Dell 5577 A567101SIN9 Notebook

Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online @ TATACliq Croma Amazon Flipkart.

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Buy Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook online at TATACliq Croma Amazon Flipkart. Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook . Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook available in Colours: Black

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TATACliq ₹66,990
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Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook price at TATACliq - ₹66,990

Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook Offers and Coupons:

Estimated Delivery: 4-5 Days
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Croma ₹77,234
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Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook price at Croma - ₹77,234

Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook Offers and Coupons:

Estimated Delivery: 5-7 Days
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Amazon ₹78,990
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Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook price at Amazon - ₹78,990

Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook Offers and Coupons:

Estimated Delivery: 2-4 Days
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Flipkart ₹88,657
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Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook price at Flipkart - ₹88,657

Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook Offers and Coupons:

Estimated Delivery: 3-5 Days
Out Of Stock COD EMI
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The lowest Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook Price in India is ₹66,990 at TATACliq.
Buy Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook online at TATACliq Croma Amazon Flipkart.
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Please go through Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook Dell 5577 (A567101SIN9) Notebook available in Colours:
  • Black

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Using this laptop since 2017. After 4 years the HDD failed. Upgraded it to 500 GB SSD and Windows is very fast now 😊
can we expand ssd
Keeps having wireless connectivity issues. Even with it close to router it does not pick up any WiFi signals how to resolve this :( I've tried network reset, uninstall drivers and reinstall and nothing works for this gaming laptop.
I have this laptop build quality is too bad I would rather suggest to go with any other laptop manufacturer like hp or asus and if your budget permits then obviously for macs
RIP Pubg
I am using this laptop since 5 September 2018..nice laptop
Using this for 2 years..upgraded to ssd and 16 gb perfectally fine..currently playing dmc 5 on 65 70 fps
can i play gta 5 in high settings with same as your graphic card without lagged?
Bro mere pass same hai but i7 version. Graphic card upgrade ho skta hai kya isme?
Any idea about 5485..?for gaming ?
These laptops body is is really worst. It will break so easily. Especially near by charging slot..
Dude I m having high speed issues with this lappy, wht should I do? Reset it? Already it has been replaced by the company
Bro I have the same laptop with same configuration but its very slow and the boot time is around 1-2 mins. Do you also have the same problem?
Gta v chalega
bhai mere pass bhi same laptop he . mne pheobix os install kiya pr jb me shutdown krta hu to vo wahi pr atak jata hplease help me
Bhai tumhare 5577laptop mein pubg main HDR option chalta hai kya
Bro I have the same laptop, but there is no SSD installed in it, which best SSD and from where can I get it, my laptop getting lag while in pubg, I tried too many methods but no use, if I upgrade to SSD would the problem solved.
Not such good review. You must check dave2d reviews and learn alot from him. Ye laptop ki audio quality achi nhi hai, bass lack karta hai. Screen worst hai but aap toh sab hi acha bol rhe ho. Watch and learn from dave2d.
吃鸡你搞了一个刺激战场/????are you kidding 哈哈哈哈
Im buying this laptop can it run fortnite well? If yes how many fps?
Jayada se jayada ye laptop 2 hour workable hai woh bhi low brightness
200 watt ka nahi ke game khelnese 5-6 ghante ayega.. kya fake features bolte ho..
Bhai video editing me problem hoti hai kya
Thanks for review which u recommend between dell 7559 and 5577
Will it run fortnite on epic settings with good fps.......?????
What is the Resolution
Pagal game khelne pe max 2 hours desakta hai
I5 7th gen mai 128ssd wale mai hq hai kya??
Ab kitni pricing h
Creta ki lights ke upar review banao plss
