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Buy Dell Latitude 5495 Laptop online at Amazon. Dell Latitude 5495 Laptop
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Amazon Offers ₹84,000
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Buy Dell Latitude 5495 Laptop, 14inch FHD (1920x1080) Non ...

Dell Latitude 5495 Laptop, 14inch FHD (1920x1080) Non-Touch, AMD Ryzen 3 PRO 2300U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed) · About this item · Technical ...


Dell Latitude 5495 Laptop, 14inch FHD (1920x1080) Non-Touch ...

Dell Latitude 5495 Laptop, 14inch FHD (1920x1080) Non-Touch, AMD Ryzen 3 PRO 2300U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro (Renewed).


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Buy Bronbyte Latitude 14 5000 5495 Laptop Keyboard Skin for Rs.399 online. Bronbyte Latitude 14 5000 5495 Laptop Keyboard Skin at best prices with FREE ...


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Dell Latitude 5495 Laptop Features

Dell Latitude 5495 Laptop

The lowest Dell Latitude 5495 Laptop Price in India is ₹84,000 at Amazon.
Buy Dell Latitude 5495 Laptop online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
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Dell Latitude 5495 Laptop Reviews from YouTube

Dell Latitude 5400 Review
Dell Latitude 5491 Review - 14" Laptop with a 6 Core CPU
Dell Latitude 5410 Business Laptop | Full Review | i7 10th Gen | 32GB ROM | 512GB SSD 2020
Dell Latitude 5490 Unboxing review. Premium Dell Laptop.
Interesting model to work instead game
Hello how are you? Thanks for your great effort. I hope you will answer my question about .... (Can I add a graphic card) in such a device?
Me: Watching this video in Dell Latitude 5400..
I just picked up the 5410 and it has not one, but two heat pipes. Seems to handle heat even better then the 5400 that was already pretty decent.
Sim card is present in the laptop?
The most unfussy and to the point laptop reviews ever. Thank you for the great content. Thank you for not wasting anyone's time.
How to connect 2 monitors can one be in hdmi and the other in USB to HDMI??
Bad laptop. Got it from work. Frozen if i open more than 5 excels at once.
each time i am using this 5400 i cruse myself waist money on this , it is really brainbreaking working with it.
Hi!! can this laptop run AutoCad or other lower AutoCad versions?
Recently Dell launches Vostro 5000 series i.e. 5401, its very nice Laptop...slim and light weight and even powerful...
How many hz can it go to
Can I use a 2.5" HDD and a NVMe simultaneously? I know it supports both devices, but I'm not sure if the BIOS would recognize both at the same time...
Please review 5410...
Is the good to use thinkpad or dell latitude?
Hi Lisa, thanks for the review! You mention the 5400 is good on fan noise and remains quite. In your 5300 video, you said it has a tendency to get hot and ramp up the fan. Can you elaborate? Thanks
using one for work now since the office changed to this model-- its not bad but the battery life seems absolutely abysmal for no reason
Great laptop for IT Pros
Congrats for the great reviews. What would you recommend? Acer Spin 5 or Dell Latitude 5400? You have reviewed both. Thanks for any advise you can provide.
Horrible model I have ever used. Dead slow, Battery back us very poor only 45mins to 1 hour. Battery is dead in 1 and half year. Disk always shows as 100%.You can boil eggs in at back side of laptop. I am using with windows 10 professional.
I don't care what anyone says, I have one of these, and it is great. It is the 14 inch "Precision" we have always wanted for people who dont want a 15 inch.
I can't figure out what laptop to use as an upcoming IT student. I've seen your other laptop review videos but yeah I can't afford any of them
Can you please review the New Dell Vostro i7 (10th Gen)? Please!
You think this computer with the 6 to 8 GB ram version,run the program FL Studio my Dell Inspiron 9335?? (To many numbers haha) (amd a8, 8gb ram, 1tb ssd (I WILL BE IMMEDIATELY SLAPPING IT IN THEIR)) Ran it okay but the sound drives just keep crashing it's 4 -5 years old from personal use and bought it from work after 1 year of use
I had a choice between the XPS 15 or this and yeah, the 1080 screen is nothing to write home about and neither is the fan noise, but it's beefy and you can stick it in a bag and not worry so much. I ended up redoing the themal paste on mine and upgrading the M.2 to a Samsung 960 pro series and I can say that definitely improved things over all. It's a fantastic for a power user, but if your going to just sit there and watch videos sticking to an XPS13 or the latitude 5490 is a far cheaper option as this thing isn't cheap.
Is it better than Lenovo flex 14?
Got one of these at work. Really wish it was a thinkpad instead. The trackpad, "Trackpoint" type nipple and especially the keyboard on the Dell are borderline unacceptable.
Please review Dell 5401 as well.
