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Buy D'Addario EJ36 Acoustic Guitar String (12 String) online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. D'Addario EJ36 Acoustic Guitar String (12 String) Colours: Bronze
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D'Addario EJ36 12-String Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light, 10 ...

D'Addario EJ36 12-String Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light, 10-47 : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments.


D'Addario EJ37 12-String Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings ...

D'Addario EJ37 12-String Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Medium Top/Heavy Bottom, 12-54 : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments.


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D'Addario EJ21 Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings, Jazz Light, 12-52 ... D'Addario EJ36 12-String Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light, 10-47.


D'Addario EJ36 Acoustic Guitar String (12 String) Features

  • Designed for all makes and models of 12-string acoustic guitars
  • Extra-bright tone mixed with deep and projecting bottom end
  • Corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance
  • String Gauges: Plain Steel .010/.10, .014/.014, Bronze Wound .023/.008(p), .030/.012(p), .039/.018(p), .047/.027(w); D'Addario steel strings is made from carefully drawn, hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel wire
  • Key specs are not available.
D'Addario EJ36 Acoustic Guitar String (12 String) Colours:
  • Bronze

The lowest D'Addario EJ36 Acoustic Guitar String (12 String) Price in India is ₹2,209 at Amazon.
Buy D'Addario EJ36 Acoustic Guitar String (12 String) online at Amazon.
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Sir what gauge I should use in yahama f 280?
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One string mrp?
Yamaha f280 ke liye konsa best hoga
No matter what but I love the 0.9 guage on guitar the sound is great 😌😌
Sir please make video on Fishman picup presys blend 301, fake and genuine,
sir how do i buy a set of only g strings with 09 or 11 gaze
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Sir kadence frentier serees me kon sa string gauge use ke
Brother i have Fender FA 125 CE i want to change the strings because it’s about to broke So can You Please Tell me Which strings should i get ?? I want the most expensive as it can get so which would be a good option ?
Sir can you please recommend the right gauge for mantic bg2
sir which strings you suggest for yamaha f280. my guitar age is 1 year.
After 38 years of playing, I've found that getting away from or above .009 and .010 gauge sets, regardless of brand, you will lose that animalistic cry and scream on your lead tones. If you play screaming, crying, singing type lead tones, the 9s and 10s sets are better in my personal experience. The moment I tried 11s, I noticed a remarkable difference in lead/solo tone. But it is only a matter of taste or opinion and I know this is not relevant to acoustic.
That Epiphone is a great little guitar. I bought the J 45 knock-off the other day and I LOVE it! It came with Gibson Strings, but I couldn't tell what gauge they were; maybe 12's. Anyway - the 13's sound much better than the 10's; however, for playability for your wife, I'd keep the 10's on for a while. Gradually go to 11's, 12's, and then 13's. My 2-cents. Great video.
I am really very thankful that I don't have a very keen set of ears that most of you guys here have. They both sound the same to me. And if ever there is really a difference that most of you guys pointed out, I think it's barely noticeable to a usual crowd or audience who just love to listen to a good music.. This video confirmed that in choosing between two exactly the same set of specs of strings, I just have to pick the lighter gauge because of the more smooth and relax feeling it can provide than the heavy gauge strings can. Less tension, less stress and longer period of time to enjoy playing the guitar. Thanks for this video. Cheers!
The 13s sound ever slight fuller but not a big difference at all really. A good full sounding acoustic will sound great with lighter strings
Good post, Alex. Appreciate the common sense approach. I subscribed some time ago but hadn't seen you for awhile. Hope all is well these days.
Depends on the guitar, usually you can hear and feel when the tension is too low to get the top moving, some of my vintage light braced parlors of course sound good with 10s or silk and steel.
I felt the 13 gauge bass strings had a little more sustain so if u are playing fingerstyle and have a branded premium guitar which costs about 200usd go for 13 gauge or 12 gauge it will be better. Don't buy heavy strings if u have a cheap OEM guitar it might break.
I really liked the 10s better.
I mostly play fingerstyle guitar and I have quite a light touch. That being said I still prefer heavier strings, I use 12 gauge. Something about them sounds much better to me; I experimented with lighter strings a few months ago and they sounded a bit too twangy for me. But the lighter strings were much easier to play on.
