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D'ADDARIO Acoustic EXP13 Guitar String Price in India - Buy D ...

D'ADDARIO Acoustic EXP13 Guitar String (6 Strings) ... Ultra-fine layer of exp coating is bonded to the 80/20 bronze wrap wire which is then wound onto the hex- ...


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D'Addario EXP26 Coated Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Custom Light, 11-52 : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments.


Amazon.in:Customer reviews: D'Addario EXP13 Coated 80/20 ...

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for D'Addario EXP13 Coated 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Custom Light, 11-52 at Amazon.com.


D'Addario EXP13 Acoustic Guitar String Features

  • Custom gauging for balance of projecting tone and lighter plain strings for comfortable bending
  • Extra-bright tone mixed with deep and projecting bottom end, EXP Coated for 4 times more life
  • Feature D’Addario’s exclusive New York manufactured, high carbon steel for unprecedented strength and pitch stability.
  • Corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh
  • Key specs are not available.
D'Addario EXP13 Acoustic Guitar String Colours:
  • White

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Choosing Right Strings for your acoustic guitar | Best Strings For Acoustic Guitar
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D'Addario Acoustic EXP String Review
Sir I m ur biggest fan.. And guitar is my dream.. Bt my parents are not capable to buy me a guitar... So i m going to forgot my dream.... 🥺🥺.. But sir really you can help me.. You have so many guitars... If you want to help me then you can... But I know no one in this world is that much kind from their heart😞😞😞
how often should i lose the strings on my guitar ? i just broke mine on my new Fs 80c after a month. i'm just starting to learn guitar
sir, please suggest strings for YAMHA-F280 ??
Thanks a ton. Learning everything about guitar from you.
very useful info brother....
Hellow Sir ! , I appreciate the way you make us know about many things which we haven't heard anytime we are thankful for that . Sir had some questions about the cleaning of the fretboard / strings / matte body guitar a specific oil or somewhat for the maintenance purpose do let me know when it should be done the duration , sir the humidity fluctuations ! Does the guitar affects ? and also wanted to know that many of them are saying that when we are not playing the guitar untune (overnight) it but some refuses saying that the trust rod will imbalance so what is the correct one should l untune ? , For " Yamaha FS80C " which strings are better !! Hope you understand what l wanted to say waiting for your reply ! Thankyou !!
7 saal purana guitar hai
Sir granda guitar prld18c kon c string use kre
Fender fa 125 kay liyay konsa guage sahi rahayga
Which strings are best for yamaha f280?
11 gauge string for yamaha f280 ???
Sir fiero aur hobner jaise guitars ke liye konsi strings ideal hai...i dont have any knowledge about it..please reply
Sir kadence slowhand m konsa use karna chiye ?
Your views on Carlos marshello guitar c38
Bhai Kadience ka guitar kon konsa acha rahega and the price is 6000 one
Useful details. Thank u sir🙏
Sir Givson venus rise guiter main kyoun sa string suitable rahega
Sir please do review on Yamaha F-6000
what would you recommend for 3/4 guitar
Sir yamaha fs80c k liyea konsi strings sahi rahegi please help me
After years of using EJ's I tried the EXP's and haven't looked back. Love the warmth and presence of the EJ's but they always just lacked a little shimmer to me, especially after a few days of playing. The EXP's are still warm and well balanced but have an ever-so-slightly brighter sound right out of the box, which perfectly bridges the gap between 92/8's and 80/20's. They also hold their tone far longer, which makes them great for studio work IMHO.
My HD28 like the EJ16s and EXP16s. It hates the nickel bronze strings though and is way to bass dominate for my tastes. My theory on strings and guitar voicing is that it needs to counter each other to balance out. The HD28 is already a warm/bass dominate guitar and warm or mellow strings like the NBs just sounds too heavy with mild mids and low pronounced trebles. Bright sounding guitar = warmer sounding strings Bass dominate sounding guitar = brighter sounding strings Just my two cents
My Alvarez md60ebg came strung up with the nb’s and I have tried to find something a little better and have not found anything I remotely like. The nb’s are a little bright out of the gate, but after a week or so of playing they really boom and project. When they go out though you definitely know it. They get very “dead” sounding and feeling. I’ve always loved D’Addario strings. Very well made products.
Great video, thank you! The Nickel Bronze are my favorite strings out of the three. I can hear more layers from each of the strings when you're playing chords. A fairly close second are the EJ16 strings, and my least favorite are the dull sounds coming from the EXP16 coated strings. They might be better suited for playing jazz standards.
for me: ph EJ16 are the best !
I like the EJ16 but the warmth of the Bronze sounds great too depending on what you are playing and the guitar.
Okay,,,,,a tad late to this thread but why do all three sets look the same ? ..(nickel bronze color ,not tje gold color of ej16)...hmmmm
They all sounded exactly the same! I play electric and acoustic and I just bought the exp16 daddario for my acoustic. I haven’t put the on yet but I’m sure they will sound better than the other earthwood strings I have up there only because they are new and the earthwood Ernie ball have been on my acoustic for at least a year
the last song breeze do you have a tab for it? Id like to know if you have a tab for it its beautiful.
Best comparison video. Alternating very cleanly played shorter clips. Perfect. Amazingly played as well. Beautiful stuff. I slightly prefer the PB, but I imagine after a few hours play they will sound much the same as the exp, and then exp will stay like that a longer time.
I like the NB best - they have a tinny, folky, homely, old school vibe - but the EXP's really surprised me. They're always described as "dead," but I actually preferred their mellower, rounder sound to the EJ16's. I'm using 80/20's, but I'll try some NB's or EXP's next time I reload.