is it using windows precision drivers or synaptics pls lemme know
Hard dix
is there any option to off the backlit of keyboard?
Is it comes with ips display in delhi if yes then what is its price
Pls Tell me bro what about premier pro rendering , colour correction, how is display during premier pro work . any lags issues with premier & after effects.. thanks in advance.
Can u tell me for sure about the battery backup of this laptop?? because some other review provided different views on the battery..and its heard that it has mediocore battery backup ..and also what is the sound system of this laptop??
Can you please tell me about the sound quality above 50%?
How long does it last?
I have to say it works just as well as it did 1.5 years ago I love this laptop it is very good at gaming and looks professional as well, I’ve had almost no issues with it other than slow boot up and bloatware. RAM is easily upgradable and so is the storage. It won’t be able to play AAA titles on ultra 60+ FPS but it will do medium gaming and is great for school/work. Definitely a great option for those who are wanting a school laptop that can do some medium gaming.
The display is meh, i own it and colors are all washed. Also SSD upgrade is necessary if you want to run games smoothly
Can i connect a ps4 controller do this laptop?
its possible to boost the ram to 16GB ?
I hope that for its.
Rap god
lol watching this vid on that laptop
Say What?!!
Slow the vid down to 75% and he sounds just like a Dell Tech support guy.
It’s 60hzz ? 120 or 144?
Play on medium or low for 60fps.
Display is not led it is TN!!! No led display is not as color accurate as a TN.
Has a widespread hinge issue. Buy it if you want to deal with it. Otherwise it's a good laptop. Bad speakers and screen though.
very bad english
Battery life?
I won this one........Red colour is completely wrong.......... Lightening McQueen seems pinkish rather than red when I watch cars🤣
Bullshit the gameplay on this laptop is absolute Bullshit! it does not deserve the price it has got! first of all it fucking lags like hell on games people say it can run ultra settings on games like battlefield and other big games but again that's bullshit! i barely get any fucking frame on low spec games e.g Unturned,Payday 2 etc. i do not recommend this pc and it dosen't deserve it's price you should probably buy something more expensive than this for 700$ .
This review is not really good. For those who are really looking for advice. I got this laptop. The main issue with it is the super slow hardrive if you don't buy the model which comes with SSD. The built quality is not that great, it's ok. Battery life is not bad for a laptop of this category (this guy thinks 5+ hours is bad, WTH is he comparing to). Speakers are quite bad, they don't get loud enought and the clarity is just awful. Display is decent for a TN panel. IO lacks USB C, you may find newer models which may incluide that feature. Overall I wouldn't recommend this laptop, unless you are going to buy an SSD.
I have had this laptop over 10 months and haven't experienced any type of problem. Its amazing
Sir pls help me my headphone didnt work cuz when i pulgged my heaphone i choose wrong Buton and the button never comeback when i plugged and i cant use my headphone at the laptop anymore. Can u help me with plug-in your headset to the Inspiron and Tell me what notification that coming when u plug-in ur headset sir plis help i want to hear sound with my headset
Can anyone understand his accent without the subtitles ?? And good review 👍
I wanna upgrade it to total of 20gb of ram 4+16 =20
bought one used for under 500$ oop. gonna be my new laptop replacing my 6year old g50-70 with a pentium cpu and a radeon r5 graphics card
my joystick control dont show properly
hey can you help
how can you change the backlit colour?
I have fps problem on this laptop can you help me
Can i connect a ps4 controller to it and play games with it?
You have decent production quality. Subscribed!
I own the same model....i have one question whether the fan on this laptop are always working ...because in my case cpu temp exceeds 54°c but still there is no sign of fan working or running...if u have same problem or not please let me know ...thank u
I have this pc lol
I checked your channel. Good reviews though..check out mine tooo
*Man great review, crispy shots, but the price de333, anyways thanks for sharing this great review*
Your review dier ✌🏾✌🏾.. the price dier 😅
Last up to 7 hours and 4 hours if am doing any thing higher than doing normal stuffs. Thanks for pointing out your dislikes too
Wow....thats a good laptop but the price has me 🤔
Great review!
The IPS is the problem for the price
The tech leader,thanks for the Impacts!