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Buy Deepcool Baronkase Liquid MATX Cabinet online at Amazon. Micro ATX Deepcool Baronkase Liquid MATX Cabinet Colours: Black
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Amazon Offers ₹47,327
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Deepcool Baronkase Liquid MATX Cabinet Features

  • Micro ATX
Deepcool Baronkase Liquid MATX Cabinet Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Deepcool Baronkase Liquid MATX Cabinet Price in India is ₹47,327 at Amazon.
Buy Deepcool Baronkase Liquid MATX Cabinet online at Amazon.
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Deepcool Baronkase Liquid MATX Cabinet Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Deepcool
Color Black
feature Pre-installed Integrated Liquid Cooling System with 120mm RadiatorCombined RGB Lighting System with Manual Controller
Manufacturer Deepcool
Model 3401

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Deepcool Baronkase Liquid MATX Cabinet Reviews from YouTube

Deepcool BARONKASE Liquid review + RYZEN 2400G BUILD
DeepCool GamerStorm Baronkase Liquid AIO Gaming Case Review
Deepcool Gamerstorm Baronkase Liquid Case Review
[Installation Demo] BaronKase Liquid Cooling Case - System Build
I’d call this showy but not purpose built. 120mm cooler is about 50 let’s say 75 bucks max cuz of the extra stuff This case retails for like 180-200 dollars here in India . that’s over 100 dollars for a case , now I’d rather get a NZXT or thermal take for half the price without a cooler
Will the aio CPU cooler can handle the heat of an overclocked Ryzen 5 3600 processor?
At 3:40 two of the 4 radiator screws are crooked. Those threads are probably stropped now.
Power cable on the top? Shit.
Great review. I ran into an issue with my Corsair RM650X power supply and fitment. Due to the orientation on the cable, the bracket conflicts with it. But I managed to make it work. I'm using 3 screws instead of 4. It still holds up quite well. I'm still trying to figure out how to bypass the 3 button rgb display so it works with my gigabyte fusion.
I love the look and size of this case. I just bought it, but I wish I could've gotten the white version. I can only find the white version for a huge premium over the back version because of limited supply in my area, which ontop of the extortionate shipping costs, makes it so that I have no choice but to get the black one. At least they both look superb!!
Thank you for this review, very informative and help me with my choice
I think a high performance to cost case does have a place with one of the most cost performing cpu's. Makes since to me especially if it yields significantly better overclocking than say the stock cooler. That would have been good to compare I think.
I do not recommend deepcool products, they won't reimburse you if the cooler destroys your components. source? deepcool refused to reimburse a msi 1080ti gaming x after the captain 240 ex white leaked on it and shorted it. been doing computers for a long time and this is my first failure of any kind and rma other than the occasional monitor replacement due to bad pixels. do not buy this junk. i will never buy another deepcool product ever again.
Video production quality is superb, all the slow motions and details. Great review and interesting product in it!
MindBlank Tech : good video dude, your level of attention to practical details is my cup of tea, so you really did a good detailed review of the case. On the other topic, damn Ryzen 5 2400G is a godsend savior for us gamers so that we can wait for the GPU prices to normalize until 2019. It plays 2016/2017 titles at 1080p on Low/Medium details fluently....damn it's a brute of an APU and it only costs 160 Euros....that's a steal and it on top of that it has better IPC and multi-core at stock clocks than i7 7700(nonK).... :). AMD has really outdone themselves in 2017 and in 2018.
four thumb screw attachment of a side panel for me is an instant dismissal from consideration. sorry deep cool, the engineering of the attachment method just smacks of laziness. All you needed to do was to create a lip at the bottom to support the panel, place a rubber bumper around the edges for sealing and vibration damping and you could have used a single captive 1/2 turn latch center top with a folding flap that you open out to make the 1/2 turn without the need for a tool .
a mid tower 240mm version of the case would get my money
Lol. Motherboad screws
btw would love a review of your raijintek Iris fans
Well, that was nice looking case. I like the smaller AIOs, they look so cute.
Wow, I hadn't even noticed the triangle pattern and the optional PSU mount - I really like that because lets the case stay relatively small for an ATX. Oh yeah, I like this case a LOT more now.
I personally don't trust the cpu cooler. Read complaints about leaks around the bent glass tube.
He Lost
daam the way he slapped the magnetic filter into the case xD
Not even two mins in and I love this guy
the best fuckyng unboxing ever laike and subscribe deamm!!!!!!
Does it have a speaker?
Hey, I just ordered I think the same one it’s the 120ex captain white and I’m wondering, how’s it holding up now? Any leakage? Because im afraid it will busy my whole new pc since I’m new to pc
Does it come all in one or no?
The power supply stand is actually for making it so you can hook the power supply up at the top where the optical drives use to go on older comps. Frees up the bottom for two fans blowing directly in at the GPU. Personally I'd move the AIO to the rear exhaust and put two fans for exhaust up top, two for intake on bottom with power supply mounted up in the corner. Get a really strong fan, like a Noctura since it won't be seen anyway, ugly but powerful fans, for the front intake and should keep it all real cool.(Hear you can only put one in front if you do that though)
Pour le watercooling , faut t il acheter du liquide special ou c tous dedans , est ce dangereux svp
Dope vid
how is the airflow in this case?
Do you have to change the liquid out cause if I do I’m fucked
