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Flipkart Offers ₹115,000
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Shopclues Offers ₹115,000
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Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Laptop Features

  • 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 processor
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB hard drive
  • 15.6-inch screen, 4GB GTX 1050Ti Nvidia Graphics
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • 2.80kg laptop
Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Laptop

The lowest Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Laptop Price in India is ₹115,000 at Flipkart.
Buy Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Laptop online at Flipkart Shopclues Amazon.
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Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Laptop Reviews from YouTube

Dell Inspiron 7567 Review - $800 GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop!
Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Gaming Laptop Review
Dell Inspiron 15 7567 Gaming Laptop Review |
Serious Gaming Laptop for $800 - Dell Inspiron Gaming 15 2017
50,000 LIKES AND I'M GIVING ONE AWAY!!!111one jk but i'm giving one away soon. Stay tuned
Bruh I got this laptop over $1,700 on Best Buy and it’s $800 did I get ripped off????? And also I been having these for 3 years and I don’t recommend it. You will have a lot of very laggy issues and if you plug in Ethernet it won’t work at all you will still lagg as well with it. So buying an actual Pc is better then getting a laptop trust me guys.
dell is many problems with this laptop, I should return this (sound card crackling and speakers). After two years other problems and I think all this problems dell producing by Bios and other their software called "drivers"
How much fps in fortnite low setting
I still use this.
Display is the worst I've ever seen in a laptop!
Will this run Minecraft?
Over 3 years of using this laptop I never knew why my storage fills up so quickly. Can someone explain?
I have been using this for 2 years now. Upgrading the RAM in a week. Excited!
Man rex do look gud when hes a laptop
On amazon it’s $800! My brother got one from somewhere else for $400
God I REMEMBER wanting this thing so bad, but really it’s shit for gaming today. Instead I saved up to $1200 and bought an omen 15 rtx 2060 i7 with m.2 storage and was very happy with it. Now I am building one for $2000. I’m just so glad I didn’t buy this piece of junk, good for it’s time, but aged like a shit on the sidewalk.
On 3rd year on this laptop. Used very roughly and still using at it as main cpu for my desktop setup. Running extremely good. I upgraded ram to 16gb which made multi tasking much faster. The screen is pathetic thats why i hooked up it to monitor .
2020, still using this device
I got this laptop back when this video was made and in hindsight I can say for sure that it is HORRIBLE for gaming. It barely did good for a year and from there games have been beating down on it. It may be good as a college laptop but for gaming, the value doesnt even exist.
I still use this laptop. I’m able to play rocket league and dota 2 way above 60fps. It can play rust if you have 15gb+ of ram and is great when playing with a monitor
I had this exact gaming laptop for like 2 years and 3 or 4 months I think. It did perform really well on moba games that I used to play , and the sound quality was also impressive. But it died a couple of weeks ago. To be honest my chipset exploded , causing problems to the rest of the cpu. I can’t tell what caused the problem , and neither can the computer technician
I hadonly one problem with this laptop and that is dust gathering in the vents
Heyyyyy my dad gave me one of these
I love everything about the laptop especially the SSD and touchscreen features. I purchased it mainly for general usage and also have easy accessibility to Microsoft applications. I just wish that the laptop had a feature that makes the keypad turn bright when the laptop is being used at night.
CT-7567 Captain Rex
can u play Apex legends, Fortnite and Minecraft with 50+ frames Because I am planning to buy it. I am 95% sure I will buy it plz reply
Thanks for the video. Which wifi will you suggest to replace the wifi on this laptop? Thanks
I just bought the 15.6" 8GB RAM. I will get it in a few days. I am going crazy at home with social distancing so I'm going to be doing some virtual table top role playing gaming (Dungeons&Dragons) as well as play Wow. Know shit about computers though. Is the camera and mic good?? Also, the one I bought has 1TB HDD+256 GB SSD. That should way more than what I need right? Also, it has the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card.
Stay away from Dell, and especially this series of laptop. Mine has been nothing but a NIGHTMARE since day one. Terrible support from Dell, driver conflicts GALORE, buzzing audio, freezing up issues, applications suddenly being minimized during use and booted back to desktop. Oh... and the updates that never finish due to conflicts between their software and hardware that cause you to redownload them, again, and again, and again lol. PIECE. OF. SHIT.
should i get this right now is 2019 and this laptop is from 2017 i dont know if it is worth getting now.
Can somebody tell me what's the max brightness in nits please.
the bios in this system is not fully acpi compliant good day just want to know about this error for the dell 7587 Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 ACPI_BIOS_ERRO after windows 10
Acer Nitro 5 or dell insprion 15 7567