NB is loud and full across the strings yeah!
Wow I like EXP16
For me EXP16, for cowboys - nickel 🙂
The nickel coated don't project like the bronze, but that may not matter to you if you're amped. Another factor is that the feel of nickel strings is softer and smoother to the touch. I've been using the coated strings for years, simply because they last so long.
Nickel bronze!
Thanks for the video! The last song (starting at 2:43) is beautiful! What is it?
Nickel bronze is the best. No offense. But it is more clean and clear sound.
The strings all sounded good to me. You, OTOH, sounded GREAT! Thanks for the comparison. And the beautiful music.
The sound varies from each persons music taste. I like ej16 as it is more on a rock or metal sound. But still sounds great on any song. But if your going to put it on an amp, amp controls the sound more so no problem which ever string you prefer.
Bro which string for Yamaha f280
Which string for Yamaha f280
Same to my guitar bro,thanks for sharing
Bhai mera guitar ka bridge k pas ki belly elevate hogyi hr kya karu ab
bro juerez 38c guitar hai mere pas so kya iski string change kr skta hu because bht high sound h is guitar ka
Can you tell me how to polish/clean the body of the f310?
Thank you Bro 🤗
Bro i have yamaha F280 so which strings should i use so that my fingers doesn't hurts more - 0.10 or 0.11 guage ?
Bro agar hum new f310 le toh KyA uski pahele wali string change kre or replace kre ? Taking humara guitar ka action thk rahe or h bro plz make a vdo on Action of guitar❤️
Ej11 ko Ez11 bata rah hai , wah bhai wah Disliked
Are you mad the ez910 is 0.011 gauge and you are telling it is 0.11 , giving others wrong information, disliked😡🤫
Bhai mere pass Amaze AW41C-201 Acoustic Guitar hai. Apa plz suggest kariye strings konsi purchase karu
Cort ad810 ke liue kausi best hogi???
I have yamaha f280 guitar so we use 0.009 gauge string or not
Bro please tell me..yamaha Fs100c guitar which strings is good ?
tu bignner hai bro.....tujhe nahi pta kuch b.....
Bhai , Daddrio exp 10 ka new version XT kesa he Yamaha F310 ke liya
Thank you bro
Bhai, what did you do when your guitar bridge was raised due to the string tension? Same thing has happened with my guitar too..
Brother help... EJ920 kaisa h? Medium strigs ke ilawa buzz hota h guitar mein mere!
My next set of strings!
D'Addario the worst strings ever!
Well.... this seems to be the answer for all mahogany guitars that start with a really bassy sound. I played the mahogany Ibanez AW54CEOPN recently and it had a great blend of bass and brass. Supposedly it had the D'Addario EXP's on from the factory. No one knew whether they were the lights but they probably were. Sounded as good or better than guitars 3 times the price tag. I like the open pore look as well.
80/20 Bronze will give you a warmer tone than Phosphor Bronze.
what is gauge of the strings in this video ?
Great review on D addario EXP strings I’ve had elixir nanowebs strings on my guitar and in one week the coating just came off. D addario EXP last longer they last me 4 months which excellent.😃
I hate that plunky jangly noise that they put off.
These are my all time favorite strings I’ve tried them all too
In my experience, the EXP strings wear out (go dead) as quickly as any other strings. The only advantage they have is that for a guitar that is too bright, the EXP strings will dull it up a little bit. (The opposite of what this video says - at least on Martins and Guilds.) The plain strings that come in the EXP sets (16 or 17) are wimpy somehow, and I replace both the high E and the B strings with others (Ernie Ball - just because they are so available). I think Martin SP phosphor bronze strings are much better than coated strings for most acoustic applications.
12-54 would be a medium gauge. Light should be 10-47 I been into string instruments for over 50 Yrs. I'll stick with tried and true Martin strings
On my new US made Guild D20, these very same strings (EXP16) sound warmer than Martin SP strings - quite noticeably warmer, even than thicker Martin SP strings. I know this totally surprised me too! Taylor guitars always sound a bit too bright for my taste. But does that explain the difference in the way the strings sound on a Taylor vs a Guild? Beats me! I wonder how they will sound on my Martin. I intend to find out soon.
Elixirs are D'addarios....with a coating. Dah!!! Taylors have a brighter tone because they put elixirs on all their guitars!
Blue Clip Pick are the best picks
I like the Daddario exp 13's. I string most of my acoustics with that. I like the Martin lifespans also. Seems like that Taylor has rosewood back and sides to my ears. Rosewood is no where near as warm as mahogany back and sides. I do like the sound of rosewood though especially the Martin d35 . Rosewood has a quicker sharper tone and response to my ears. Perhaps your right that these strings are to bright for that particular guitar.
If you were to put mediums on that Taylor it would sound a lot better.  I only use Daddario on my Martin and they sound awesome.  Taylor guitars are to bright sounding for me.   I found after playing my new strings for about 3 hours then they break in enough and play like they should and are made to sound.  I play at least an hour a day I find I get to the point I change my strings about once a month or less as they start getting deadpan around then,  Thanks for the video.
just wanted to ask if those strings are soft
Those strings don't last long
What is name of song that you play 3:05? :)
Buyer beware of D'Addario 9-Gauge Strings. Months ago I bought a 10-pack of D'Addario 9's for my guitar students at school. 3 Packs of those strings contained a defective string. The smallest wound string had half the wind missing and were unusable. I mailed the defective strings with their packages back to D'Addario complaining and asking for replacements. They never replied. I just opened a new 10-pack of the same strings I bought from a new vendor months later, and the first two packs I have opened have had the same problem with the same string. I have now lost twenty dollars on defective string sets from D'Addario (would have been over 35 dollars had I paid retail). I will personally never buy D'Addario 9's again. Shame really. They were my favorite.
FFS......It's pronounced "DUH-DAR-EEO"....

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