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Daisy Rock Venus Guitar Vintage Ivory Pearl : Amazon.in: Musical ...

Daisy Rock Venus Guitar Vintage Ivory Pearl : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments. ... Daisy Rock's exclusive "Slim & Narrow" neck design makes it easier for ...


Daisy Rock Vintage Venus Guitar Features

  • Daisy Rock's exclusive "Slim & Narrow" neck design makes it easier for girls with smaller hands to play the guitar
  • Lightweight construction makes the guitar easier to manage and more comfortable to play
  • A push-pull tone control "taps" the humbuckers to add single-coil sounds for sonic versatility
  • Set-neck construction for increased sustain and stability
  • Grover tuners and a fully adjustable tune-o-matic bridge with stop bar help ensure rock solid tuning
  • Key specs are not available.

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Daisy Rock Vintage Venus Guitar Reviews from YouTube

Daisy Rock Elite Venus Electric Guitar!
Daisy Rock Elite Venus - 2 minute review
Daisy Rock Venus Elite and Mustard Guitar Western Shirt
I had no idea that Daisy Rock guitars were this good: the Retro-H Demo/Review
I'm here because one came up for sell on offerup and I didnt know what it was, I found your video and you sold me on it.
demo sound ??
People don't know shit about daisy rock. They actually make great instruments. I bought my girlfriend the pink rock candy electric and she's so in love with it. Its motivated her to play again which makes me happy, But I gotta admit, I had a hard time putting that guitar down. It sounds better than my Ibanez by far. It also looks and feels great. Best place to find them is through craigslist, Facebook and offerup. You'll be surprised with all the beautiful, inexpensive instruments sold locally. You'll also be surprised with how nice these daisy rock guitars are. Might buy one for myself.
I have pink/white one, been playing metal on it since 2016 it's a awesome guitar
Gibson Les Paul is 24.75 in what you talking about?
Too bad they dont come in tune, otherwise your playing would sound great
Bro- thank you for making this. Anyone who says something to you about you playing a Daisy Rock or making these videos has never played a Daisy Rock I played the flower one and was sold. I think they're great guitars and would fucking play them if I could find them
I think Daisy Rock have shot themsleves in the foot . A well made LP DC looking model with grovers (We'd all like to 'Play Authentic' but some of us havent found £1500 behind the sofa ...I checked ...fluff , spiders no cash. ) and a thin neck ( I have small hands and Im a bloke ) BUT they have aimed it so very much at 'girls' - Big Mistake. I would buy this because its well made not because of the name some wouldnt though and not all girls are girly . maybe a gold top version no neck inlay an evil all black version or even a flame top maple would have a wider appeal . My philosophy is buy what works for you not the name on the headstock.
Is there anything you would change about it? Pick ups?
Nice looking guitar. I’d never heard of them before. Thanks. Great vid
Pretty! I would play it on stage without a doubt.
Looks like a pretty nice guitar but the top reminds me of a kitchen counter top out of a 60s mobile home.
This is a nice guitar. I like the finish and the string through body.
Pretty nice guitar. I like the understated bling. You're right when you say some other vine inlays are gaudy; this inlay looks especially nice on the ebony board. Great instrument for someone not requiring the required standard models that most gravitate towards.
The one's I had were strung with 8's.
I had a Ricjenbacker guitar that looked a lot like that one, it has lights (LEDS) inside that flashed with the beat of music being played, the top looked like pearl but it was plastic. pretty cool guitar.
hi. how thin is the neck compared to a, let's say, PRS or a Les Paul?
Actually I bought one of a kid for 80$ and there's definitely 700-800$ in gear going on here they are made great and sound unreal for the price no joke
You should start another channel called SWEDISH MEATBALLZ
hello Swedish guitar nerd ,i can see you play your instrument ,i was thinking of giving you the advice of working maybe 6 months maximum ,maybe 3,your pentatonics scales by doing so : 6 hours a day backtracking or even better blues records ....: you play and play until you find yourself playing ....You have to deal with the time ,you need to play from 4 to 8 hours everyday until " you find yourself playing" ....You know the pentatonics but you will really enjoy them at the age of 80 my friend because you don't work enough ,you have to find a way to work the guitar ,playing along the bluesmen ,rythm ,solis ,solis ,solis....i think you are talented i would like to see you playing Jimi hendrix stuff with a big "a la van Halen " smile on your face one of these days ,and not when i'll be (if god Will)60 !! Go on , " the swedish nerd 's red fingers session" is starting ...........NOW ! Friendly ...
Another review! Yeah!
Always thought these are bargain guitars kinda thing but this 1 looks n sounds decent. Whats the tape doing on the lower cutaway?
Nice looking guitar!!!
Wow! PRS gone wilde 🤣🎸👍