So I just bought this exact laptop you've reviewed: Dell Inspiron 15 7567 8GB Ram 256GB SSD No HDD, Intel Core i5 7300HQ, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050TI, and etc. however, I have this problem with the laptop that no one else has ever had before, confirmed after hours of research to fix this problem. I cannot record at all, no matter what software or application. I think this has something to do with either the CPU or GPU, or both... I tried obs, but the preview screen is black and records a black screen. I've tried Action Mirillis, sometimes it works, but when it does, it crashes my applications like Minecraft or fortnight; but when it doesn't work, it just doesn't start to record Nvidia's own recording application from the GeForce experience keeps saying "A supported game is required to use this feature", no matter whether I'm playing a game or not. Windows Xbox recorder/capture just records for a few seconds, and then it says that my recording has failed. Therefore, there is absolutely no way I am able to record on my laptop, and this is really frustrating because sometimes I want to get some clips of my gaming experiences, or etc. My last two options are to either do a system restore (keep in mind that this laptop is new, I bought it a few days ago, and I've never changed any settings related to the pc itself or CPU/GPU). If the system restore/factory reset doesn't work, I'd have to return it or replace it from amazon. Does anyone have a clue for how I can fix this recording problem or any solutions? My drivers are all up to date, I've even created a second user account to see if the same problem applies to all user accounts or the whole laptop in general... Thank you for reading my concern.
I just picked one up refurbished from Dell and it states IPS FullHD panel so I expect it to be a LOT better than seen in this review.
Acer Helios 300 is better and cheaper.
Hi MobileTechReview , may i asked, does this 7567 support ssd or m.2 slot, at least it support dual hdd and ssd ..does this type support dual hdd+ ssd? answer my question
Grandma is so into gaming laptops and modern technology....Never seen that before lol
They now release stock with IPS panels, please touch on this as some people think it’s still a TN panel when it isn’t. Just got mine with an IPS, looks great even though I hook it up to an external monitor
Can you install an ips panel to the 7567 model?
They have now started to ship it with the IPS display, am I correct?
I'm getting the i5577 for 899 Canadian dollars, with the intel i5-7300hq and 8gb ram and 1tb had , should i buy as its on sale ? Or id that version to old to be buying in 2018?
Which laptop is worth of money btw dell inspiron 15 7567 and msi gv72 7re? Please help.
can u play Apex legends, Fortnite and Minecraft with 50+ frames Because I am planning to buy it. I am 95% sure I will buy it plz reply
All Indian buyers, I highly suggest that you guys buy the gl503 by asus if you are going for the i5 with the 1050 but if you want the i7 with the 1050ti go for the dell Inspiron 7567.
It's IPS display not TN
pls suggest me is it good for premier pro & after effects ( 7567 i5 ) thanks in advance..
what is the title of your background music.. i like it
can i ask question.. im about to choose between this two laptop ... ASUS FX533VD( i7-7700 , 4gb ram, 1050 2gb ddr5) DELL 7567(i5-7300,4gb ram, 1050 4gb ddr5) WHICH IS BETTER?
not 15.6 inch TN PANEL change it to 15.6 IPS Display
Hye guys, the battery is amazingly awesome!!! And moreover d 1050ti makes d laptop and for gaming way much better!
Is the display of this laptop same as the one in 5577 model ?
Is the IPS panel available in India?
buying today
could you please suggest some best laptops under Rs 50000/-?
Without charging battlefield can be played
which one is better del between inspiron 5577 and dell inspiron 7567 ?
my hingea have problem from left side its not closing properly aome of the part pops.up any solution
Just purchased this laptop from Dell USA, waiting on it to deliver. Dell offers the IPS panel upgrade in north america for an additional $49 - so i upgraded to IPS.
when it will be launching with ips
I own this model, added 8gb ram, 2 tb ssd drives, works pretty good in my opinion
3 years later, i7 1050ti 16GB version still going strong, best laptop I've ever bought
This is the same laptop as mine
is anybody else watching this in 2020? or watching it on this laptop itself?
I'm watching this on my Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming wile i'm smoking a bowl
Still using this in 2020. Solid laptop. Weakest point is the screen but using a monitor removes that painpoint.
i got the higher model version of this laptop on facebook for 300$ yesterday an absolutely love this computer and im glad to see linus talk about how great it is 3 years ago
wish i seen that
Does that laptop could be modify? Like change the Graphics Board?
I have this laptop, and it still runs amazingly! I have the IPS panel
I have the inspiron 1500 is it good
I had this computer for 2 years it killed him self and I switched to a pc
When Linus says this is a budget laptop...
Just wanted to let everyone that stumbles back on this video know...this machine still holds up really well. I purchased it 3 years ago and I have only had a few issues. One of which being that the computer would turn off without warning when it was on battery. At first I thought it was a bios issue but I am confident now that the battery connection was just a bit finicky. Another reason this laptop has performed so well over the years is its upgradability. I purchased another 8GB of RAM bringing it up to a nice future proof 16GB. I found that the 256GB SSD filled up very quickly for games so I also purchased a 1TB hybrid drive, which at first drastically slowed down boot-up times, but this has been resolved with bios updates as well. All in all I still agree with most of Linus' points from 3 years ago. I bought this for college and it has served me well. My only huge cons are that the thing weighs in at about 9 lbs, so it's not exactly kind when lugging it around. Also, the battery has not held up well, though that may just be my unit. I typically am getting about 3-4 hours of normal use now (no gaming). Despite this, I am likely going to purchase a Macbook Pro for my last 2 years + beyond. This is because it is far more portable, far more professional in appearance, and an all around better laptop to carry day-to-day in a working environment. This is not to say the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming is going in the trash, though. It will remain plugged in while I build my own gaming tower (which could easily take a couple more years, and this laptop is going to work just fine until then. Closing thoughts: in my opinion, still one of the best budget gaming laptop options (even in 2020!) for highschool students soon transitioning to college.
still using it in 2020
Can’t say the same for their new g5 SE when it comes to thermals...
Why are you bending it like that?
own this laptop and it still easily holds up to todays standards. Added another 8gb of RAM and an m. 2 ssd. Won't need to upgrade for another couple years
beautiful hands
Would this still be god to buy nowadays tho?

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