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Buy DAIKI RD Black Ink - Black online at Amazon. Black Color DAIKI RD Black Ink - Black Colours: Black
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DEIKI RD Black Ink for Rong DA Duplicator, Pack of 6 Inks : Amazon.in

Colour: Black Colour, Quantity: 600 ml, With CHIP; Brand: DAIKI. Price shown is for 6 inks. Application: Rong Da digital duplicator; Stable quality with ...


Daiki 514 K Black for use Duplo Digital Duplicator, pack of 6 inks ...

Buy Daiki 514 K Black for use Duplo Digital Duplicator, pack of 6 inks Black Ink Cartridge only for Rs. from Flipkart.com. Only Genuine Products.


DAIKI RD Black Ink - Black Features

  • Colour: Black Colour, Quantity: 600 ml, With CHIP
  • Brand: DAIKI.
  • Application: Rong Da digital duplicator
  • Stable quality with competitive price, Good copy yield, Attractive packing, On-time delivery.
  • Packaging - Outer : 24 pcs/cartoon
  • Black Color
DAIKI RD Black Ink - Black Colours:
  • Black

The lowest DAIKI RD Black Ink - Black Price in India is ₹810 at Amazon.
Buy DAIKI RD Black Ink - Black online at Amazon.
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DAIKI RD Black Ink - Black Specifications

Compatible With RONG DA Digital Duplicator
Model Name RD ink
Sales Package With CHIP, Single Ink pack

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DAIKI RD Black Ink - Black Reviews from YouTube

