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Deep Challenge! Book Reviews from YouTube

Deep Work Book Review in 1 Minute in Hindi - Bookies Talk
Review | Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman
Deep Work Book Review in Hindi | Cal Newport | This Made Me Super Productive 🙏 | Vedant Maheshwari
Deep Work Book Summary In Hindi By Cal Newport
Kaise purchase kar sakte hai ? And iska price kitna hai ?
Bhai book ko download karne ka link do
Good review 🙂👍 I have question for you Do you use second hand books ? UsedbookFactory is safe for online book shopping ?
What is the price of this book ?
I'm torn on wanting to buy this book because it doesn't seem like something I'd want to read...but it also seems really interesting. Hmmmm...
[Minor Spoiler Alerts] I had to read this book for English class and we had a discussion about the book. I think one of the best ideas to take away from the book is that we need to try to spot mental illness before people get the point that Caden got to. Everyone saw signs that something was up with Caden. Shelby and Max saw his weird drawings and stopped associating with him. His parents tried to write off his bizarre behavior as normal by making up excuses, especially the dad. By the time they can no longer write off excuses, it was too late in preventing his episode. Near the beginning of the book, it says that mental illness is like a check engine light being on but it's not visible to the driver because it's under the month old Pepsi can in the backseat cup holder. It's visible to passengers but only if they look hard enough. If nothing is done, the check engine light gets brighter and hotter until the can melts and the whole car bursts into flames. We need look for that check engine light in our family members, friends, and colleagues because they not be in a position to see that there's something wrong. We must get them to seek help so they don't burst into flames. I think Neal really sees himself in this book as the dad who made up excuses for his son's behavior and in retrospect thinks about what could he have done to prevents this and what signs he overlooked. We are meant to learn from his mistakes so no one else has to watch someone they care about plunge into insanity.
We’re can I find a addible book
My teacher is reading this aloud to our class, we were all so confused at the beginning, but now we all think of read aloud as one of the best times of day.
One of the best books I’ve ever read. If you’re someone whose apart of “the club” as the book calls it, this book will speak to you in many ways. And even if you’re just an average reader, you’ll find yourself drawn in by the voyage The Captain has for Caden. Brought tears to my eyes many times, and has helped me with my own issues. Amazing book, amazing author.
At first the book seems to clash between reality and fiction when I finished it, it seemed like the entire plot of the pirate ship is that its one big metaphor for his past, his present and probably not his future because it hasn't happened it all seems like this big fever dream
I just watched your book review on 'Scythe' by Neal Shusterman. I read a sample chapter, enjoyed it and then purchased the book. It's really good so far. I just added 'Challenger Deep' to my wish list on Amazon. Your review was awesome and the book sounds amazing. :)
Yes I loved this book so much! Great review! This book was seriously so beautiful and really changed my outlook on life and it's so beautifully done!
I've read 1/3 of the book, and it's been quite the experience. The book is perfect
I just started reading the book, with no real idea of what it was about. I WAS SO CONFUSED! This is a great book review, done intelligently and the commentary was very helpful and insightful. I'll definitely be coming back to see more of your videos. 5,000 outta 10 my d00d!
Sounds interesting! Definitely going to keep it on the radar!
Wow! I want to read that book! At first i thought: Mehh ... But than you started to talk about the two different worlds. I wrote something like that once when I was 13. About a girl who was very unhappy, she told people a lot of lies about herself. At home she started to construct an imaginary world. She made friends there and she had many adventures. In real life her lies got from bad to worse and eventually she couldn't tell the difference anymore between fantasy and reality. But I don't know how it ended, I wrote barely half of the story. But now I'm just super curious about Challenger Deep :D
great review!!! sounds like a super interesting book
This is one of the best reviews I ever watched. I think you explained it so well! I might be a bit bias since I LOVED this book. =) I really thought it was so amazing. Like you said, the book depicted the course throughout the story really well, not romanticizing anything, just showing what this sickness can entail. Topped my list of favourite books last year!
This sounds like an excellent book that could really help people better understand mental illness. I'm definitely adding it to my TBR. Thanks for the great review!
What a lively (though, ahem, dogless) review! A friend of mine in the business tells me there's LOTS of talk about adapting this book - while you were reading it, did you find yourself imagining it on film?
This will definitely be an interesting read for me. I have a cousin who's going through Schizophrenia. She's really smart and she knows who had once ill-treated her and she will never speak to that person again. Moreover, her symptoms lean more on the negative side in which most of us have to run after her when her illness triggers. She turns really violent with weapons or tools with her. So, I guess this would be a great read for me and her family too.
Schizophrenia symptoms are usually divided in positive and negative symptoms. Positive are the ones that are the obvious ones: delusions, hallucinations, etc. Negative symptoms are more like depressive or reclusive. When someone has 'an episode' they're usually psychotic, and on meds, when they don't have episode, it's called remission. :) It sounds like a super interesting book for sure!
Excellent review 😃 This is on my TBR list.
👉BUY Deep Work English:​ 👉BUY Deep Work Hindi:
I'm a social media addicted But today I ordered this books 🥰🙏🥰🐖
Is this good for 14 yr old students
Still not get Josh talk spoken English course certificate
Thank you vedant....
I dont like this book.pata nhi kya likha hai Physics database sab mila diya hai
Thank you brother. My student cum brother suggest me this book and I watched this summary. I want to become a good Trader but can't focus, because I do shallow work in my learning of stock market. now I try my best to follow the rules of the book for better work.
Good job, thanks for making this video, i brought it yesterday, make more reviews like this😌😊👌🏼, i subscribed
I love Deep work.
I have quit social media after reading this book
Deep work = flow state
Every one is commenting it's a good book but personally I do not like this book that much because language and concepts are hard to understand
Thank you for to the point.
I'm reading this book by your recommendation...hope you'll keep making such helpful videos for students . Thank you 😊
Think and grow rich piche rakha hua hai😁
Please review the book summary of Atomic Habits ✌✌
Great review. Quality content. Just subscribed. :)
Deep Work $ Hyperfocus Dono me सबसे अच्छी बुक कौन सी है ?? Mujhe bhut se longo ne hyperfocus recommended kiya hai ..😑
#above 99
Dhinya go jo kishan ke jisa Youtuber mila 🙏
#Above99 this video really nice
#above 99
#above99 Thankyou for this video
#above 99
# above 99
#above99 Great video 👌🏻
#above99 Thank you sir for this summary 😊😊
#above99 bro best knowledge video
#above99.This vdo is great n helpfull.🙂🙂☺☺
#above99 i started to watch your video from yesterday. Thank you so much for making us so inspired by creating these kind of video. Thanks a lot brother.

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