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The Ultimate Dell XPS 13 Dino Laptop: Unveiling the Marvel

Welcome to, your go-to destination for the latest and greatest tech deals! Today, we're diving deep into the Dell XPS 13 Dino (A560033SIN9) Laptop - Silver, a true gem in the world of laptops. Join us as we explore its features, specifications, and why it's the perfect choice for tech enthusiasts.

Unboxing the Dell XPS 13 Dino

First impressions matter, and the Dell XPS 13 Dino doesn't disappoint. In a sleek Silver color, this laptop exudes elegance right out of the box. But, as they say, beauty is more than skin deep. Let's delve into the technical details that make this laptop stand out.

Technical Marvel: What Powers the Dino

The heart of the Dell XPS 13 Dino beats with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor clocked at an impressive 3.80 GHz. Paired with a massive 16 GB RAM, this laptop is a multitasking powerhouse. The 512 GB SSD ensures lightning-fast storage, while the 13.30-inch LED display with a resolution of 3200x1800 promises a visual feast.

Designed for Performance

Running on the Windows platform, the Dell XPS 13 Dino is engineered for top-tier performance. Whether you're a professional tackling demanding tasks or a gamer seeking immersive visuals, this laptop delivers on all fronts.

Connectivity at Its Best

Stay connected with 802.11bgn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. No more worrying about tangled wires or slow internet - the Dino ensures seamless connectivity for work and play.

Dell XPS 13 Dino: A Silver Lining in Laptop Innovation

With a mere 15 millimeters in height and a weight that won't burden you at 30.4 centimeters in width, the Dell XPS 13 Dino is a testament to sleek design without compromising power.

Why Choose the Dell XPS 13 Dino?

Choosing a laptop is a significant decision, and the Dell XPS 13 Dino makes it an easy one. From its cutting-edge processor to the stunning display, every aspect is crafted for excellence. But don't just take our word for it - explore the reviews, offers, and coupons available on to make an informed decision.

Get Yours Today!

Ready to experience the Dell XPS 13 Dino for yourself? Head to to find the best deals in Mumbai, Pune, and beyond. Your tech journey starts here!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Dell XPS 13 Dino come with a warranty?

Yes, the Dell XPS 13 Dino comes with a standard warranty. Check for details on warranty coverage.

2. Can I replace the display of the Dell XPS 13 Dino?

Absolutely! offers information on Dell XPS 13 display replacements and prices.

3. Is the laptop bag included with the Dell XPS 13 Dino?

The Dell XPS 13 Dino package includes the laptop only. Check for additional accessories and deals on

4. Where can I find Dell laptop drivers?

For Dell laptop drivers, visit the official Dell website or explore for convenient links and information.

5. Is there a Dell XPS 13 service center in India?

Yes, Dell has service centers across India. Discover the nearest one on for hassle-free support.

Dell XPS 13 Dino (A560033SIN9) Laptop Dell XPS 13 Dino (A560033SIN9) Laptop Colours:
  • Silver

Find the best deal on Dell XPS 13 Dino (A560033SIN9) Laptop at Croma Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Dell XPS 13 Dino (A560033SIN9) Laptop Price in India is ₹149,990 at Croma.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of Dell XPS 13 Dino (A560033SIN9) Laptop we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
Shop for Dell XPS 13 Dino (A560033SIN9) Laptop on Croma Amazon to enjoy the best prices in India and significant savings. Take advantage of any ongoing discounts or promotions to get the most value out of your purchase.

Dell XPS 13 Dino (A560033SIN9) Laptop Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Dell
Colour Silver
Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM
Hard Disk Technology SSD
Hard Drive Interface Solid State
Hard Drive Size 512 GB
Hardware Platform Windows
Item Height 15 Millimeters
Item model number A560033SIN9
Item Width 30.4 Centimeters
Lithium Battery Energy Content 60 Watt Hours
Maximum Display Resolution 1080p Full HD
Notebook Display Technology LED
Operating System Windows
Optical Drive Type No Optical Drive
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Count 6
Processor Speed 3.80 GHz
Processor Type Core i7
Product Dimensions 20 x 30.4 x 1.5 cm
RAM Size 16 GB
Screen Resolution 3200x1800
Screen Size 13.30 Inches
Wireless Type 802.11bgn, Bluetooth

