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Deep Learning Using Python Book Reviews from YouTube

Deep Learning with Python (Book Review)
Deep Reinforcement Learning - Hands-On (with Python). Book Review
7 best machine learning books in 2022
Best Deep Learning Book? | Book Review || Stephen Simon
What about the second edition
Although it is an excellent book but the codes will not execute in 2022. Majority of the classes have been deprecated or moved to different packages. Still for concepts it is highly recommended. In today's fast past paced world of software development, you have to master the skill of gaining knowledge from the official documentation of TensorFlow.
Do not buy it now. It uses pure keras. A lot of the API has changed. Buy the second edition that came out in 2022.
I kind of want to see the inside the book more, less of you (sorry)
Deep Learning with Python or Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and Tensorflow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems? Which one is better for a beginner?
It is a 5 out of 5 book!
I just started Googles machine learning crash course, would this book be helpful?
I started reading this book after watching this but had to abandon it part way through. The big problem is that it's 3 years old which is an eternity in software development. All the code examples use an outdated version of keras and tensorflow. It's a well written book but I'd rather read a slightly worse written book with up to date code examples.
Thank you so much.
Would you recommend this to a beginner?!
Thanks I bought it!!!!
Dimitri, I want to dive deep into the AI world. I am an undergrad student. I want to be a researcher. I am really confused. Which book to follow, in which order to follow. Should I first dive deep into math(I have little basic knowledge) or should I dive directly into deep learning books theory books like Ian Goodfellow's book or practical book like this deep learning with python book? Please give your suggestion.
hi Dimitri, I would like to ask you thinking about Bayesian methods in finance? The good thing is it brings degree of uncertainty which is good in finance. However, the results are simulated from mcmc simulation which may differ sometime. Please share you thought about it because I think going deeply into Bayesian methods.
The author is not only the contributor and he is the creator so it’s a must-have book for ML engineer
any time Dimitri rates a book 5/5, i instantly purchase it
Hey Dimitri can you give a review of IIQF India. It is the one and only institute in India offering financial engineering programs.
Just got this for INR 530 which is USD 7.20! Bless Amazon haha
Thank you for watching this video! Other data science, machine learning and deep learning book reviews on my channel: 1. Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems. 2nd Edition, by by Aurélien Géron ( 2. Practical Deep Learning for Cloud, Mobile, and Edge. Real World AI & Computer Vision Projects Using Python, Keras and Tensorflow. ( Subscribe to get more similar material on data science, machine learning, statistics, reviews, tips and tricks and other stuff!
Which framework are they using? Tensorflow?
i have once question , can use reinforcement learning control robot arm?
Thank you for your review !
Best Books
Which playlist to start with for computer vision on your channel?
What are your Thoughts of Machine Learning - A Probabilistic Perspective ; by Kelvin Murphy? Also I want to get started with some books on ML, I have Lin. Algebra, Single & Multivariate Calc along with differential equations knowledge on an Undergrad Engineering Program level. I'm afraid I dont have much knowledge on Probability and Stats. I want to know what books to read and in what sequence. Including books to fill gaps in math knowledge, Stats and Prob basics to Advanced and ML basics to Advanced in a pure Mathematical view. It would be really helpful if you reply. Thanks.
Can you provide pdf
thank you. hands-on ml is very good as well. i currently read deep learning with python and it is very good too. i read ai a modern approach till 300th page and i didn't get it. it is too advanced.
thankyou so much for all the work you do, you save our lives, your videos are my guidlines towards ML, i have one question about (vgg feature extraction,XGBoost classification model, I use breast cancer images, when fit the model, the layers are incompatible, itried to solve this by using suggestions from the internet, but was not solved so far, could you please help me to resolve this issue, I really hope that you will see my comment.
Thanks for your advice here - very much appreciated. Totally agree with you on Deep Learning for Computer Vision -- the lack of a chapter on semantic segmentation is a significant shortcoming of this text.
Thank you for sharing this. Any recommendations on Reinforcement learning?
Can you provide the e-book of the basic ML book
Happy Christmas 🎄 your videos have got me to the end of my MSc this year ! Thank you for all the work you do :)
Thanks a lot sir, your channel is priceless and thanks for all the educational content!
Sreeni sir , will you suggest me best opensource tool for annotating data for computer vision/ Segmentation problems
Thank you sir .. happy Christmas
Thank you so much sir for the work and videos you've been putting up. I will really like to speak with you 1:1
After read all those books, now I am very confident to talk to anyone who do not work on ml/dl, they all belive I am real ml/dl expert! thanks for sharing
sir plz can you make a video on corona virus detection using deep learning approach using restricted boltzmann machine . there is no video of image classification using deep learning by restricted boltzmann machine.
Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow This book is best.
Thank you so much. Your videos are more easy to follow for me.
Thanks very much for your recommendation
Thank you, my teacher.
Thank you, Mr. Sreeni. I wish you a happy Christmas
And what about Deep Learning by Aaron Courville and Goodfellow ? How's that book ?
I am very glad that you also recommend this book. I am explaining this book in Chinese on my youtube channel.
Bhai AR VR MR par batao ki kaise career banye

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