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Buy Deepcool N8 Cooling Pad online at Amazon. Deepcool N8 Cooling Pad Deepcool N8 Cooling Pad Colours: Black
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Deepcool N8 Cooling Pad Features

  • All aluminum extrusion panel dissipates heat efficiently
  • Dual 140mm fans offers big airflow and high cooling performance
  • Superb air intake design offers optimal airflow to cool your notebook
  • 4USB
  • Compatible with 17" notebooks and below
Deepcool N8 Cooling Pad Deepcool N8 Cooling Pad Colours:
  • Black

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Deepcool N8 Cooling Pad Specifications

General Specifications
Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Brand Deepcool
Category Cooling Pad
Dimensions 410 x 275 x 64 mm
Fan Dimensions 140 x 140 x 15 mm
Fan Speed 1100 RPM RPM
Features Dual 140 mm Fans, Vertical Airflow Design, Fan Speed Adjustable, Maximum Air Flow: 115 CFM
Noise Level 26.5 dBA
Number of Fans 2
Ports and Hubs 4 x USB 2.0
Power Consumption 2.0 W
Power Source USB
Size 12 inch
Weight 1360 gm

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Sorry for the Blurry video, did not feel that youtube would compress the video so much
@techrevs Man I'm getting a deal to get either this Helios 300 i710th gen vs Rog Zephyrus G7 with Ryzen 9 4900hs. Which is a better option if both come at the same price ?
Could u please suggest a good cooling pad under 1000rs. I have ur exact same laptop. 2020 version.
Thanks for the review bro. Since you mentioned that this is not the 'best' cooking laptop out there, could you kindly suggest the actual best one you know of in terms of cooling? I would like to add that I don't need the RGB lighting, if the cooling is top-notch. Thanks in advance!
What is the max rpm of this?
Hey Bro! Could you please mail me the default wallpaper ( The blue slant lines). I accidently lost it, when I formatted my laptop remove the bloatware. The images that I found on the internet are too blurry! Please man! It would be amazing if you do that for me. Thanks!
I have the exact same laptop and I am also playing ac odessey right now
So it's been 1month will you still suggest this one?
Install kaise karna h
Install kaise karna h
Multicore x6 or n80?
Great video man! I got a cuestion tho, what do you think about the Deepcool Multi Core X6? Im dobuting if buy this N80 or the X6, i have an Acer Aspire 7. Thanks bro
My new gaming laptop heats up to 94 degree is it normal
What is the direction of airflow? Does it suck in the air or throw the air to the bottom of the laptop?
Much needed one !
What's your opinion on acer nitro 7 (2020 edition)? Should I buy that model or acer Predator Helios 300( 2019 edition).
Ok so you have the GPU overclocked at all times. That explains the temperature. Your GPU temperature is slightly higher than what I normally saw in other people's videos. Can you tell me what GPU temps you get if the overclock isn't applied?
Can u pls make a gameplay of minecraft rtx?
Hey techrevs! I had a question. Does using the fan speed to max in laptops decrease the life of the fan speed i mean that some of the gaming laptops have different fan modes like silent,performance,turbo,performance,turbo.
Bro I have a question please answer. When we buy game from steam we have to download it over internet or we just need to install game in aur hard drive
so you bring a 14 inch laptop to a 17 inch cooler review . genius
Do you still think this is a good buy? now kep in mind i live in Brazil and theres not much avaliable in the area of notebook coolers. The other options are: DeepCool Bamboo N2600, Thermaltake Cooler Massive23 ST, CoolerMaster NotePal U Stand, Thermaltake Allways Simple, Thermaltake  LifeCool CLN0017. Thanks in advance. 
un buen COOLER deepcool
or at least the right specification of that cable, i saw the box and manual, but in real i dont understand what voltage or what ever should be special of THAT cable
anyone know where i can get a power usb cable exactly like this? i lost the one i owned and if i use other in the N8 there are state power errors HELP PLZ
@salesbergAustralia i see. thanks :)
@stariemoon Hi, if you have a gaming laptop it possibly has a reasonably powerful GPU. As such they will naturally generate more heat. You can feel the heat also because if the temperature inside the laptop's case is say 55c that is too warm for us when we feel the escaping air. You can grab a cooler like this which should assist in cooling, but depending on your laptop, perhaps you can also try underclocking a bit to reduce the temps. Cheers
my laptop-aspire4740 gets hot easily if i play games, is there any suggestion for the cooling pad?
@prahladanrsimha it doesn't have as much airflow as I was hoping, I'm using the new xps 17 so it gets pretty hot, plus the place I got it from has no refunds and it only cost $39 so I thought I'd just try to improve it for my needs.
@J3TPILOT1991 dude the fans airflow isnt good or enough ?
@salesbergAustralia looked at some fans (possibly scythe 120mm slipstream ones if I can find in AUS) and a molex ac adaptor plus a 4pin molex y adaptor to connect both fans, just waiting on funds then ill try order and give it a go and let you know how I go. plus I've taken apart the n8 and the fan just seems to be screwed in but close to the centre of the fans so ill probably need to use some kinda adhesive to put the new ones in. hopefully it works
