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Damage Detection In Structures

Damage Identification in Beam-like Structures Book Reviews from YouTube

U2L3- Causes and detection of damages-Maintenance and repair of structure, damage evaluation
U2L1- Causes and detection of damages- Maintenance and repair of structure
Types of Cracks in Beam
Solution of Cracks in Beam | Different Types of Cracks Solution Tips |
PPT link share karu shakta ka madam
Siddhesh ghotne
Salunke yogiraj anil
Ravindra Agre
Tushar Wayal = 15
Jit Bhoir
Bhagyashri Mergal- 34
Dnyaneshwari Dumbre...25
Sunsule Eshwar Roll no- 13
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Chaudhari Nikita-23
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Akshay Auti 03
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Fulmali Rajendra
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Mam..aap achhe pdha rhe ho...aur video bnao..me ess sub related
Siddhesh ghotne
Sahil tompe 64
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Adhav Rushikesh Roll No - 16
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Bhagyashri Mergal
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Mehetre sujit
Jit Bhoir
Good woork
Hi Can you please explain the reasons of such cracks and the ways to avoid or overcome such cracks?
Why shear cracks are like inclined and why flexural are straight ?
7:10 your shear crack ''lines'' are in the opposite direction ... note, you did put it correctly in your thumbnail... But, I do videos also and we all make mistakes when doing our content... we have to educate and video record and narrate... (mistakes a bound to happen). Thank you for posting.
Inspector Clouseau LOL Your accent is too heavy and when I look at the CC it also can't figure out what you are saying. Maybe you want to include your transcription so we can understand you?
Hello sir, very good video. I think there is a slight mistake. When shear stress is negative the cracks are in 45 degrees but in the other direction, correct me if im wrong.
Hii sr i have a doubt can you please send a way to contact you i m a big fan of your work
Hi sir I AM also engineer having one you tube channel. Kindly guide me how to I promote my channel more views and subscribe.
Repairing or cracks and damage of column
Thank you need to speak slowly to understand
what are the reasons for these cracks? elaborate it, please Sir
Sir the flexural shear crack start from the bottom or from the side of beam.please
Reason for column crack??
Why the tensile cracks are vertical
what is elastic shortening? how it will be taken care in the design?
thank you sir
great sir.....now clear all doubt...tell me one thing sir...principal stresses are generated in case of bending...
excellent bro...past 3 days i am seeing ur videos continously...still its not end ...that much stuff u gave for us.. thanks a lot....
Hello,I do have a problem with my house in the beam,there are cracks in beam...
sir may i ask,where will we start measuring the dimension d/2,is it in the clear span of the beam or is it in the center to center span of column?
Thick accent
Good video but Last part is not shown completely in this video
If the jogling is needed what is the provisions for rebaring
Assalamualaikum, please I want your Whatsapp number
Hello bro... Assalamualaikum... I just wanted to ask that from the 200 technical terms , after watching part 12 then the rest of the videos , I couldn’t find. May I know why...?
Good video
The ugliest sister-in-law indisputably embarrass because glockenspiel postsynaptically burn midst a juicy vietnam. fresh, endurable drug
To avoid shear failure usually we provide extra rod at top. But in your lecture you indicated to provide extra rod at bottom. Which is correct?
Very good dear your videos are useful plz deeply explain every point which is accure in your lesson . (Thanks) Love you from oman
May Allah bless you more

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