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If I was looking for a thin and light laptop right now, this would be my pick. It's REALLY good this year.
awsome video been looking for a great laptop for school now I've found it
Hello guys hopefully you will read before you buy this garbage, you should check on dell support page for all the problemz this shit battery life is around 3-4 hours and not 12 hours like they say. I paid full price for this laptop because I watched all these video on how great it is but they dont tell you all the problem they sure to read all the posts on dell support page and be ready to return it.These guys who make the reviews are full of crap
Dedicated page up / page down keys made it easy for one handed web page reading. I really do miss those keys but you do get used to it eventually. I've only ever used 2 USB ports max so I kind of get why Dell would scrap the 3rd. If you really wanted that many ports, chances are you're a power user that's no doubt got a usb hub with 5+ devices connected to it anyway. Not sure why they scrapped the battery meter. Considering how expensive these laptops are, they couldn't have actually done it to save money.
what about the Huawei matebook x?
This laptop really is impressive. I have made a comparison between this dell xps 13 vs macbook pro if any of you are interested.
I feel like Dell watched this and it probably felt like when the strict teacher says "good job"
.spending that amount of money for windows. no way.
Just ordered the 9300 with i7, UHD+ high res screen, 16gb ram, 512 gb ssd for $1057 ("member" price + $50 off coupon). I'm replacing my two year old lenovo yoga which has been nothing but trouble.
Who else spotted binging with Babish in this video?
This laptop does NOT open easily with one hand. 13 or 15 at least, from experience. If you're expecting macbook level one-hand opening, you'll be disappointed
4gb of ram is good for students
Love the review and sound track :)
Good job done.
I have bought this laptop and need to share my experience . I don’t usually write reviews but I really need to share with someone going to purchase this laptop. I am leaving this review here because will not allow the users to write the public comment in their website. I bought a XPS 9310 the 11 gen i7 (latest) with 16 gb 512 gb ssd running on windows 10 pro with a touch screen. Received the laptop one on Jan 23rd 2021. I was really excited but it did not last. Design is good (thats it period). The screen started black outs from no where. I have tried to play a movie in Netflix app , in the full screen if you pause the movie for few minutes , the app will close by itself. Tried it with Amazon prime and results are same. Tried to run a game and it closed in 5 minutes. Dell support updated the BIOS, reinstalled all the drivers, updated windows, even reinstalled the windows and it showed the same issues. When they tried to restore the windows, the computer frozen in the boot screen for 30 minutes (black screen with Dell logo). A computer with this configuration can easily install windows completely in 15 to 20 minutes.Support person initiated the process and said it will take some time so they will call me back in some were spinning at max and the laptop was hot, I mean really hot such that I was not able take it on hand.I have called them again and they told me to force turn off. They don’t have any clue on what was the issue. They have sent me replacement laptop and said this is a new one (I have asked them not to send a returned or refurbished). It was not (be vigilant and look at the shipping label, the sender was ‘DELL returns’ and it was clear that the packing was already opened. Funny part is, dell’s website was showing the order status as ‘your computer is in factory production’ for a week and they have sent me a returned computer which was sitting in their shelf. Lol. I suspect they wanted to cover the 30 days of return policy so that the customer will end up using one of these computers. Now the replacement laptop has the exact same issues. Screen black outs, apps getting closed, heating up.I have a ticket opened with dell (they dont have any idea though), intel, Microsoft, Netflix and Macfee. Intel , Microsoft and Dell accessed the computer remotely many times but no luck.Nobody has a proper answer for these issues. After reading these , if you still thinking to buy one and try yourself ( that is what I did), make your mind so that you will not fall only on the design and build quality. First open the ‘event viewer, in custom views, under source (3rd column) look for Display and you may see a lot of warning for Display for every screen black outs. I have tested it thoroughly since I wanted to keep this laptop. Tried everything I could do , spoke to intel , Microsoft and Dell for countless times for hours. Fed up. These are going back and stopped all business with DELL. Honestly I wanted to keep this laptop because of its design and build quality. But please dont fall for it else you will be disappointed for all issues for an expensive laptop like this will be helpful to someone. PS: I have all the photos and videos of these issues ,will try to upload somewhere so that everyone can see. Please don’t waste your time ,money ,effort and peace of mind for day!
