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    Degree Extreme Blast Antiperspirant And Deodorant Specifications

    Technical Details
    Brand AXE
    feature Invisible solid-goes on clearNo white marks on you or your clothesYour body heat turns it on
    Manufacturer Axe
    Model Deg-3536

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    Degree Extreme Blast Antiperspirant And Deodorant Reviews from YouTube

    Degree Men Dry Protection Deodorant Review
    10 Best Men's Deodorants/Antiperspirants/ Top Men's Deodorants/Antiperspirants
    10 Best Men's Deodorants 2020
    Men’s Deodorant Smell Test
    Rick Ross
    When my brother did not use this his arms use to stink, I used to spray the house. But when he bought this I did not smell anything anymore. I recommend this to anyone
    Why does this deodorant have less smell?
    Here in the philippines have men's degree?
    Two pack smells GREAT and wirks well, I haven't heard any complaints or feedback from the person USING it, SO that means it's perfect :) totally different stick haha lmao lol 2:05. 2:05 to 3:00 two dollars less per stick lmao
    It works wonderfully ; i have about 3 of these ; degree clean works well also ; degree is such a great brand
    "I don't want my smell ratio to be off" haha. You're a funny dude. Did you know that Warriors basketball god Steph Curry is now the poster boy for this antiperspirant? I think honestly it should have been you maybe you turned down the offer, who knows? Anyway thanks for the review and for the laughs, it put me in a better mood today. :)
    mitchum mountain air is fresh!
    I used this same Degree deodorant today and it is not good after a couple hours. It's own smell is just too strong. I smell like strong soap that hasn't been washed off.
    I tried this deodorant one time, and it made my armpit hair clump together and pull every time I moved my arms. Have you had that experience with it?
    hair putty i mean
    do by vilain gold digger hair product plz. thanks:)
    I love that you guys joke and laugh together so much
    This is hilarious! :-)
    Smell ratio LOL!
    Bahahahah Emily you are my idol :D you two are so adorable!
    Emily and Tyler, I love you guys and enjoy watching both of you. You've mentioned previously that Tyler is a lawyer and that got me thinking. I am a law student (in Champaign, IL - not terribly far from you!) and was wondering if Tyler had any advice for law students. I realize that's not what this channel is about - but maybe that's something for a different channel? Just wondering. I am always looking for ways to improve in my legal studies, and practicing lawyers obviously have the best advice! Thanks guys and keep up the great work :)
    Naw, I just do a sniff test in the morning then book out the door
    Arm and Hammer fresh deodorant
    How long does Gillette last until I stink again I do cardio and gym all day!
    Can you do one on designer deodorant like armani polo etc
    I remember I use to get mad when power stick deodorant didn't last long that's when I discovered degree deodorant gets thr job done ,old spice is body wash for me
    What Cologne, lotion, deodorant combination do you wear.
    Please tell me where you got that red quilted jacket!
    Dove is my go to everyday and Old Spice is my go to travel deodorant
    Every Man Jack has the worst Deodorants, If you use it in any physical activity you will smell like shit.
    Clinical degree deodorant is the best. Dove is good too. I just bought old spice deodorat I will see how it does
    I can’t use nothing women deodorant all the men stuff makes me raw under my arm
    My armpits sweat so bad nothing works
    Should u put on deodorant before a work out then after wipe armpits and put more on?
    Is Axe phoniex deodorant a good one I use it it say 48 hrs it smells good
    I'm a sporty person and only trust on a roll on type of deodorant. Does this Gillete gel type as effective as roll type deos?
    Mitchum is better than a lot of these picks and it lasts all day
    Bootleg teaching men’s fashion
    This is the black Jose Zuniga
    You give good advice on using deodorants. I think that old spice will always be the best to use. I used old spice deodorants since I was in school and college and got alot of compliments. I dont like going around being stinky and smelly.having people talking bad about you behind your back.
    I’m an athlete and idk which one is the best from here
    Old spice Fiji
    Im weird, I just bathe and use soap.
    Hey as a woman here the Degree deodorant smell sooooooooo good!
    i think its sad there are just not many mens deoderant sprays, my husband hates pit gunk and still has to return to the old basic right guard or (ugh) brute sprays. I also go to the mens section in summertime because a lot of ladies deodorants are good on fragrance and worthless for perspiring. also read labels, a lot of these new so called " clinical " deodorants have the exact same ingredients in the same percentage as all the others. marketers think consumers are stupid.
    Men’s Suave is the best and Irish spring is the worst