@J3TPILOT1991 Good thought Personally I do not know how they are mounted, but I'd imagine its either screws or arrow lock of some kind. Really don't think there is glue or other permanent fixture involved. Now, with regards to how you can power things up. If you use two 120mm or 140mm fans lets say it may be good idea to connect them in series and route the wires out and use a 12v adapter. Though make sure to match power rating to not kill the fans. If you can achieve this. awesome
@salesbergAustralia not worried about the warranty, but thanks for the prompt reply, just 1 more question , do you think it would be possible to fit 2 120mm 12v fans and wire them up to a 12v connection?, id have to do some research on how to but do you think it is even possible
@J3TPILOT1991 @J3TPILOT1991 Not sure if you can. Though I do not see any reason why you could not fit other fans if you wanted. I doubt there will be much improvement. There will be only as much airflow as much as a USB port is able to provide power for, which is not a lot. Sure will void warranty though
i got this and the fans are 140mm, also any idea if i can change the fans for higher airflow fans
Just purchased one of these cooling pads, does a great job given the higher temps here in Brisbane - laptop is no longer hot to touch with average use (email, browsing, simple games, etc)
your laptop s 17 i see i got 15 i hope it wont be problem just ordered
Awesome review! Thanks
I've ordered one it will arrive tomorrow my 9750h cpu is always at 88-93 degrees
What is a good cooling pad that only uses one usb port? My laptop only has two ports and I always have to use one for a controller (lol I know, I haven’t got used to the mouse and keyboard)
Emm can u help me out my option is this and thermaltake massive 20 rgb which one do you reccomend?
Nice video. Definitely getting one of these for my new gaming laptop
Deepcool N80 RGB Gaming Notebook Cooler with RGB LED Lighting VS Deepcool N9 Black Notebook Cooler (Black). WHICH ONE IS BETTER
does it still working this is chinese brand i am little bit confused about it's build qualitydo u suggest me to buy this or should i go for any other brand plz help
hey this cooler its good and silent ? and how is cooling exemple whitout cooler 70C. and whit cooler 40C.?
Is this the best coolingpad to buy? or there is a better one? For 17 inch omen gaming laptop
Is this cooling pad still working? And how is the build quality of this product? I've read some reviews on amazon saying it's quality is bad
Great review! planning to buy this for my MSI Ps63, do you think this would work?
Hi sir I have a quick question, the specs on this cooler say 800rpms for its fans, my laptop has fans that could go up to 5700 rpms that I can manually control, I just wanna get a cooler to minimize the load on the internal fans to lenghten their lifespan. do you think 800 rpms is enough to cool my laptop? or does the rpms not really matter?
Do you think this would work on an HP Omen 15?
It would be great if you replied to this Does this cooler come with a software? Also can I adjust the fan speeds through that? Because I wouldn't want my Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 giving out all that power on the same speed of fan when I'm not gaming but doing other work so I'd like to know if the speed of the fans can be adjusted, also can you tell me the range of the fan speeds? Would be really helpful.
Hi i just recently bought this. What can i do to the other port? Can i connect it to a charging brick
Awesome received. Looking at buying two. Cheers.
Does it blow the air towards the bottom of the laptop or suck in the air from the base of the laptop?
Will this work with a Macbook Air 2020? Or a Macbook Pro (both 13")? Deciding between these 2 laptops. How many USB ports does it need to use? My use case is novel writing, blogging watching movies and YouTube and using ebooks. I spend hours a day online and am looking for a quality RGB cooler that will be OK for this and future laptops.
I wonder why this thing has two usb plug on the end, what's the purpose of the second usb plug
I loved the part where you tested the thermals (before & after), then rated the cooling pads by performance.
Best Cooling pad for laptop india : of time. no actual temp tests done.
Lmao Iets gt300 is a joke my normal cooler integrated in my pc goes all the way to 7200rpm
120$ kidding me?
which one was Rated #1 5 or 1
Which has solar power option?
Survival proof stats cool in temperature
calling pad main fan ki hawa nahe athi kya
Yes I am the owner of the 1 one
Holy crap, advertising laptop coolers and putting a mac on it— laptops without air intake? LOL
1:53 lol all he was doing that playing a gameplay video probably on youtube or something he was moving the mouse left and right but game didnt responded to it the character continued to fire
The music in the beginning is like watching freaking porn lol
4 my xb1
this only a compilation of ads video no tests done dont waste your time watching
I hate this video so much
What a shitty video.
don't buy the second one in this video. It is garbage.
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