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do i even need to lube these?
Great video! Thanks for the advice!
Gateron cum**ink**
2:33 I think you got these confused with mx browns, my friend.
wait a minute.. your the tf2 guy
Black ink v2 vs. Novelkeys black silk? any opinion?
is the og inks or the v2?
8:40 Uhm, guys I think I came a little
Kailh Box pink.. Smooth as butter without any lube. Sound is orgasmic. Feeling is heavenly
Bruhhh that keyboarddd I need thattt what’s that keybaord called
I am trying to get famous of of comments so...
Help pls i want to buy some switches from kbd and i want 2 things : 1 can i pay with a visa credit card ? 2 : are they post or courrier shipped? If they are post shipped can i get them courrier shipped , i live in Romania , thanks in advance
I'm very new to mechanical keyboards and I am grateful for the this test video since I am getting the Womier/Gamakay K87 after much much time researching and I was looking into this switch along with many others. My only concern still is if it will go well with playing fps games and I don't want it to be considered too heavy but you explaining how smooth and because it is linear could actually do well for me??
Would I be able to hotswap these into a GK61 or would i have to clip the legs?
How many pins are on them
my god the jumpscare
where did u get that hoodie! its so sick!
Me watching his rocket jump video in Tf2 👑👑
Is there a difference between a gateron black switch and gateron black ink switch?
Can we get a whole build with overlubed switches and a sound test
Happy New Year everyone! What are your plans for New Year's Eve? The products list is now up in the description box so check that out.
I use Waterman "inspired" blue in one of my fountain pens and it works great on cheap memo pad paper no bleed or feathering. One brand, that you didn't mention, that also works well on cheap thin paper out of a fountain pen is Monteverde ink's Yosemite Green. It's obvious I like writing with crazy inks. But those 2 colors are vibrant and fun. The Monteverde and waterman inks have some great colors.
I can't believe you didn't mention that Salix and Platinum Classic inks are iron galls. This is an appalling omission on a post likely to be referenced by people new to fountain pens.
Good to know my go to ink brand is on here
Could you label the fountain pens that were used with each ink?
Yeahhh.... think I'm gonna be writing all of my letters on paper towels now, thanks JetPens
So wait, if pelikan red can write well on ordinary paper, then I can buy other colors in the pelikan brand instead of red. Right?
Any one noticed the first line of a tale of two cities at 2:42
Is it ok to use permanent marker ink in fountain pens? I don't have the budget to order fountain pen ink and they don't sell those around here. Only marker ink.
Good video sir can I ask about type of ink in uniball micro pen
Awesome Good job please keep making
What is your pen when you write with the Waterman ink ?
I have a doubt which is the best gel ink bottle
Hello - excellent video! Which pen is shown at 2:39?
Does waterman blue ink fade after few months????
Absolutely brilliant review!: thanks :)
Good job
Why no PARKER QUINK in here? It is rather good quality and relatively cheap. It have a good balance between waterproof and cleaning pen from it.
Is black ink bad for pen
Very nice vid as usual Dave...thank you. I have several black inks too...Noodlers HOD and eel blk, Quink and Hero. HOD will 'haze' if used for watecolour sketches so i use Noodler's Lexington Grey which never clouds up when wet. I have also discovered that if i use a blinding white paper any black ink will be dark enough for me. 😎✒📃
Test it Noodles X-Feather
Try jinhao black 3001.. I have found it as darkest black and really wet
Sailor Kiwa Guro is the only black I will ever need...so good. (Pigmented, so not vintage safe, but amazing for modern pens.)
Aurora black seems to be my reliable black. See @aag24 & others also suggested.
I have only two black inks, both of which I really like- Aurora black and J. Herbin Perle Noir. Excellent inks in their own right, very saturated and black.
Thanks for the good review. I am considering either the Parker Quink Black or the Waterman’s Black. I assume these will be good on the pen in terms of low or no corrosion and easy to clean? I have seen cartridges with Pilot Namiki Black ink, but I think that may be more on the permanent inks and more damaging to a pen. Grateful for your views please, I don’t want to damage my expensive Alfred Dunhill fountain pen.
I thought that Diamine Jet Black was the darkest they made, partly because it's no. 001 in their catalogue. Now I see comments about Onyx Black. Is it blacker?
None of these are black enough for me. I only have one black ink: noodlers Dark Matter which is the same formula used by the scientists who created the atomic bomb! I’m curious to see Aurora black as I’ve heard good things about that ink.
You definitely need to increase your black ink population. LoL. I like very dark contrast and saturation. I need permanent ink for addressing envelopes and for documents. My first black ink was Noodlers black, then switched to Noodler’s Black Eel, which flows nicely. Aurora Black is beautiful and intense. Lamy onyx when diluted slightly is reminiscent of Lamy special edition Petrol, which is discontinued. Most recently I recommend Platinum Carbon Ink. I also enjoy Some lighter blackish grays that have some permanent qualities - like Diamine Earl Gray, And Monte Verde Smoke Noir.
Sailor Kiwa-guro, Aurora black, and Montblanc permanent black are some of my favourite black inks.
Brings to mind the old song "Black is Black". Variance is difficult to get in black.
I have a bottle of Noodler's "Heart of Darkness". it is bulletproof and has always performed extremely well. My Parker's Quink black ink is also excellent, but it can be washed out.
Can recommend Platinum Carbon, not very pen-safe at it dries out quickly, but a very deep black unlike any of the ones shown
What pen are you using? Does it hold multiple inks? Or do you have 6 of the same pen?
Dave I also struggle to use black ink in my pens because there are so many fun colors out there for fountain pens! I think I’m keeping my black collection to just 3: Pelikan Edelstein Onyx to go in my birds, Platinum Carbon Black when I need pigment ink properties, and Aurora Black for best color. That will leave me room for all of the other fantastic colors you inspire me to buy! 😁
fortunately, unfortunately, im a primary black ink user, (APOLOGIES COLOURS ONLY USERS). I would suggest a gander at 'Noodlers black.' (I ditto the sentiments) "a very blaaaaaaack black" thats well behaved along with 'Heart of darkness' and 'Black eel' > (which is a lubricant type of ink for piston fillers like pelikan and reluctantly homo sapiens if youre using the lava rock style bronze, dark, steel age could stain the grip section if you dont wipe it off fast enough COURSE YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS....) Noodlers black inks ; the ones I suggested are great ones to go to for that rich darkness. Aurora and Platinum are by "word of mouth" are great dark rick blacks as well; (Platinum 'Carbon' black is pigmented> giving it a dry fast property yet is really dark. aurora may be a basic but really a great quality black as well). just to note im currently using parker quink right now...... since I first stated my journey..... and NEVER KNEW IT HAD ANY SHEENING PROPERTIES WHAT SO EVER.... THAT BLOWS ME AWAY...... GUESS I CAN DISPEL MY CONCERN FOR WHAT DOES WHAT. P.S. Apologies for the long comments..... talking about these things are fun to discuss...... (am I WRITE?)
I only have two black inks, quink black and heart of darkness. The quink was my first ever ink, but now that I have heart of darkness I never use quink anymore, it's just not black enough! I have also wondered about my aversion to some colours in relation to school and I remember being very hesitant to try blue inks. But what I've found is that I love blue inks, as long as they don't look anything like royal blue. Royal blue is my archnemesis of ink colours.
Hero234 is my blackest black, Quink is my go to black.
I tend to like grey inks better for some reason. But I do have one bottle of black ink: Noodler's Heart of Darkness. I really like how Lamy Black looked. But I still have 1/2 a bottle of HOD ink. Another reason I don't write as much with black ink these days is because I now really like blue-black inks!!!
Can i use waterproof ink with a zebra g nib and a common brush?
To voncider the iron-gall ink. https://youtu.be/xo9rbRRCBv8
A few extra to compare: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6AmkAhpxASohVUzjtR6oi4buxX8LOJoq.....enjoy https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6AmkAhpxASohVUzjtR6oi4buxX8LOJoq
Can’t thank you enough for this great comparison. So helpful!
Brilliant review!!! Thanks so much!!!
What did extremely poorly was the silly test you did. You really should learn how inks work before doing a review. Seriously, this is so wrong it isn't even worth trying to straighten you out.
Which ink is the most lubricated?
"Finding the best waterproof ink" *does water test 20 sec after writing* So, you literally didn't even let the Noodler's inks fully dry before testing if they're waterproof. In what universe are you planning to drop your notebook in a puddle of water after 20 seconds? Heart of Darkness is praised for being one of the most waterproof inks out there, it just needs to dry first, my dude. Those Noodler's inks are slow-drying because that is how you prevent feathering on cheap paper. The faster your dry time, the faster it soaks into the paper and feathers out.
I prefer noddlers. All the document/carbon/etc inks are safe for pens, but MUST have very regular cleanings or can ruin the pens.
I am new to Fountain Pens and I keep getting inks that feather when I write with them. I do a lot of Journaling. What do you think the best Ink is for writing that does the least amount of Feathering?
I'm using Noodler's Black and not happy about dry time. :(
I appreciate your review! I bought my first noodler's ink in Luxury Blue... I think I should try the De Atramentis Document inks :)
Can I use these with a Fountain pen?
I am very satisfied with platinum carbon ink and pens for sketching people on moleskin. I rarely have had smears and the ink dries sufficiently.
You have to realise that not everybody wants to use archival ink, because it can clog up fountain pens or even damage them when not cleaned often
This was an excellent review - thank you! It’s very hard to beat your top two candidates.
Aurora Black is the best and clearly my favourite black ink. That ink should have been on this list for review.
Too many Noodler's. Try some others please
Great video! I have X-feather from Noodlers, and even the next day the water test failed. I was really disappointed.

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