Dell C5517H 54 Inch Monitor

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Buy Dell C5517H 54 Inch Monitor online at Amazon Flipkart paytmmall. Dell C5517H 54 Inch Monitor . Dell C5517H 54 Inch Monitor available in Colours: Black

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Dell C5517H 54 Inch Monitor price at Amazon - ₹79,661

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Flipkart ₹95,000
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Dell C5517H 54.6 Inch Monitor price at Flipkart - ₹95,000

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paytmmall ₹95,000
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Dell C5517H 54.6 Inch Monitor price at paytmmall - ₹95,000

Dell C5517H 54.6 Inch Monitor Offers and Coupons:

Estimated Delivery: 3-5 Days
Out Of Stock COD EMI
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The lowest Dell C5517H 54 Inch Monitor Price in India is ₹79,661 at Amazon.
Buy Dell C5517H 54 Inch Monitor online at Amazon Flipkart paytmmall.
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Dell C5517H 54 Inch Monitor Dell C5517H 54 Inch Monitor available in Colours:
  • Black

Dell C5517H 54 Inch Monitor Specifications

Technical Details
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Dell
Colour Screen No
Display Resolution Maximum 1920x1080
Item model number C5517H
Item Weight 24 Kg
Model C5517H
Product Dimensions 97.3 x 25 x 65.8 cm
Screen Size 54.6 Inches
Total Usb Ports 4

