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DHN Daily Health Nutrition Ultra Premium L-Glutamine 100g ...

Brand. DHN Daily Health Nutrition. Model Number. Ultra Premium L-Glutamine 100g. Quantity. 100 g. Protein Type. Glutamine. Usage Timings. Post-workout.


LEOPARD NUTRITION Blast Pre-Workout For Pump, Strength And ...

LEOPARD NUTRITION Blast Pre-Workout For Pump, Strength And Growth (Mix Fruit, 100G, Pack Of 1) : Amazon.in: Health & Personal Care.


MyFitFuel Advance 100% Whey Protein, 100 gm Vanilla Crème ...

This is my very first protein supplement. I'm a beginner and just wanted to try out protein powder. I ordered it and also it costs less. Packaging is really ...


Healthy Origins Multivitamin with Ginseng Extract, Taurine and ...

Multivitamin with Ginseng Extract, Taurine and Multiminerals Premium. Quantity ... Multiminerals, antioxidants for daily health, Nutrition (Nw) (Natural.


Trexgenics® L-TAURINE 750 mg Nervous System, Energy, Heart ...

Trexgenics® L-TAURINE 750 mg Nervous System, Energy, Heart, ... Trexgen provides PREMIUM QUALITY Products to support optimal daily health through ...


Daily Health Nutrition Ultra Premium L-Taurine (100gm) Features

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The lowest Daily Health Nutrition Ultra Premium L-Taurine (100gm) Price in India is ₹550 at Shopclues.
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Daily Health Nutrition Ultra Premium L-Taurine (100gm) Specifications

Flavour Specification
Flavour Unflavoured
Key Feature
Brand DHN
Product Specifications
Container Type Box
Packaging Jar
Shelf Life 12 - 24 Months
Weight Specification
Weight (Kg/lb/gms) 0-1 kg

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Daily Health Nutrition Ultra Premium L-Taurine (100gm) Reviews from YouTube

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Soya lecethin kya hota he
Nakpro gold re-review required as they have changed their source of protein. Please do!
Apne indian brand ka bhi to review kro, thank you
Jo ki apna indian brand hai, india me hi manufacture hota hai, india me hi milta hai
Accumass ka review kyu nhi kr rhe,
But aap meri taraf dhiyan hi nhi de rhe
Aur me aapke sare video,s dekhta hu, aur apne dosto ko share Bhi krta hu
Are sir chanel to pehle bhi subscribe kr rakha
Good video
Nutristar SO isolate vs muscle nectar isolate! Kindly reply!
Naturalatin ke whey protin par video bano sir bhot he high quality ke he
Please sir... Can u make list of non- soy lecithin and naturally filtered protein powder...
Subscribe krke hi ja rha hu😀👍👍
Bhaiya Fir Asitis hy lele isolate Same rates maj ?😀
Pani dalo chill maro
Bhai bodycore science k protein and gainer ka review kro na.... Delhi based company sbse saste gainer and protein ka daawa krte hai... And purity ki guarantee lete h...
Bro very impressed new subscriber here...can you please do a review of NEED whey concentrate...which was endorsed by sergi constance..
Lab test person would be like - "ye to free ka paisa aa rha hai" 😂😂
Is it safe & quality product to buy? ( my self consuming whey since 1 year )
It has literally helped my energy and endurance levels at work and seems to have helped my heart as well... just started supplementing with my protein shakes.
Please fucking blink more. Other than that, great video!!
Note that when supplementing taurine, some people get relaxed from it, and some get energized. Many take it before bedtime, but there are some people who can't because they do get energized, which messes with their sleep. So, trial and error, to see how you respond. I think the relaxing effect comes from the lowering of blood pressure.
How many mg per day do you suggest pls?
The heart muscles are more efficient?.And the systolic diastolic numbers.are down. What if you want a healthy heart with higher numbers? Is taurine a hard.NO for some people ?
I use magnesium taurine so get the best of both. I think taurine would be worth supplementing even if it on a occasional basis.
Thanks, Brad, I'm vegetarian and taurine has not been on my radar. I'm going to start supplementing with one of the brands you mentioned.
non-protein amino acid Taurine is recycled in the gut
Its cheap, does a lot, bodybuilders have been taking for decades with no adverse reactions, great Video
Im 16 Will it stunt my growth? (Height, Brain development, maturity, etc.)
I think it is Tor-Rine
when Japan dump the nuclear waste, you will definitely need Taurine supplements, No more sushi to eat LOL.
How does taurine work with PQQ?
KFC for me
The research are population basis and not clinical research, are you not worried about that? to many free variables uncontolled for? Is it really worth reading population sudies?
I take 3 eggs daily. Plus medicinal Mushrooms and seaweed.
The cell wall is found only in plants, the analogous structure in animal cells is the cell membrane
You failed to look into the effects of the drug at 1500mg per day on brain health in the regeneration of neuron and increase BDNF. The research will change your opinion of getting it from your diet.
So you can shit on yourself while exercising? Great review bro awesome info. 👌 Can you repeat everything louder .
Spring Tree maple syrup rubbed me the right way. We don't get every grade of maple syrup in California that I've found.
These are animal studies ....I repeat animal studies....morph into King Kong
I take 9 grams of taurine with no side effects
Steriods made you extra energetic
There's an amino named energy sparkling water at qt that has 5g of taurine. No joke. I drink it everyday.
Thanks .. if Taurine reduces muscle damage , won’t it also reduce muscle growth as muscle growth happens when muscle fiber is broken and repaired?
Chill mate!
Thanks for the video, but your over-excited tone doesn't add to the content!
Good video. I am tempted to use the word bro but I restrain but your energy screams bro
Not sure if on steroids or redbull
I take 8,000 to 10,000 mg of taurine everyday and it's a game changer. My focus is through the roof and my memory is working a lot better. Finding out about this by reading the book _Pottenger's Cats: A Study in Nutrition_ and the scientific article _Pottenger's cats revisited: a classic example of a nutritional deficiency of taurine_ https://faseb.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1096/fasebj.28.1_supplement.820.4 I just wonder why isn't this mentioned in any of the biology courses I took in Gymnasium.
Dude you need to calm down you’re giving me anxiety just listening to you talk I don’t know what you are taking but maybe you need to stop came here for information but I can’t even watch your video you’re screaming at me all hyped up and shit
I noticed feeling so much better and alert after taking a can of Monster drink. I checked it and saw Taurine included. I started to research it and it showed for attention and mental focus. I bought a bottle from Life Extension and have been taking it for 2 weeks now. The effects are not noticeable but I know that its doing good.
Taurine is to help your dbol pumps u fraud
Stopped the video the minute you started shouting. Try talking normal.
Interesting Tip: A Monster Energy drink (Mucho Loco - Khaos) a day tends to make you feel fuller(in other words light to moderate pump)... been seeing it ever since starting drinking monsters again, but mostly the day after an intense workout, I am assuming its the taurine & L - Carnitine thats playing a role here. Drink it and take a few hours sleep / Nap... I see my best results after sleeping or Napping... PS: Monster drinks don't give me energy anymore, guess my body got used to my pre-Workouts, but the pump the monster gives is so satisfying... Also this is my experiences so don't take my absolute word for it....
it increases muscle duration I use this for my landscaping company, but I also work out and it helps a pretty significant amount.
So this is why everyone says to take it for lower back pumps? When I take creatine I get crazy pumps in my lower back and it gets crazy tight. I guess my cells aren’t hydrated and blood gets trapped in the muscle? So taurine helps regulate it and that’s why it helps so much with lower back pumps
taurine is found in energy drinks, i prefer sugar free

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