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D'Addario EJ38 Acoustic Guitar String (12 String) Features

  • D'Addario's most popular 12-string acoustic set with optimized gauges for balanced tone and comfortable playability
  • Preferred for its warm, bright, and well balanced acoustic tone
  • Corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance
  • String Gauges: Plain Steel .010/.10, .014/.014, Phosphor Bronze Wound .023/.008(p), .030/.012(p), .039/.018(p), .047/.027(w);
  • Key specs are not available.
D'Addario EJ38 Acoustic Guitar String (12 String) Colours:
  • Bronze

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D'Addario EJ38 Acoustic Guitar String (12 String) Reviews from YouTube

D'Addario strings for 12-string - Breaking them in?
Does String Gauge Affect Tone? 10's vs. 13's Comparison
Choosing Right Strings for your acoustic guitar | Best Strings For Acoustic Guitar
Can You Spot Counterfeit Guitar Strings?
I think the 13s is more punchy. But the 10, i like the 10s. Thanks for this video, dude. 10s will also help your acoustic's bridge to have less tension than the 13s so it's safer than 13s, i guess.
10s sound brighter such as u can hear more of the g b and high e, the 13s are more even and more bass. I use 11s 80 20 bronze polyweb. The coated strings get rid of that scratching from the pick and they get rid of that bright ring sound if you know what I mean. If u listed for it you'll hear it. Its overly ringy, I hate that.
The 10s (they also make 9s in 85/15 Bronze etc) make your Acoustic feel like an Electric & the sound is more percussive too. 10s might work in a Bluegrass setting cause you know how much faster you can really play.
10s sound the best to me, better clarity
Bruh, you will not damage a halfway decent guitar by going from 13s to 10s lol. They are literally made to be able to handle it. Have you ever adjusted a truss rod? Its pretty easy.
I’m basically a new guitar player. I want to practice more but the strings kinda start to make my hands hurt after awhile. I have heavier strings and I’ve been thinking about trying lighter strings. I have been afraid it would make my guitar sound tingly or shallow sounding. Thank you for taking the time to make this video! I listened with headphones on. I hear a slight difference but not enough to make me not want to try lighter strings! Thank you so very much for making this video! It really helped!
You went to a ton of work to put this together! Kudos! I didn't notice much difference other than the lower tones stood out more on the 13's. But then, I didn't have the volume on the video cranked, either. I'm playing some open tunings and getting buzzing with the 12's I have, so will try 13's. Based on your video, I think it will sound fine. Thanks! (Epiphone EJ-160E John Lennon edition)
To me the 13s -- warmer, thicker. The10s -- brighter , thinner. Both useful
Hey, after a year would you rather the .10 or the .13??
Only when you really observe it than, yes gauge 13 is crispier and better than 10 gauge. Gauge 10 rings a little bit longer and it ruins the clarity of the tones. Thanks chief for your useful effort. Cheers from Indonesia.
10s all day.
I don't understand people who think there's no sound difference in string thickness. I'm a newer guitarist and even I can hear the drastic differences in sound.
If you want more volume and sustain, use heavier strings. If you want better tone with a little less volume and sustain, use lighter strings. I say this after using 13s on my dreadnoughts for over 15 years. I've owned Santa Cruz's, Larrivee's, Martins, Eastman, Taylors, and a few others. I currently own a Reimagined HD28 (love it) and I broke it in using mediums - and it needed it. It being a new guitar when I bought it, it lacked tone, volume, and sustain. After two years of playing it, it's opened so much, it sounds well over 5 years old. When strung with 13s, it - is - loud - and it has sustain for days. Too much of anything isn't good as this was distorting and overdriving the tone. I cringed at the idea of going down a gauge but I eventually told myself, why not try it and see what happens? Using 12s, its a better sounding guitar now than it was before. It still has plenty of sustain and the volume dropped just a hair, but the tone has improved tremendously. Now for dreadnoughts, I will never use anything less than 12s because a top that big, you need tension to vibrate it. And you're not gonna get that dreadnought sound using anything less. All builders usually recommend 13s but state 12s are acceptable. And imo - they 100% are. You have to find that balance between tone vs sustain and volume.  If you go heavier, you get more volume and sustain. If you go lighter, you'll get better tone at a cost of sustain and volume. If you go too light, its pointless because your guitar will sound too thin - and Im talking about dreadnoughts specifically.
Ok, I'm going to buy some 10's now. I don't need my acoustic to be loud, but I want it to sound a little brighter.
This is videos are excellent and they take a lot of time; so much appreciated. There are other factors to consider when comparing gauges of strings. I feel the lighter strings will get knocked out of tune more readily than the heavier gauge strings. You already mentioned the difference in volume, but drilling down just in that factor alone means that it requires more pressure to play a higher gauge string and that’s harder on your fingers, yeah at the same time because the string is latter you don’t have to hit it hard with your right hand! Since all tone really comes from human fingers, the use of various fingerpicks and plectrums is also going to have an effect. I’m a big fan of heavy gauge strings, but after 50 years plus of plain mediums and heavies the arthritis in my hand is so bad that I basically can’t play professionally anymore. I bring this up because youngsters think they’re invincible, at least I thought I was invincible. So try to factor in your long-term play ability as well. Musicians are both artists and craftspersons because we need to use our body as our tool just like any carpenter or wheel right with use. In the meantime, keep rocking