I bought this for coding. VScode with c++, JavaScript, python along with Android Studio and Eclipse for Java when I just need Java. I can run Android Studio easily with no issues and have about 13-20web pages open in Google (yeah I'm a tab horder), 3-4 word documents, and 3-4 PowerPoint open and I've never ran the CPU past 35% and the memory past about 44%. The build quality feels a bit cheap but after close to a year the build has degraded at all which has been surprising. The screen brightness does suck but turn up brightness to Max and it's fine. Does get loud but the heat is about normal to medium high heat for the given tasks. I plan on upgrading the RAM and SSD at some point. Only regret is now that I'm getting into VR/AR the graphics card won't cut it.
1.65kg(;´_ゝ`)。 Little too heavy for mobile use.
Is there a way to disable the pointer stick that sits between the G, H, and B keys? Driving me crazy.
Great Video ! Thank you very much for your Review. What is your thought on the 5591 in comparison to the 5491? Did they improve the cooling/fan system or is it exactly the same story, just an inch and half larger ?
I have this model. I specked mine up with a 6 core, nvidia graphics, thunderbolt and windows hello. It's power packed. It's certainly a power user's workhorse. But with all that power comes heat. The fan runs loud and often even using Dell's power management application. That said I find it hard to quibble over given it's power. My other Latitudes (7470 and 6440) are a little better on the ears with the 7470 being almost silent. I just think Dell could have done a better job in that department or maybe I've just gotten accustomed to the near silence of the former.
where u get your t shirts ? they are cool i haven't seen such unique graphics on t shirts
I think I'd prefer it with a dual fan, dual heat pipe setup and no option for a 2.5" drive. These are most often going to be used docked, so better cooling with more storage external if needed would be preferable.
Excellent review: thorough & VERY technical. My employer provided this computer to me. It replaces a Dell Latitude E7250 my employer previously provided to me. I don't care for it. It's 1.5 inches longer than the older computer. Therefore, it barely fits into my tried & true brief case in service for more than 15 years and across a half dozen countries and more than two oceans / seas. The new computer is light enough, just too large. It'll never be used in an airplane because it is too large. This change also moves me from Windows Operating System 7 to Ops System 10. That's not the computer's fault, but it's an additional reason I don't like it. One thing that is really annoying is the Dell TB16 (thunderbolt) docking station that came with the new computer. The primary problems with this are: 1) the permanently wired cord that runs from the docking station to the computer is TOO SHORT!, 2) it's a big fat block that will not travel in my brief case or Skyroll suit case, and 3) it's just plain stupid.
The bottom is actually 20% carbon fiber added PC, with some mica and talcum and fire resistant material added, which is not a cheap plastic as you may think, though it does look a bit cheap and undesirable. Because the bottom is thin, so you can easily twist it and it yields; but once joint with the palmrest, it quite strong. PC is generally used in many good quality travel cases, like Rimowa Salsa series, using PC as the case's body material. Latitude 5000 series uses a lot of PC-(MD+TD) as its body material (MD is mica, TD is talcum, they can increase the PC material's hit-resistance ability), and 20% carbon fiber added PC as LCD lid and bottom cover material. While latitude 7000 series use Magnesium-Aluminum alloy (aluminum 9%), as its LCD lid and bottom, and using 50% carbon fiber added PC as its palmrest, which might sound more premium. Well, all material DELL uses is from SABIC. By the way, PC is expensive than ABS, and is stiffer more resistant to hit and strike. I think DELL is good on its material choose and it sometimes does look ugly, but it really not 'cheap' plastic.
Have you tried it on Linux? I have ordered one (same specs, except no MX150) and wondering if the LTE modem is going to work...
Thank you for the detailed review. As a developer working primarily on Linux, instead of getting XPS 13' Dev. edition, I decided to get this Latitude 5491. Hopefully battery life and overal performace will meet my expectations.
I want to purchase this laptop for my personal use but it doesn't available on market for retail customers, how we can purchase it 8 or 16gb ram version
Would you recommend this ? How is the display?
why are the keyboard lights blinking? Is it not burning steadily?
Hey which company do you work for? I am also getting this laptop from my company.
Technologie thunderbolt 3 .. is not supported in your computer
Battery life?
How Mutch did you payed?
Ager online classes leani hu Tu uskay Kae liyae Sahi hae
How about the SIM slot? Is it usable and can connect to mobile internet?
Wowwwww 32GB RAM!
Did you get USBC charging plug?
Does it have backlit keyboard?
url for buying?
Kdk meri jaan🔥🔥🔥
Thanks bro I bought this laptop after your review, it's very fast,graphic card is also good, battery backup great and screen display is awesome🤩.
From where did you order it. I don't seem to find this anywhere online. How much did you buy it for ?
Sir koi laptop ho to bta dena lena hai ak ko free me
My father also have this laptop.
What is the price
Price bahut he😱
Great work bro keep it up👌🏻

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