Rock on Nerd!
Interesting. Looks like an early 1980s Japanese model. There also a very rare Squier guitar called Venus.
I thought I had recently run across something about Daisy Rock shutting down. Their website is still up with no obvious info about the company shutting down.. but if you click on the link to buy an elite model on their site, it takes you to Amazon, where it's listed as no-longer available. Anyone know anything about this? .. whatever I was reading about that.. I recall they (I think it wasn't an interview with Tish) also said that they were doing production in partnership with Schecter.. If that's true, they should have played that up more. Schecter's not as established a brand with old-fogies like me, but they do make some nice instruments. It would have given them some more legitimacy as a maker of quality guitars. Unfortunately, my first impression of them was that they were just another maker of a 'toy' guitars.. The star and heart shaped bodies didn't help them there. Anyway... I've made several short-scale guitars for the kids of friends and family a while back.. because kid's guitars sort of universally sucked back when I started. I mean, what's the point in buying one if you can't get one with a Honduran Mahogany body & Neck and a flamed Black Walnut, or spalted maple, or red heart cap on the body?   :-). .. or worse yet, trying to find a left-handed guitar for a Kid. e.g. https://youtu.be/cSrbWq756kw And now one of my nieces is asking for a custom guitar of her own. My schedule isn't as open as it should be to start a custom guitar build though.. so I was looking at buying something nice that I could just upgrading/'tuning up' as required to bring it up to my standards.  The DaisyRock elites are a bit more $, even used, than I was hoping for.. but the fact that they've got a set neck and decent components make them a tempting option. Even my fancy kids guitars had bolt-on necks. SERIOUS QUESTION.. anyone reading this.. have you bought a 24-3/4" scale guitar like this for a young girl (say 10-12 YO)? Is it too big? My first kids guitars were 21" scale.. which are fun to play but realistically, I think, just too small for long-term use. I'm worried something like this with a standard 'Gibson' scale length might be too large for my niece though (and yet.. it's tempting because getting a larger guitar means Uncle Steve doesn't need to make or buy another one in a few years). Thanks, Steven.
I haven't even watched the review yet, but I can tell you from personal experience that some Daisy Rock guitars are simply amazing for the price. I happen to own a Daisy Rock "Rock Candy" in diamond sparkle. The thing plays great, sounds great, has Duncan designed pickups and a set of Grovers on it. Plays well, neck as straight as an arrow with low action. A mighty little beast, to say the least! They're really not as "girly" as they make the brand seem, sometimes. The company was founded by the wife of the founder of Schecter guitars, so I believe they might be using similar factories to produce these instruments. That's how you can gauge the quality. I know some of them are a lot cheaper than others, but the Venus is one of their better guitars, and it's a god damned beauty to behold! I'd love to get my hands on one. And now, I press play...
Does this one have the single coil option too? I have the white version of it and you just have to pull the tone knob. I’m looking to upgrading the pick ups but i need suggestions and no one has heard of Daisy’s around here. And I’m clueless when it comes to gear and am not sure since it has the single coil option if has to be a specific type of pickup to sound better. Any suggestions??
Still waiting on that Boss Katana review! Been trying to figure out what piece of vintage clothing would go well with that. Maybe something with Japanese silks. Or better yet, go to the hardware store, buy a small length of chain, and screw each end to a set of drumsticks. Insta-nunchucks. Who wouldn't want to see Ellen with homemade nunchucks running 'round loose in the shop.
love it, keep them coming hon :)
Another superb favorite thing!
Love the vids yall, one day I’ll make the trek to Fanny’s and talk Ellen’s ear off! Also that 60’s epi olympic on the wall is one of my favorite guitars ever, I have a couple 😎
That guitar looks to be a copy of a Washburn Hawk, the model that Bob Marley was famous for using
Rick Springfield has been rocking em for years
Pretty damn nice guitar for a $100.00. I just purchased one bc it's slot cheaper and easier to play than a Firebird!
I got mine few years ago for dirt cheap around $35. it's nice and quite well built. the only downside was how they mount the pickup. because usually mini-hum and p-90 route was same, but their mini-hum was mounted using pickup ring and 4 screws like regular humbucker. so, you can't change to p90 without some non-reversible mods.
You got a good deal at the pawn shop. The tuners and the pups are more than worth the price. Nice looking guitar...I like the finish.
Dope shit. Thx for the video!!
They're guitars were made in a couple different factories, the ones made by world instruments are really good.
Mini humbuckers. Interesting!

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