Does this have fans I am DONE with fans.
Writing code is a very lengthy and tiring process, so you need a machine that is fast and efficient that loads and runs your programs as fast as possible. Having your code run fast gives you your results instantly and helps you have more time to polish your program. There is an extreme saturation of good and bad laptops in the market. Fast working makes it easy for a programmer to think and instantly improve the program. The laptops we have picked can also handle system-intensive programming like graphical web development and gaming too making them the best laptop for web development and gaming too. Find your best laptop only problem is of dell is charger and headphones which i am having it right now
Not that expensive
What about XPS 13 7360, is it good as well?
We know a lot of you are gonna say "no AMD, no buy". But from what we know about the 4000U-series, they're gonna be as rare as unicorn tears until the back end of 2020 due to the current economic situation. For manufacturers that want to put out devices NOW or devices that have already been in development since last year, AMD U-series is a no go in 2020. Oh and happy Eid Mubarak!
Anybody else suffering early drop in battery capacity on Dell 9300 ?
No dedicated graphics card? Boo
Yellow tint on the display?
Stellar review. Great A/V quality and hands down the most detailed review I've seen in ages. I'm considering this laptop for business. I do travel frequently, but in my home office, I need to dock it and run a minimum of two HD monitors, external HD, a digital mixer for xlr microphone, and studio sound monitors. What docking station would you recommend?
Where can I buy it? Amazon?
This guy is really similar to Joe Gomez from Liverpool / England
Where can it be found and how much does it cost?
You pay more to get less
First minute, turned it off. Said it had issues!
I've been researching the best laptos for college students, and this is the one I've decided on. For reference, I was down to the MacBook Air, Asus Vivobook s15, and this one.
3 months ago i purchased the 2 in 1 13", well its been very frustrating, issues with screen, track pad and whilst watching a movie it starts flashing then just shut even get it to turn on 3 hours later, very pi#@$d off, thankfully its still under warranty
Please do XPS 13 9310 2-in-1 Version, very much appreciated
Straight off first day when I had this laptop, it was already overheating. Poor recovery service on dell side as well - ask you to run software instead of coming down to fix the laptop. Even aft changing, other issues surfaced. It’s truly just an overpriced thrash.
Have you checked out the 2 in 1?
11th gen is out and it’s actually decent but still love to see more AMD
English on point
Is a pen required for this laptop
I run a hvac company. I'm in the field and in the office. I'm wanting a versatile device that is good in the field and can be docked as well. Recommendations?
I'm looking to buy a laptop for office work (accounting, financial analysis and other finance related stuff). Would you recommend a windows high end laptop or a MacBook? I am looking for speed and fluid performance. I have heard that Windows laptops, no matter how powerful they are, are not as smooth as Macbooks.
First video of 2021! Dell XPS 13 2020 and it could be the MacBook M1 for Windows 10 users
Very good review, i am buying one based on this review.
Great review. Congrats on the plaque. Sweet little bonus for the new year.
Hi, how portable is this?
Great video! The XPS seems like an amazing laptop. I’m really close to purchasing it, but I can’t help notice the huge number of bad reviews! Not sure if these are genuine or not
What do you do when the SSD fails in five years and the Dell warranty has expired.
Great review man! Got the clam shell version a few weeks back and have been loving it so far
Hi, is the dell xps 13 9310 compatible with dell power manager ? because on dell's site, it seems not. Thanks
loved your reviewso simple and honest, big thumps up
This specs are great Nice video
do you know if the m.2 drive in this can be upgraded to a pcie gen4 m.2 drive?
Great review! Looking to purchase a new laptop would you recommend this or m1 MacBook Air?
This laptop is sezzy
