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Deep Space Probes: To the Outer Solar System and Beyond (Springer Praxis Books) Book Reviews from YouTube

Naked Science - Deep Space Probes
NASA's Voyager 1 is in Interstellar Space
40th Anniversary Of Pioneer 11 Launch To Outer Solar System | Video
Voyager 2 Enters Interstellar Space
Ahhh yes… the white man… amazing…
I was taken and deeply probed...
I have not heard Troy McClure this enthusiastic in quite some time.
Complete nonsense and absurd fantasy CGI.
Naked science deep space probes..... That sounded so wrong for a video title... More like a porn movie title
This is mindblowing; awesome content! We just dropped a rap explaining the birth of the universe, but in other news our James Webb Space Telescope rap is now our most viewed video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
SKIP this video. It's obsolete! Could you PLEASE get a more up to date video. This was out over 15 years ago! I know. Because I watched this in 2002. Squyres still alive? He retired from Nasa. We have visited an asteroid and cassini is DEAD. What a recycled piece of OLD video. AND YOU have the nerve to post this as NEW in 2022. SKIP.
no suprise engineers can't even build a bridge in my trade
lovely ancient fully 3d video
Now I knew the truth. Yes, we are not alone at this available universe! There is a love that never but need to explore yet. Our knowledge about output own sorround. The solar system
It's 2021. Shouldn't you be posting in 4k? Anyway this program is ancient.
Shoutout to the camera guy
Deep space is where there is no matter or gravity to slow down time. That's why you can see the stars.
Amazing job to all those who participated
Mu goash….OLD OLD OLD!!!!!erase this old technology
Future 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
As a solid Christian, why not? That doesn't change the Gospel. God created angels. They are sentient beings, but salvation is man's. So if He created life someplace else, so what? Exciting yes, but does that change what Jesus did for us on the cross?
English Units? That's stupidly new. Imperial?
Voyager 6 was found by extraterrestrials and updated to be a thinking piece of AI. At least that’s what Star Trek the Motion Picture told us
Keep on truckin Voyager #1, you and your team are special. 3/23/2022
I like this talk about voyager very interesting. Even now in 2021 i think Nasa still has contact with voyager it's incredible to think about. It's been 44 years in space and now in interstellar space it's very important to keep continuing exploring space. I have also heard that Nasa is going to launch the james webb space telescope soon🛰🛰. And i also wonder about the Europa clipper mission to Jupiters ice Moon. They think that the surface is a frozen crust with a Liquid ocean beneath.
Complete lies.
You made a mistake Tamil language song is not embedded in that golden cot
Although this message is 7 yrs late like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, I would like to welcome ALL CIVILIZATIONS of the universe...pretty amazing "stuff" which is a rather uneducated word in the midst of these brilliant scientists and researchers. It is important, however, to remember that these individuals are just STUDENTS of science and observers; they are not the Creator, Designer, not Maker. We must remain HUMBLE in the fact that we know so very little. I am most amazed at the dedication of these scientists and their passion. God has granted to each of them sound minds. This is where these scientists need to remain in a state of gratitude and awe. I remain most intrigued that a gold record of sounds, languages, welcomes and songs were created!! And the ending was brilliant about what famous people would add to the conversation about what to say to those "out there."
The guy at 44:56 😋😂
Okay thanks again for your time ⌚ and effort into the space 🆗 Great
Amazing! You made history!!!!!!
the music behind the man annoucing Voyager in interestellar space makes this video looks like a space war has been detected, lol
I will be going: out there soon, as I fulfill my phisical neuron-logical transmutation.
Does this mean it has left the solar system?
Can we get another conference like this after the radio array is upgraded next year
But how is it possible to still get a signal from Voyager 1? I think so many people do not understand, however thanks NASA for all of your great work! Best out of Bavaria, Germany!
Iowa baby!
Es el Fin del 🌍
Esta malverde
pioneer not working but he is somewhere in dark space
One of my earliest memories is of my dad telling me the story of Pioneer 10 and 11. I wish they still had power, even just enough for a blip. Be well, old friends.
precioso video. 40 años ya, qué barbaridad.
Someone knows the title of this song? Any album of similar music to suggest?
I mean to send out an updated version of the spacecraft.. Faster, with better instruments.
Surely the technology has moved on enough to send a worthy updated version?
Love the 70's music! :)
You shoot very interesting. Such content may have more views. Advertise it with u t i f y or something else.

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