By far, Pete Townshend is my favourite guitarist of all time. So...nice shirt!
Like the lighter better. I’ve been using D’Addario Lights (12), recently ordered custom lights (11), but may try the extra lights next. Nice demo!
Do I still need to set up the action if I go lower to 10? I'm at 12. Or does that only apply when you go higher?
13 gauge feels warmer I think, but maybe harder to play for some people. Thank you for this comparison.
10's sound is definitely cleaner
Sir I m ur biggest fan.. And guitar is my dream.. Bt my parents are not capable to buy me a guitar... So i m going to forgot my dream.... 🥺🥺.. But sir really you can help me.. You have so many guitars... If you want to help me then you can... But I know no one in this world is that much kind from their heart😞😞😞
how often should i lose the strings on my guitar ? i just broke mine on my new Fs 80c after a month. i'm just starting to learn guitar
sir, please suggest strings for YAMHA-F280 ??
Thanks a ton. Learning everything about guitar from you.
very useful info brother....
Hellow Sir ! , I appreciate the way you make us know about many things which we haven't heard anytime we are thankful for that . Sir had some questions about the cleaning of the fretboard / strings / matte body guitar a specific oil or somewhat for the maintenance purpose do let me know when it should be done the duration , sir the humidity fluctuations ! Does the guitar affects ? and also wanted to know that many of them are saying that when we are not playing the guitar untune (overnight) it but some refuses saying that the trust rod will imbalance so what is the correct one should l untune ? , For " Yamaha FS80C " which strings are better !! Hope you understand what l wanted to say waiting for your reply ! Thankyou !!
7 saal purana guitar hai
Sir granda guitar prld18c kon c string use kre
Fender fa 125 kay liyay konsa guage sahi rahayga
Which strings are best for yamaha f280?
11 gauge string for yamaha f280 ???
Sir fiero aur hobner jaise guitars ke liye konsi strings ideal hai...i dont have any knowledge about it..please reply
Sir kadence slowhand m konsa use karna chiye ?
Your views on Carlos marshello guitar c38
Bhai Kadience ka guitar kon konsa acha rahega and the price is 6000 one
Useful details. Thank u sir🙏
Sir Givson venus rise guiter main kyoun sa string suitable rahega
Sir please do review on Yamaha F-6000
what would you recommend for 3/4 guitar
Sir yamaha fs80c k liyea konsi strings sahi rahegi please help me
My counterfeit one looks so damn real but, yeah the package is off and the barcode is already scanned. Hope they can get rid of this kind of scam...It's hard to find authentic one in my country..
Interesting... I just bought a 3 pack of the exact strings in the video. The plastic bag for each set of strings looked exactly like the fake bags in the video, different from the "authentic" bag. Worried I might have fakes, I checked the D'addario play real website and all three codes checked out as authentic. So don't just go of the look of the bag, be sure to check the codes
Out of maybe 20 years using D'Addario strings I have had only one string with a flaw that caused it to break when I tuned it to pitch while restring.
Hmm, I got a packet of acoustic elixir strings not long ago and they didn't come in a box like my electric ones did. Hope I didn't get fakes.
Daddario is the bulshit, I hate this corporation with all his production!!!
Honestly though a quick 2 minutes to scan the QR code is fine. I dig that system.
Mine are real cuz i registered them on the website lol
here in philippines thousands of fake d addario guitar strings also other u.s. branded guitar strings are counterfited by the chinese - corona virus producer.....several years ago .. when you go to store to buy a new sets of strings you have no problem about this chinese made product.... but now!!!!!!! they are all scatered everywhere.... almost fake !!!!! never trust chinese product..... aftter i bought it from store and put it in my guitar... the sound so terible i cant imagine how bad it sound... it kills my finger,, very hard to press down to its fingerboard and i removed it right away and throw it in the trash can....
I bought from amazon I have not experienced counterfeit strings yet.. but now I’m going to scan them
what about the sound difference? because we dont get real strings here in my country
D'Addario strings come with a code which can be registered on the official brand website. It's called the players circle code and is something of a marketing strategy but does verify the strings as genuine.
Daddario strings are trash why would ya wanna copy there strings
Checking the QR code is almost a fail proof way to check it right? Lets say they get a bunch of original sets and copy the codes for themselves, you're most likely not the first person to check one of these right?
Just put fresh EJ-16 strings on my Tak EF341SC and was having issues. The sound wasn’t right. The strings had breaks in them by the bridge. After I saw this video, the MADE IN CHINA explained why my Tak sounded like crap. Fake strings! Arrrgh! Thanks for sharing this info. I need to get fresh strings. Real, this time.
Damn china ....
61 down thumbs - they must be the fakers. Well done for not even trying them, that would just give air and promotion to the fakers.
If you want Cheap D'ad string find out what companies they sell strings to that repackage them and sell them as economy strings (like Hartke back in the day)
I got some strings which seemed to have all the same serial number and packaged differently from my previous Daddarios. I checked on Daddarios website and it was confirmed fake. I reported to Daddario. They didnt bother to even respond. Last time i will ever buy Daddario. I would buy cheap Alice strings. Confirmed genuine. Nobody would fake Alice strings
You know you can buy them from their website for basically the same price as amazon. Also, I can tell you they're not always vacuum sealed that tightly, unless D'addario has been selling me counterfeits from their site too.

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