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Data Structure And Analysis Of Algorithm Book Reviews from YouTube

Lecture 1- Data Structures And Analysis Of Algorithms
Data Structures and Algorithms in 15 Minutes
L-1.2: What is Algorithm | How to Analyze an Algorithm | Priori vs Posteriori Analysis | DAA
my_list = [1095,1094,1095] result_list1=[] record=[] count = 100 for i in my_list: count=count-10 if i in record: result_list1.append(i-count-10) if i not in record: result_list1.append(i-count) record.append(i)
So far the best introduction video i have ever watched on youtube after going through alot
just what i need 🤩
better explanation than my university teacher, thank you!
class Example: def logic_01(self, list_01): self.list_01 = list_01 self.list_02 = [] self.list_03 = [] diff_val = 0 for item in self.list_01: item = item - 90 self.list_02.append(item) for item in self.list_02: item = item + diff_val self.list_03.append(item) diff_val = 0 diff_val = diff_val + 10 print(" ", "Output: ", self.list_03) list_01 = [1095, 1094, 1095] print(" ", "Input: ", list_01) e1 = Example() e1.logic_01(list_01)
pdf chaiyae sir
#ShreyashiKarmakar You can watch punch beat on MX player for free or can download from telegram for free
Your playlists are just pure Gold 🙏🙏
Super content
Can you please share the logic behind the last interview question you shared
Just wanted to say Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge with everyone.
Sir please make a video in hindi too.. Can't process English as good as Hindi.. Thank you sir.
inp = [1095, 1094, 1095] diff = [90,80,80] out_put = [ ] for i in range(len(diff)): difference = inp[i] - diff[i] out_put.append(difference) print(out_put)
Sir pls update the playlist
Hello brother, Your coarse has been helping me coding ,thank you so much for these sessions,just want you to request one more session of complete time series Analysis of a data set in depth intuition of lags and all..,can you please create sessions on that as well please..
New= [] For x in list: x -=90 New= New.append(x) Print(New)
We need hole series of DSA,u r doing ammezing
Thankyou so much for your effort sir
Logic: In the given input list, 9s should be replaced with 0, 1, 1 which of Fibonacci series...
Thanks bro 🤘🤘 These are the videos which i was looking for long times . Please update more videos on algo.
bruh I coulda just watched this instead of taking a whole ass class, this pretty much covered everything we learned..
After watching some other videos this build on those really well. Thanks a bunch my guy.
Good vid
Thank you, just now, a year after passing in the data structures and algorithms course at my uni, I feel like I finally understood it
This video was released 2 years ago but its still your best to date!
Exam is In 7hrs😪
Toss FFT in there and this would have straight up replaced everything my prof taught on the subject. Minus the small details of course, no one remembers those anyways.
holy shit i'm failing data structures and algorithms right now thank you so much
Are you inspired by casually explained? I feel like your pacing and humor are similar in some ways :)
Me learning to program almost anything skipped learning this things because I found it waste of time when in the real world you don't think about those things at all
15 mins bc you talk too fast and the animations are too fast. I had to play at .25 speed to follow the merge sort alg
ohhhh thats how hashmap lookup is O(1)
The meta-knowledge in this video is very powerful. "Think of knowledge as a semantic tree"
bro youre so good. this is so helpful man
opendatastructures is pretty good for refreshing on ds and goes into the runtimes as well, you will need a good programming foundation.
This guy is funny af lol
2:05 The log of 5 is ~2.3 which would round up to 3 not 5 4:08 nlog(n) is the minimum complexity of a comparison sort. There are other sorts like counting sort or radix sort which have a smaller complexity. 13:21 fyi using linked lists for collisions is slow. High performance hash maps use linear probing.
Pro tip: Big O notation isn’t all that matters. A program I was working on originally used a hash map and it ended up being slower because the overhead of hashing my keys (which where just numbers) was more than traversing a binary tree. Always test for performance critical applications
10:58 haha just doxxed yourself, btw great video, i was getting frustrated with all these other vids that didnt explain things like you do.
Hii sir, is this video is also useful of mca_ignou Please reply sir
bhai tu teacher lagja SGTBKC mei yaha to bura haal hai CS dept ka
btw pronunciation e-teration hai
you are doing a great work for all the student, due to covid-19 classes held online mode and so much concepts are not learn properly by our clg teacher. but you are comming like a god and clearing all the concept so that thank you so much. i am watching your dbms and daa lectures. it is very usefull for us. guys plz do like and subscribe for his affords.
video play nii ho rahi ye wali
tnq so much 😊💚
Good information sir
Thank you so much sir ❤️
Amazing Sir...
Thank you💐 sir...for ☝️ precious knowledge 😇
Hey Sir can u please make a video on advanced topics which are asking in google, microsoft and other top notch companies.
Sir dil se thank you ......For all of your videos
Salam Bro . Plz brother assmbely language k bare me video bana do plz
Thank you sir 🙏❤️
So hardworking and nice teacher
Sir is this enough for gate prep?

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