Loved your dell xps review
Love the fact that it has a graphics command centre. Sweeeet!
Ouuuu 11th Gen So cool
whats that accent, are you scottish ? : ) always nice to hear
This is one of the top links when looking for XPS 9310 reviews, and I wanted to warn potential buyers as I actually one this model. I've had a terrible experience with laptop and particularly with Dell support. These are issues you'll only notice after owning it for a week or two. The Linux version has a known (to Dell) battery drainage problem so that it runs out of battery after 5-6 hours regardless of whether you're using it or not. There are some fixes for it that require deep knowledge to fix or Dell can simply fix it with a setting change that they haven't done. Dell support's solution was for me to return/refund the laptop. I ordered the Win10 version of it instead which has even more severe driver problemsrandom freezing due to an outdated graphics driver that doesn't show when you update your laptop but you need to manually download from the Intel site. Dell tech support is unaware of this solution. A more serious problem is the wifi driver has a problem that's been outstanding since Nov 2020 and still present as of Mar 3, 2021 where it goes into an unrecoverable state that only a complete shutdown will fix (reboot won't work and the Wireless adapter appears as "not installed" in the BIOS hardware test). Dell has untrained support techs who will NOT do anything for you other than try to wear your patience downthey tried remotely uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers, asked me multiple times to restore and reinstall the operating system, and even told me my laptop shipped without a wireless card. I'd advise any potential buyers to steer clear until the product is fixed and hope they never need tech support. I also think all the "customer" reviews on are false as there is actually no way to write a review there. Look for customer problems on the Dell forums rather than professional reviews.
Looking to get one
Redet Zuviel!
Yeah i đi drop close to 2k usd and yes, i start go for instant noodles for it too, lol
Hey bro,I am in a trauma trying to decide if to buy the hp spectre 14(2021) or this the reason why I am more of thinking to buy the spectre is that it has a USB port for thumbdrivesIs there a way you can get a thumbdrive port in the fell xps 13 too?
There's not enough performance for the price imo, at the end of the day it's a Dell.
Absolutely love your review! I have an old XPS and still loving it. But it's getting old and I've been looking for a new XPS because the experience is just unbeatable!
Heard this thing gets very hot, any experience of that?
thanks for the great review! the wallpaper of Levi is just the besttt, hope you're enjoying the fourth and final season of attack on titan :)
where'd you get that Mikasa wallpaper?
Best chennal for everyone.
Great review, mate - thanks! I bought the 9310 over the holidays (touchscreen). I've spec'd it w/the I7, 16GB Ram, 512GB SSD. HD+ is very nice; the 16 X 10 display 1920 by 1200 is crisp, sharp, and bright. I don't think a UHD 4K for a 13" laptop is necessary the HD+ is extremely nice for this size. Windows Pro. Not using many Apps - MS Office Pro 2019, and a couple of Adobe Apps (Ps and Lr). I've decided to not use Pr on this laptop, because I like more real estate with a couple of dual monitors for my video projects. I also got a Logitech MX Master Bluetooth mouse, because I can't edit my photos with just the trackpad. My only knock was I wish this had more ports, but I guess to get the size and footprint to be this small, they had to limit the ports. And, the lack of a full size SD card reader is disappointing. Otherwise, I'm really enjoying this machine. The laptop is very sleek - looks nice, and has great build quality. I hope to be using this machine for years to come. Again - great review, thanks! -Rusty
This is too good
Hi, is the dell xps 13 9310 compatible with dell power manager ? because on dell's site, it seems not. Thanks
Nice Mikasa’s wallpaper
its mikasa on the wallpaper?
Anyone else having issues with the screen flickering and blacking out when mid use? I have the 9310 and I'm getting very irritated dealing with this. Could any tech folks help me please!
No oled?
I dont usually leave comment on YouTube, but i think EVERYONE should know that xps 9310 model with UHD/4k screen will not work HDR at default 60 Hz. Screen will flicker intensely. Everyone on xps 13 Forum experienced the same issue without any hope for resolution. You must manually reduce the display refresh rate to 48 Hz. Dell support claims its software issue and no real solution yet, aside from email to contact their software support for $99.

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