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Should you Buy THIS Monitor or a TV
Should you Buy THIS Monitor.. or a TV?
While we mostly liked the monitor itself...the price point makes it a pretty tough sell. What do you guys think of the monitor? Is there another monitor you'd like to see us review or stress test? Thanks for your feedback! :)
now days anyone can become a reviewer
Can't we start with getting a 27" or 32" OLED monitor? Is that so difficult?
Get ready for those image retention warranty claims. There is a reason LG do not cover screen burn in there warranty and that is why i went the Samsung QLED route. The Q80 is 120hz 4k HDR and 1500nit brightness and it cost me £2k just over and it is a 65in.
Nice review but kinda creepy keep doing close ups of womens face. What has that got to do with a review. just my op
Also the good thing about this type of OLED monitor is you don't need to buy a TV license but unfortunately no HDR and USB 2.1 support and you still get the dreaded burn in i would stay away from this not worth it until such a monitor comes out with at least a 32 inch with an IPS 4K 120Htz or more HDR and a low ms response time with G Sync then it gets my attention as 27inchs 4k montors for me is to small for 4K gaming and most of the bigger screen are crap VA panels
they toned down the brightness because they couldnt get a proper anti burn in method going.. because alienware is not a real tech company. yeah for 4 thousand dollars they could have made a proper gsync panel
The brightness is a compromise given to the OLED panel because of burn in. LG has released display panels in the past with ridiculously bright whites, but it caused such a fast burn in time. If you consider your environment, the gamma settings and the conservative aspect to this monitor. It’s absolutely the unicorn we have been dreaming of. I’d love to afford it, but maybe by the time I have the money an upgrade will be here :)
rather spend a 700$ 4k tv with HDR for gaming.
You can buy them new for 2500 but there are still other options. I bought a LG B7A for 1600 a few years ago. I still dont see a need to upgrade.
at that point, get a freaking TV. My LG C9 even has HDMI 2.1
these are 2000 now.
$4,000 for an overpriced monitor with HDMI 1.4 and DP 1.2 that’s the real Crazy right there, the Crazy.
Let me guess, no HDR?
ok boomer
To summarize : buy LG C9 or wait for the CX ;) Thats such a shame its the only way to have 4K 120Hz via DisplayPort... I dont want to buy a new graphics card just to have HDMI 2.1 , i would want to use my 1080Ti a few years more
Hahahaha You can get LG C9 OLED for less than $2000 and it can do HDR where as this $4000 monitor can't and it doesn't even have g-sync for the price. What a big joke alienware.
I'm willing to spend $4000 but I need the best in order to maximize my experience while playing Old School Runescape. Thanks for this review!
Maybe I'm in a minority here, but I have been in the market for a huge 4k 120hz display for desktop use. My home office has good light control and I generally keep it pretty dim, so the low overall brightness is not as important as the blacks being properly black. 65" is just too large for the depth of my desk, while 55" should be (it is arriving tomorrow) perfect - huge but not so huge that I can't see the edges. It should be perfect for both FPS games (no pixel lag or smearing from the more in-depth tests I have seen) and of course excellent for flights sims and space sims due to the size and totally black blacks. Costly? Sure, but there isn't anything else like it if you want something bigger than 43" but smaller than 65, and even those 65" monitors aren't OLED anyway.
I just got it for 2500. :) can you help me find a wall mount that works with the VESA adapter it comes with.
Can be used as a TV
Can it be used as a smart tv
it is good for day to day usage? as pc monitor
I'm a complete Alienware fanboy but the highest I'd pay for this is $4000, anything higher I'll just get an LG
No for OLED only micro LED!
does it support HDMI2.1?
We can use as tv
I thought OLED TVs had about 1000x the refresh rate of LCD? Is that for TVs only and not OLED monitors? I'm confused why this only has 120hz!!!
Bad form from Engaget for not disclosing burn in problems with OLED, I would never ever connect an OLED panel to a PC. I can't even count the times my PC displays a static image after a failed reboot after windows update. 12h+ with static image will destroy an OLED quickly.
Word gaming is so overused. Is my toilet gaming if it has RGB in it after use?
Nice prototype. Will see it Q4 2020 most likely.
Burned icons included?
no mention of response time? also, there are gaming monitors which can support higher than 120hz refresh rates... and yeah, burn in is going to be a thing again, so maybe screensavers will make a comeback?
Not really for me, but I'm glad someone is innovating something new for gaming monitors. I've wanted to see OLED or MICROLED in a gaming monitor for a while since I've heard they have faster response time than a TN while having vastly better picture quality (no duh). I'd still be hesitant about burn-in for the OLED because of HUDs in game, but I'm still cautiously optimistic about it.
wTF would they put lights on the back of it?
How much Dell? Can you so $2000 CAD?
Yay screen burn.... is that a Windows logo at the bottom left?
I wonder why my windows button is burnt into the display...
Your daughter is so 🥰
Here's a list that helped me out. " In the end, I went with #9. 2:19
2:08 Linus's daughter starts reassuring him he's doing it right with pats on the back. Total cuteness that only an unscripted child can provide.
Take care of your eyes!
this is a ps5 monitor: change my mind January 2021
I love how comfortable Linus is with bringing his employees over to his home
Honestly, it’s just a small TV. These companies just be inventing shit and giving them labels.
That’s a lot of steam games
Perfect for ps5
I wish I had a relative like Linus. Imagine being a gamer and knowing him! it wipe clean?!
a sad and mean midget
My cx
i think i need bigger one😂😂
When I was building my new computer last year the Omen X Emperium was on sale for nearly half off at Microcenter. Picked it up because the OLED I wanted in the same size was about the same price. Figured I'd go with the Omen since the color and refresh rate is way better. I sit on the opposite end of the bedroom from it so it works great. I only wish they would have spent time making television content look better on it. Even if it's streaming Netflex and Hulu can be a bit painful to watch on this thing, especially if it's a movie involving dark scenes. The blacks are blotchy and blurry as hell. Which is weird because the blacks in gaming are super crisp. I'm wondering if it's because television content is coded different?
For call of duty : 24” or 27” or 32/34”?
I have a 21” 1024p 60hz monitor and it look perfect
What other than the response time is the advantage of this monitor over a LG CX OLED? I've heard the new CX line of TV's by LG have been getting picked over big time for people using them as "monitors" due to the refresh rate and VRR compatibility. Here in Canada they would be less than half the price of this monitor as well adding 10 inches and HDR. How the heck Alienware smoked enough crack to list this at the price it is without HDR is insane.
I have this beast Monitor in my set up, but im still clueless how to run at 120hz while im still stacked at 60hz. Using 3840 x 2160 resolution, there's no option for 120hz on nvidia driver. I notice that i tried using DP cable it works the way exactly what i wanted but there's one caveat, is so statering and unbelievably lagged and it has a intermittent lost signal in the monitor (pain in the neck). Then i used HDMI cable again and all the statering and lag has been gone, but it turning back at 3840 x 2160 at only 60hz. Btw im using msi geforce 2080 ti gaming x trio, my pc is overkill in terms of rigs tho. Hope anyone helping me out how to fix and get the way i was hoping. Nice video 😍😍😍
Linus tried as hard as he could to say something positive about this. He couldn't really say the truth. This is by far the worst gimmick Alienware has ever put out. $3,200.00 ?? Go get yourself a good OLED HDR 10 bit TV and be happy. At a 3rd of the price or less. My sony 55 inch has never let me down for any type of use. I don't experience any kind of lag or other issues at all. It's fricken gorgeous for content creation too.
I got my 43UN700-B last week. It's really awesome for working databases or large excel files. Opening 2 apps full width one over the other for comparisons is just great. I best describe it as having 2 ultrawide monitors one over the other when one ultrawide just wouldn't cut it for my needs, and at a fraction of the price. And, when I'll be back at the office, connecting other PCs will just be a bonus. Hope this helps someone
Hi, sorry but I do not understand English. Is it possible to give me a quick summary of what is the result? Good choice or not? (web development and photoshop). I hesitate between that, otherwise a TV 49", or maybe 3 screens 1080p ... Thank you!
I'd use it as a secondary
So, this LG doesn't have • Free-sync o G-sync (for gamers) • High refresh rate (for gamers) • Super low input lag (for gamers) but what about the 4:4:4? It would be useful for people willing to use it NOT for gaming AT ALL but as computer monitor for ADULTS. Did you forget those people?
4:39 When Kobe Bryant was still alive... :(
Why should I use a software based solution to fit 4 full HD contents on one screen, if this monitor has 2x2 PBP mode and ample connections included anyways?
Can someone please measure the visible display size (width and height) for me? Thank you....
What's the difference between a 22" FHD 1080p Monitor vs a 22" FHD 1080p TV?
I have a AOC Agon 144hz 31.5'' HuillHD. I word with text. I am a sad man.
I know this is an old video but it's kinda relevant to me. Is there any successor currently on the market for this monitor? As in, remote control, IPS panel, multi-input and big ass diagonal, while at a similar price? It really vanished from the stores where I live... No OLED, thx, I still need both me kidneys.
Future Linus says all other monitor is dead compared to a certain LG TV.
A question. Can I use 43 inch tv with 1920X1080 resolution as monitor? If so what is the safe distance i should sit from the monitor. The purpose is solely using MS office and no games.
Very frank, very scientific explanation as to why we should not use big TV as monitor. Thanks
Damn it Jeff....
2020 anyone? Too much background music
This is way too big to be a computer monitor. It seem like a great tv device
for video card, would you recommend Naivia RTX 2070 super or AMD RX 5700 XT?
FYI ... 2 years after this video was made LG now does have FREESYNC and they have a 32" 4k UHD TV/ monitor that costs $355
I use 43 inch, 4K TV very comfortably. I use only 75% of width & 75% of height - which is about 60% of the total screen real estate. Also, adjusted display size to 110% which makes reading text much easier. Great tv-monitor at 2-3 feet from my eyes!
I bought one. It is truly 'meh' experience.