aspects of the homeless issue, was powerful, RAW, and spot on. when i first started watching the video, i thought "yeah right, this kid has no idea. the food is not nutritionally sound, most of it is bread and canned food, etc etc." (but hey it's better than feeling super hungry, i know that) then, i kept watching and COMPLETELY CHANGED my mind. this video was NOT going in the direction, that i thought that it was. it was telling it like it REALLY IS, living on the streets. having been homeless myself, and having a daughter, who happens to be gravely disabled with schizophrenia and has lived off and on (mostly on) homeless for the past 12 years. i admire, that you kept people's anonymity, and kept things so real. the addiction and mental illness issues. the brokenness of people. how to meet people where they are at, and so much more. I also liked the "keyboard commando" heh, and those eyes of yours are very familiar. they remind me of a Youtuber herper named smetlogik. heh I'm going to save this video on my channel. if, even one person watches it fully and is educated by it, it will be worth it. thank you for sharing this with me. it may sound weird. but, it gave me hope and educated, even me (the pro at being alone and dealing with this subject) new insight.
some of these censored faces look like ghouls from fallout
Miss you.
AAAGH! I hate the undercover-yuppie-hobo trend of covering yourself in dirt and filth in order to "blend in" as if homeless people are some kind of feral zoo animals. Do you think homeless people literally roll around in dirt and mud every day? Just goes to show right off the bat you have flawed preconceived notions.
yeah and its not even that great of a high. had me dying lololol
I've hitch-hiked across the states and always did okay. But yeah, I agree. From my blog: "Disclaimer: Although these last couple of nights have been cold as hell, doing this project in the summer/fall is a completely different experience in comparison to the long winter. Or so I'm told. Not to mention the fact that Colorado is notorious for its plethora of programs and just overall awesome treatment towards the homeless. If I did this project in Detroit or New York I'd probably be dead by now."
Very interesting watch!
so ppl are right when they say dont give hobos money bc they'll just use it to buy alcohol? hmm
Excellent! Would watch again.
Hey, thanks a lot! I just made a trailer to help spread the word. /watch?v=YoqDVD07bLs
This is brilliant.
great work man, you need to show this to more people
Great work