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Buy Dell Alienware 17 (A569972SIN9) Laptop online at Croma. Dell Alienware 17 (A569972SIN9) Laptop

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Croma Offers ₹269,994
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Dell Alienware 17 (A569972SIN9) Laptop Features

Dell Alienware 17 (A569972SIN9) Laptop

The lowest Dell Alienware 17 (A569972SIN9) Laptop Price in India is ₹269,994 at Croma.
Buy Dell Alienware 17 (A569972SIN9) Laptop online at Croma.
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Dell Alienware 17 (A569972SIN9) Laptop Reviews from YouTube

Alienware 17 (2017) Review - The Ultimate Gaming Laptop
Dell Alienware 17 R5 Review - The Most Powerful Alienware Laptop!
Alienware 17 Gaming Laptop Review - i7 4800MQ, GTX 780M (4GB), 16GB ram
Alienware 17 R4 (2017) Review: The Best Big Gaming Laptop?
If you're hard to the CORE about games, get one with a 120Hz panel. It's a massive difference in visual performance. Thanks for the support as always 2D fam!
A few thing to keep in mind if you are looking to buy one of these used today... One of the best laptop keyboards I've ever used by the way... The 1080 's version of this laptop had a tendency to run hot stutter and die..... There was a heatsink mod for this also alienware I believe made a bios update to cap the machine at lower speeds... Still unless you get a really really good deal I'd say way from the 1080 version of this laptop in this gen... Not sure about the R5 version I think it got fixed but not sure since they look the exact same and I've owned an R5 or looked into it... but maybe...
I still have my Alienware 17 R4 running with The AGA connected to a RTX 2070 Super. I really have absolutely nothing bad to say about this rig. Top notch. I don't think Alienware is making them like this anymore. And they even ditched the AGA port on the new ones. Too bad.
Watching a laptop review 4 years later is fun 😂😂
Dave was playing Overwatch in 2017 and still is in 2021
Hello Dave.. Could u compare the Acer predator 17x?
Even "gtfo" sounds like some polite word when he says it 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Got the 4K screen, Amazing colors but I regret not getting the 1440P screen with g sync
I bought 15 R4 in November 2018 in USA & brought it to India. Now the Battery has swollen/bloated and its breaking the frame, Tried searching related videos on how to replace the battery , did not find one.
is it worth it for 2020?
The technology
You should keep making yourself look white like this in your videos
"Came in on timeㅍ The box was kind of banged up but that was mostly UPS fault. The laptop works great and I'm planning to add in another stick of ram just to make it easier to multitask. "
Not true, it support 64 gb of DDR4 RAM
Been using the 1070 version for 2 1/2 years. Still loving it :D
Somehow; Someway I always watch this video. I have this laptop.
Wrong! Max is 64 Gb DDR4 I speaking by my own experience - 64 Gb (2666) WORKING 100%
It's crazy that this thing competes with a desktop 8700K in performance. Thanks for watching!
I have the same ;)
It looks like if I were to pick this up and put this down over and over I basically be benching a baby
Русские покинули чат
I was all fine until I knew its price
Just bought this laptop today used for 899
I just got one today :) Financing off my cousin, he got a new 15in with RTX
They have come a long way
Love the review however we are curious, what camera are u using for recording this video mate?
Lol this guy keeps recommending these decked out PCs for Video editing and photo browsing.. i'm just tired of hearing that
It's motherboard damaged within a year and i still regret buying this shit. GO for ASUS rog instead. Alienware 17 R5 have fan issue (cheap quality less durable fan), battery issue (it won't last even 8-9 month , it will swollen ) , too much heavy and buying desktop are almost same as buying this only difference is desktop offer much durability then this shit. Stop making paid promotional video Dave Lee , i bought that seeing your review from YouTube.
Didn’t even mention the thunderbolt...
Can I use the USB-C port in the back to connect to USB-C port in external monitor? Great vid
"Came in on timeㅍ The box was kind of banged up but that was mostly UPS fault. The laptop works great and I'm planning to add in another stick of ram just to make it easier to multitask.
They're pieces of shit. Make sure you have a good protection plan and are ready to fix fans and stuff
Best laptop design ever in this video Iam showing the gaming performance of the Alienware 17R5 playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare online at 4K Resolution check it out guys 😊
So this should be able to run Hello Kitty Adventure Island?
Trust me guys this laptop is way cheaper is U.S nothing compared to what their selling outside use soooooo overpriced U.S :1500 Kuwait :2500
damnn i thought this video was from 2020
Whos here in 2021???
Wow this is old
Watching this video in 2020, .......obsession with old technology
Still using it in 2020 and it rocks!!
it would be nice to know if this is an R1 or R2.... would also like to know when THIS PARTICULAR MODEL CAME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! -_-
Seriously I still use that shit 😅
wow laptops had 120Hz screens back in 2013 i thought that wasn't until 2017
I like how Gaming Laptops uses Windows 7 instead of 10- oh wait! it 2013!!! But when new Gaming Laptops will have Win 7?
watching this in 2019 because of free batman arkham city from epic..
What is it cost ???
i have one question..... how can i update this laptop to windows 10 with pre driver and all software installed ....... i tried lot of things but i havent got any update from windows site..... if anyone can provide me help it would be appreciate....... thanks
This laptop does not age well when it comes to design
got it in 2014 it is not worth the money because dell makes them now (have 2 older real Aliens "The Real") will never spend almost 3k on a dell made alien
About 400 or 500 on ebay right now its a fucking awesome deal
watching in 2018 how 2013 alienware looks like, lol
I have just bought this for 350$ in 2019 with Gtx 860m
To bad the Alienware 17(3) has a gtx 1070 and it’s only 1,899$ lol better than that
I have this laptop the only problem is the fan is really loud
mine just died bought it in September 2019. it went off completely. unplugged the battery nothing works. guess its short circuit
Got one and sold it a week later. Too big to carry and temps were way too hot without a laptop cooler.
Is the graphics card integrated? Can you replace it ?
You can find these on ebay for 40 bucks no joke
"Absolutely non thermal throttling"... Fuck you Mathew.
Who else gear the voice crack increase in speed
When you buy a gaming laptop to do work
Damn I love razor blade design but this looks like a Lamborghini and the razer like a roll royce
Mine lasted only 3 years. It’s only purpose now is a paperweight. Can’t decide what I’m going to do with it. Send it back to Dell for the 5th time, or replace it. I think I got the lemon of the bunch.
Hi I really need help guys, so I have a alienware m17x r4 the graphics card is currently a Radeon HD 7970m, I want to upgrade this to maybe a 1050ti or 1060 or something similar but I don't know what to search for or where to search for it, I have found a few on eBay but I have no idea if they are compatible with my laptop please help
review 17 r4 with amd gpu
I believe I have the same one , but mine gets as hot as 90
Mine’s arriving tomorrow (r5)
does it upgradable up to 64gb ram ( 32gb x 2 slot)?
I have it
Gaming laptops are for broke people
I want to buy a 4k unit, with a GTX 1080. Will it perform today?
I factory reset my laptop now I can’t use any of the Alienware softwares or use my ssd

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