Thanks for the review of this case. I was originally wanting to get a Deepcool Genome II or a Genome ROG for my next build, but after they got discontinued, they're so expensive on the rare occasions you find one :( So I ended up going for the Baronkase instead (Partially cause you can't even find a Dukase anywhere. Would've liked that for 240mm cooler it came with). I wanted these types of cases because I thought they wove in their AIO coolers in really cool ways, ESPECIALLY the Genome's. But the Baronkase looks especially cool too, and while I had wanted a 240 or 360mm AIO for my new 3800x Ryzen, I realistically ain't gonna be doing much overclocking because, as I understand it, you don't get a lot of OC out of Ryzen's. But the better you cool them, the better these new Ryzen's do that whole pre-built overclock feature thing, so that's why I wanted an AIO to begin with. I figure, these Deepcool cases that come with AIO's are a great value. The Genome II and ROG were 180 when they first came out and were widely available, and that's a badass deal, basically 90 for the 360mm AIO and 90 for the case and it was a much bigger cooler case than the Baronkase. But now the Baronkase is a pretty good steal too. I got mine for 92 dollars on newegg. The green/white version was 82 though, what the hell :( But they've been on sale for as low as 70 I believe. But I mean, the sheer value on that is incredible. Value + I really love the aesthetic is why I bought the case for myself. New system for anyone who was curious: Ryzen 3800x ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 OLOy 16GB 3200MHZ 16-18-18-36 timings Silicon Power 1TB NVMe M.2280 drive 3400 Read/3000 Write Raidmax Hybrid 2-RX 730SS 730W ASUS Super OC Dual-Evo RTX 2080 SUPER This case from the video :D with the Deepcool Captain 120mm AIO built in :D
since its side panel is a tempered glass,a new razor blade will peel that sticker off leaving barely any residue .
We get it it’s a budget case it gots budget rgb budget front connectors so why do you bitching if the price is right ?
i bought this case its a little complex to setup everything and space is very tight if you going with ATX motherboard. its been 26 days for this case for me and the radiator RGB fan failed and doesn't work anymore. looks good and heavy duty case but i wouldn't suggest someone to buy this case just because of the space you get to build with..
would there be space to have 2 120mm fans on that radiator ?
Bought this case before seeing this video but it's hasnt come yet. and I'm even more confident with my purchase now. This looks like the perfect case for me.
I think this build for the case is awesome! From a Hvac stand point, the power supply produces heat and heat rises, now where the power supply normally is that heat will transfer to the case of the power supply and then to the air inside the case adding to its thermal load, with this, there really isn't to much of that and you will have to worry about airflow up in that corner of the case tho.
This was very informative!
Anyone looking to buy the case and has an EVGA PSU: You'll have to cut notches in the adapter that allows you to hang the PSU in the front of the case. It's a pain if you don't have an electric cutting tool with a metal cutting bit (i.e. a dremmel or something along those lines). It's not the worst thing in the world to do, but it is unexpected.
I just got this case. Mostly for price, and Liquid cooling. Minor issues - I got a new power supply ( Corsair RM750 ). The cable come out the side of the PSU so I had to modify the bracket. All in all i am happy with it. My MB , CPU, and Ram are a few Gen's old now Asus M5A97 r2.0, FX4350 4.2GB, and 10666 1300 Mem. Didn't want to spend to much , and this fit the bill.
I thought you covered everything well, an honest logical review that covered everything, maybe more detail than some may need but nothing overboard and nothing missed, I'm happy as to get this review when looking for info on this case, thanks.
Can the fan and lights of the case and pump be connected to an rgb header on a motherboard?
love your reviews
I hate having PSU on the botton because blocking the ability to use the last slot with a 2-3 slot. I custom hack mine to enable bottom slot
would It be possible to fit a micro ATX motherboard into this case with the PSU below, Or is it only ITX that allows for this option?. Thanks for any reply
where does the optical drive go?
Really good review!! I'll definitely check out your channel more in the future
The mid-panel grill ruins the utility of the case. Having used Inwin 101/301/303 cases I can attest to the bottom intake concept, but that mid panel makes installing a motherboard hellish and cabling painful. I think that the best thing would be to mod the case, getting rid of the bottom disk cage and using only the SSD mounts, as well as removing that midplate. That would help. Also 120mm AiO? Either way, the second I hear the Kitguru music and then see Leo doing the review, I feel a child-like giddyness.
Comes with Ryzen AM4 mounting brackets?
hi, i just installed this case but the upper fan does not start is it normal ?
i want to build a budget rig..but when i saw this CASE IN MARKET , I CAN NOT BELIVE MY EYES. a budget primium case it is
Do u need to apply thermal paste when installing the cooler
Is the aio CPU cooler can handle the heat of an overclocked Ryzen 5 3600 processor?
The liquid cooling of this model, is it enough for a Ryzen 9 3900x processor with overclocking or do you recommend another case?
Как вы синхронизировали вентилятор с СВО?
the temperatures are good? in this case?
Hi just got my baronkase with one extra rf 120 fan, but I can't figure out how to connect all rgb cables with the case controller.. there are only 3 cables in the case controller: pump, radiator fan and flow meter. How did you do that? Rf 120 comes with a controller but again only 3 plugs
what precision screwdriver do you use?
Música de retardado do caralho !
whats that red 24 inside the case?
Just installed my new desktop with this case. Looks like the pump is spinning too slow, not sure if i connected right. But the temperature is all right.
will the z97 gaming motherboards fits here.thanks
Can you install cooling fan at the front?
no showing of actual instillation of wires into motherboard. I know it would be different but I'm completely clueless as what goes where on my shitty MB
What is that thing on 3:19 that you are plugging in? I don't have it with my baronkase
I wish it was pre built oooof
Does it include thermal paste?? It would be nice if I got a response soon because I’m gonna get it soon. Edit: does it come with the hub to?
I got this case a month back and I´m loving it. A real beauty and it´s quiet and easy to move around. It was tricky getting a 1080 ti GPU in there but atleast it doesnt move around when I move the case:)= BTW, could someone tell me the name of the music artist/track?

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