    I recently tried LUME from the yt commercials & I was DUMBSTUCK! I have always been a pretty RIPE female, especially n the Arizona summer Always used Degree Motion Sense & it worked pretty good but I could always detect funk by mid-afternoon LUME is a game changer! My pits smell like NOTHING! I also put the tiniest smear, not even visable, directly on the brown eye & SHOCKINGLY! my shit LITERALLY don't stink! I figure any friends with their face down there really appreciate that there is ABSOLUTELY NO funk coming from my back crack When I first started using Lume on my pits, I applied it n the same way as my Degree, THICK, but I quickly realized that the tiniest bit works for days. I only raise the product about 2 credit card thicknesses thru the little application holes. I'm thinking I may order the squeeze tube next time instead of the underarm despenser. The price is a little jarring but I use so little, it is significantly cheaper than the many many Degrees I used to buy. Be aware LUME DOES NOTHING FOR SWEAT & WETNESS. That was strange to get used to. My pits still sweat but it smells like nothing so I really don't care. The way I dress doesn't really show sweat stains on my clothes. I buy the unscented Lume cuz I hate citrus & reviews said the purple one smelled funky. I have NO PROBLEM smelling like nothing compared to how I stunk b4! I came to this guy's vid looking for a similar product to Lume for my stinky son that also has an antiperspirant n it. It looks like RIGHT GUARD EXTREME may use a similar formula to LUME. It works by effecting the bacteria so they can't digest us & create waste which is what makes our parts stinky. Hope it works as well!
    Someone please help me My son is 11 and his underarms be kicking ! Strong but sensitive enough for him Like he be having my entire upstairs on fire ! Lol
    How about a deodorant that fights those yellow stains?
    I just wana know which deodrant will last the longest man?!
    Im 35 & I've been using Degree since I was 10 years old no disrespect to the other ones but Degree is the G.O.A.T. deodorant in my opinion
    Cool Comfort is the best. It's for the irritation
    Anything Irish spring ☘️. I love Irish spring it smells so good and cleans you really good.
    In my experience, Dove Men+Care doesn’t last very long. I put it on in the evening after showering and by lunch the next day I’m already smelling armpit odor. I previously used Degree but I didn’t like the chalky texture it left on my armpits. Dove does go on super smooth, but I wish it offered longer protection as it advertises.
    Gillette Cool Wave is my fave
    I’ve always used Degree cool rush, didn’t have any at the store today so I’m trying dove men + care, hopefully it works just as good
    Sorry, but Mitchum is crap, especially the gel. The only one Mitchum has made that was any good was their roll on
    U talk too much
    I don’t understand why people use anti perspirant that stuffs terrible for your body it will clog your sweat gland and you’ll sweat in different parts of the body and they wonder why we get diseases
    Native is "safe"? So you're implying the others aren't because they use aluminum (and parabens) and Native doesn't? Parabens and aluminum have so far NOT been linked to cancer. For all we know, a higher level of parabens and aluminum in the body could be BECAUSE of cancer, not the cause of cancer. It's cool to let people know Native doesn't have parabens or aluminum if they want to be careful and not use products that do, to be on the safe side. And it's cool if they want to do that. What isn't cool is using their tag line "safe" as a definite (instead of maybe just telling us what THEY believe) which then implies the others aren't, and pushes a non-science-based agenda.
    Dude called his BOYfriend girlyou lost mewhat!?!? 2020 is as fucked up as everyone in this video
    What if you use a combination of perfume and axe body spray
    Old Spice has no flavor scents and the smell is stronger then a damn trash can AXE IS BETTER
    I use Suave
    Who watch this after 5 years
    Dont be fooled by speed stick. It smells great when you smell it off the stick but when you put it on it smells like ass
    i use mostly old spice and i like to switch up the scents once in awhile cuz i like to smell different. My favorites are probably wilderness and vanilla so far
    Eww they're cheap brands why can't they where designer deodorant
    Im thinking to switch to Degree. Old Spice smells good but its making my left pit smell like death, no matter how many times i wash it
    Who's here after watching Old spice commercial?
    Why is there men and women deodorants. The only difference is the smell. Sexism.
    personally i would be weirded out gay guys smelling my shirt
    they had to have the token black person and the token gay person
    Axe smells like middle school douchebags
    Old spice is the best
    Just couldn’t avoid the ad
    Vote for YOUR favorite: 1 - Old spice 2 - Gillete 3 - Axe 4 - Comment it
    What’s wrong with speed stick?! It smells good and it’s cheap
    So this is how Corona started. Ah!
    They are all antisperiant lol

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