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Dell Latitude 7280 Laptop

Dell Latitude 7280 Laptop Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Dell
Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM
Hard Drive Interface Serial ATA
Hard Drive Size 512 GB
Hardware Platform Windows 10 Pro
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Count 6
Processor Speed 3.10 GHz
Processor Type Core i5
RAM Size 8 GB
Screen Size 12.5 Inches

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Dell Latitude 7280 12" Laptop Review
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I got myself a latitude e7270 i5 6300u with 8gb ddr4 ram & SK Hynix 256gig ssd.... should I upgrade tp this model!!?
I am buying a used laptop of this model at half price. battery life and performance is pretty good.. it's been used by a company for around 3 yrs.. is it worth buying?
the music is noisy .!!
Will only play Flash games? 🤨 7280 happily runs loads of games; I'll admit that it wont run brand new graphic heavy games particularly well, but I regularly use it for Wow, Dirt3 and plenty of others.
Is this laptop worth getting in 2020 or is it worth getting a brand new generation intel processor
Hi thanks for your presentation it was very helpful. Can you do something about charging the dell latitude 7820 as Mine won’t charge away from my work PC. Thanks j
why have techno in the background when you are talking?
Thinking about picking this up to play runescape at work lmao.
Is there going to bring a 12-inch to the inspiron line up what multiple options and in the same colors ask lineup
Dead wrong about not being able to play games - games like Bioshock, Prey 2017, Halflife 2, Battlefield BC2, Fortnite play without lag at med to high graphics.
I wonder how good the headphone output is, I had a old Dell 12" laptop and the sound was very low quality with lots of hiss.
can we watch movies in these laptop
This laptop will play games so you are completely wrong I can play alot of games with no lag like I bought every valve engine game including left 4 dead 2, left 4 dead with plenty of space left I have 30 games downloaded on my steam and I still have a great amount of space left so before you go saying this laptop wont game.... it will as long as your not playing mass open world games on high graphics this laptop is great!!
There must be said one thing, 6 cell battery can last 19 hours, and if U need gaming, you can buy external graphic card, that can handle crisis in full resolution 200 fps :) , just connect it to the thunderbolt connector that is on left side of laptop (i know it's not mobile, but if I play I play at home, so for me it is not a problem, and in the era of superportable laptops with only one or two USB C ports, this one in 12" has got full size USB ethernet and HDMI, so for engineer or technician it's much better than macbook or othe ousb c only stuff. I do own one with Touch panel (it's iPS so better colours) with fingerprint and NFC, 6 cell battery i7 and i have added SAMSUNG EVO 960 PRO PCI Express NVME M2 ssd, that is freaking fast (standard SSD's has got max 150 MB/s the NVME EVO PRO has got 3GB/s..... so everything gets really mad fast, and DDR 4 16GB is just fine for compiling software and other stuff. I'm happy with it.
Nice review, really helpful, but background music it's too loud almost ruined the video.
Nice review and I'm very interested in it, but that damn background music is too distracting. If I was looking at a car video or such ....yeah it would be fine, but not here.
WTF this laptop has i7 and 8gb of ram and you're telling me Netflix and NOTES work ok?
... I was immediately searching for my Music App to stop this annoying noise to stop! It was´t my Music App, so I skipped
Hey bato there is micro sd card port not sim card port so you are wrong
mine is a e5630
too much bad not supported win 7 and no track point as well.
Too bad there is no track point
nice chassis
Can I use a smaller ssd 2242 or msata in a wwan port?
is the RAM upgradable ?
That missing screw for the battery is filled by the captive screw in the middle of the base plate when you reassemble. Also, my i5 6200 (I think) plays GTA 5 with not too much eyecandy turned on at 1200 x 600 in a window. It's perfectly playable, but I guess it is 7 year old game
No dual channel support ! "Your candy crush, Facebook, basic needs" lol I'm running an old celeron in one system and can handle all "the basic needs" no problem this is an i7 lol
You mixed up the SSD, the one preinstalled is the latest one its called NVME, the WD one in the packaging is a SATA M.2 which is wayyy slower
hi please what kind of charger you use your pc voltage and how much because i bought a new machine brand dell a lot of charger i tried it didn't work
Very nice video unique content no one on youtube is talking about upgrading laptops Subscribed and liked this video
I work for an agency of about 200 employees I handle all the PC's, laptops, and Apple products. About 10 years ago I started buying Latitude laptops for the organization. Since then, the demand for laptops has increased. The Latitude 7280 comes from a legacy of tough, powerful laptops. The beauty of the L7280 is that it's powerful, very thin, and light. It's also very well built.
¿Support NVMe M2?
I have this laptop
😄 'now' they only come with 1 RAM slot?? That was the case already in your previous 7280 review where you happily mentioned to 'just add more memory' in the easy to access location 🤔😜(while also using a pic of the 7480 with two RAM slots to point out other things).
is not thunderbolt?
If I would like upgrade my 7280 M.2 SSD, which M.2 standard that I can choose? PCIe or SATA? I am thinking upgrade to 2TB if possible. Thanks!
is the keyboard for E7280 & E7270 same or different
Could you address the sleep or on and off issues these latitud has?? When u close it, and open it up again its impossible to make it turn on unless you do a hard reboot
Please show off the screen from all angles next time ;) Turned on.