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D'Addario EXL120BT Nickel Wound 9-40 Super Light Electric Guitar ...

About this item. Balanced tension sets allow the player to apply the same amount of fret hand pressure to each string; Round wound with nickel-plated steel ...


D'ADDARIO Electric EXL120BT Guitar String Price in India - Buy D ...

D'addario exl120bt nickel wound 9-40 electric guitar strings D'addario exl120bt balanced tension electric guitar strings are comprised of mathematically ...


D'ADDARIO Electric EXL120BT Guitar String Price in India - Buy D ...

D'ADDARIO Electric EXL120BT Guitar String at best prices with FREE shipping & cash on delivery. Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee.


D'Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound 9-42 Super Light Electric Guitar ...

D'Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound 9-42 Super Light Electric Guitar Strings (Nickel) : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments.


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  • Type: Electric
  • Key specs are not available.

The lowest D'Addario EXL120BT Electric Guitar String Price in India is ₹400 at Flipkart.
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D'Addario EXL120BT Electric Guitar String Reviews from YouTube

Guitar Strings Comparison (Ernie Ball vs. D'addario)
Strings Direct TV | D'Addario Electric Guitar Strings Ranges (inc. NYXL)
D'Addario EXL120 Test / Demo / Review (HD)
D’Addario NY XL | Guitar Strings Review
I have been alternating both for many years and daddarios have more body, sound fuller to me and I think they last longer. both are great either.
I've used Ernie Ball for a few years but they don't last long and lose their flavor very quickly, D'addario is a brighter and safer option in my opinion. By the way, I usually play between jazz and rock, but I feel like they are very versatile.
I honestly can’t tell the difference between the two. I personally like Ernie Ball strings better bc each string is in its own package 😁
Daddario is more soft then the Ernie's, easy to bend, and Ernie strings feels a bit stickier to me, having problems when sliding.
My answer is: XL for metal o something heavy. Super slinry its for classic rock or punk.
Ernie ball have more tight gain and rounding.. in my ears
Siempre he usado Ernie Ball Slinky 80-20, y probé las DaDdario y ptm se oxidaron al mes de uso chsm
D addario more gain, I think
I love how cute the neck pickup sounds ha ha reminds me of old retro arcade games
daddario sound wayyyyy better no question
I use both of them. The Ernie ball sounds amazing when they're new but that tone last a few days Daddario sounds not so "alive" for me but they're more consistent if you don't sweat to much that tone can last a couple of months without problem.
I used d’adarrio for years. Never cared for Ernie ball. Once my kid started playing, I changed to elixir and Dean Markley Blackhawks. Don’t know why I didn’t get on board sooner. My kids hands will eat up a regular set of strings in 3 days. Get at least a month or so out of elixir and DM. The Dean Markleys sound closest to d’adarrio, but the elixirs stay crisp a tad longer. Both great. Never going back to 5$ strings.
daddarios have a thicker tone
The best string is D'Addario, other brands couldn't solve the secret of the job.
Ernie Ball strings like toys; but D'Addario is more realistic.
To me there is no difference in sound I "ve used both of these sets and other guitar friends say the same to.
Anyone else like both? I use D'Adarrio 10-46 & Ernie Ball 11-48
Need more comparisons videos like this one
Ernie lover forever here,think I'll get the eagle tattooed on me🤘😂
Suenan igual
is there a new set up required for a floating tremolo using same gauge as the XL's due to the tension difference?
I know it’s odd but I use these along with dimarzio x2n pickups on an Ibanez RGA and that guitar sang. I started using flats and thicker gauges for a finger workout to build calluses and then I grew to love the low string noise and the crazy tension cause it feels bouncy to me when alternate picking string to string. I’m not using half rounds on a Kiesel Aries with a very comparable set of their pickups.
The only problem with the NY XL strings is the NY part. Fcuk Nwe Yrok!
D'Addario strings suck
The only strings I use
I don't like this salesman who says "XL is the industry standard" unless he has the data to prove it. Just say it's your most popular string or something. Its sly.
Sponsored by d'addario
These are honestly the best strings on the market. The price is right, the sound is killer. Yes, they die quickly but they’re like $3-4 a pack. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a 10 pack.
Excelent Performance! I forgot the reason i was watching. lol Yes, it was because of the strings, nice strings, too. Congratulations Guy!
Great demo but wheres the review?
Can i use this string for accoustic guitar?
I think it is a matter of good playing not good strings
Sweet sound!
This is a great great review and demo of the string all in one. Love it. Awesome playing and sweet guitar.
Very nice strings, very nice guitar, and very nice playing. But perhaps you should wait with flashing your chest before you have some actual chest-hair or at least a beard, it looks kind of desperate.
is there a new set up required for a floating tremolo using same gauge as the XL's due to the tension difference?
Love these strings. My main two guitars use 11-56 NYXL. Great strings.
These strings are not coated. What are you on?
They have very positive qualities but for the price of less than 4 sets, you can buy bulk strings from just strings and have 12 sets :p. To each his own I suppose.
Make sound like magic good when you press and touch them
First time I was putting a set of these strings on my Gibson ES 350T my G string broke right at the tuner. Never had that happen before. Fortunately, it's still holding. They do tend to stay in tune well and, as mentioned in the video, didn't take long to break them in.
I was breaking a lot of high E and B strings at the bridge and needed the bridge worked on and decided to try the 10-46 NYXL. I've been using regular daddario 10-46 for years. I would say they are noticeably stiffer and harder to play....definitely harder to bend. The 10's very much feel like 11's and when I mentioned this to my tech guy he agreed and said they make a 9.5 and 9 gauge set as well to address this.Perhaps they last longer and hold in tune better.......but they definitely sound different.....a little fatter that one might like....like an 11 gauge would....but I'm going back to the old unbalanced stuff I've used for years and years......Curious what others experience is...In sum....harder to play...stiffer feel....much harder to bend.....sometimes I do extreme bends...forget it...you won't be able to hit your target note at all compared to the old strings.....
Hello! Are these strings used for an electroacoustic guitar?
Do you play with 24 3/4 or 25,5?
I have a question for those experienced guitar players. Would it be a good idea to use Addario guitar strings on a first act guitar????
Wow, it took 6 minutes to actually say something meaningful about the strings.
Hi, what is the name of the red guitar your playing
Reviewer reviews product for more than a day's use Top Notch.
that neck P90 sounds gorgeous in that Strat
Man this guy is boring
wonderful detailed nuance review !
didn't like these strings at all .. you want 1000000 times better string buy Elixirs Coated Electric
Their actually the new number one I thought Ernie balls were shitt after trying these actually
Why have you decided to put in the soap-bar pick-ups?

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