How about custom lights (11 up top and 52 down low)? I currently have EXP16s (lights), but am wondering how the custom lights would be.
13's more tone and less rattle.
what music is that? 5:03
Heavy strings make the top vibrate more and bring out tone and tone is everything!
what music on 8:08 ?
I personally prefer the 10 gauge sets. Just sounds more cohesive to me, and not so wide of a sound.
The D chord sounds better with the 13s. Everything else, the 10s.
Thank you for the interesting comparison! Just a sidenote, for the same money as your guitar I got a Harley Benton dreadnought with solid top and bone nut and saddle.
13s are a cleaner sound
Thank you!!! My god i was keep changing guitars because i didn't like brighter sounds😛😛😛 now i realize that i could have changed to thicker strings😐😐😢🌷💕
Can I use the 13 gauge to spruce up the bass response on my Yamaha? I tried a light elixir 12 gauge, but it is quite trebley...
Too much thinking and 10 minutes in.. still has not played a note
Now explain why she doesn't love me anymore
I love to hear people who know what they're talking about.
Nickel Bronze..just wow. Stunning sound
Martin medium all the way
Bro.... I know that was a lot of work but we appreciate it! Thanks for the in depth conversation as well Great video
Optima Gold is the only way to go.
I am using the wrong player, or at least that is what my guitar always tells me when I play it.🤫😕
Don't forget about GHS. I use GHS phosphor bronze on my acoustic and they sound great.
Thanks for doing this comparison! I like the crispy tones of Phospher Bronze (Daddario) Extra light. This video helped me a lot to decide my new strings and actually differentiate the strings in the market.
Nice job, Chris. Very helpful. Recently became a fan of the Monel Retro Extra Lights on my Yamaha FGX3. Your observation about mahogany and the Retros is appreciated. I agree and think I’ve found “my strings.” Better sound and resonance on the low and high ends vs the silk and steels I’ve experimented with. The silks sound muddy on the low end and oddly twangy on the other, especially when fingerpicking. The monels give a more balanced response, and although I like the extra lights generally, I can still feel the Monels on my finger tips, which helps me fret the strings. They work well for me, whether I’m strumming, flatpicking or fingerpicking. Versatile strings, for me, across all styles. And it sort of does add a bit of that 1940s sound that you hear on old recordings of the blues greats. At $8.99 per set, good value too
Great post, Chris. Having received my 0M acoustic today, and knowing the spruce needs to limber up with some playing time, I'm not happy with the harmonic balance of the factory strings, especially #3 which thumps like a dead weight. So I look forward to your tone comparison. I will focus on #3. And if I have to buy a set for that one string, so be it.
Damn man 10 minutes of talking 🥱🥱🥱
Chris: I went ahead and skipped 11 Me: Feeling left out
Nobody does better than Chris McKee as a guitar seller and specialist. I would definitely come one day and buy a guitar from Alamo Music Center
Love flats. Almost noiseless, good sound..make me wonder why round..Maybe itz Just me
Elixir sound best to me
Acoustic guitar strings mostly all sound the same, what matters is how they feel and how long they last..For this reason i use Elexirs or Xt's..They last forever and theres no squiking.
You certainly know what your talking about, nice job
I was so happy to find this only to get to the demo and hear only finger picking! But very well done, since I pick 95% of the time I wish I could have heard some strumming.
Have you used alice, i personally felt they don't rust for long time
I don't think I'll ever load D'Addario strings on my guitar. It would last for only one play. Just 2 hrs play, that's it.
EZ sounds bright and sharp, bass is not that great. XT has better warmth compared to EZ. XT is much better for fingerstyle
You have a Mustang amp?
Bhaiya ye string xt acoustic Gibson ke guitar me lag jayengi
Bhaiya he xt string Gibson kr guitor me konse NUM ki lagegi
Xt is best
Bhai XT aur exp strings mein kya difference hai
bhai xt bright sound nahi kar rahi mid frequencies bohot zyada hai xt me as compared to ez , mid frqz zyada ka matlab hai ki sound quality xt ki zyada acchi hai
Bro please review your guitar
Kyoki mafat me mil reli hai bhai
Bro very useful video
Hiiii sar
Bhai iss strings ma koi tag mila jo hum tuning keys ma latkate h
Please Please make this video of the guitar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7wfRlffGkY&list=RDE7wfRlffGkY&start_radio=1&t=3
Mere paas pese nhi hai guitar strings k liye 2 saal se ek hi string lga rkhi hai Brown ho gyi hai plzz help me
Isko jitne k liye Kon Kon tyaar hai
Bro how to know if they are selling fake strings on amazon
My strings has become too old , I have been used it from one year ..I can't afford it right now , luckly if I will get...I will change it ...congrats for winner...
Hii I'm rajesh & I have a normal guiter Or strings . But some stings are brocken few days ago . And now I have not much money for perches it . I'm not a beginner. I have need it for my practice or shows

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