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Buy D'Addario EJ24 Acoustic Guitar String online at Amazon. Key specs are not available. D'Addario EJ24 Acoustic Guitar String Colours: Bronze
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D'Addario EJ24 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, True ...

D'Addario EJ24 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, True Medium, 13-56 : Amazon.in: Musical Instruments.


D'ADDARIO Acoustic EJ24 Guitar String Price in India - Buy D ...

D'ADDARIO Acoustic EJ24 Guitar String (6 Strings). Be the first to Review this product. ₹690. ₹790. 12% off. Sold Out. This item is currently out of stock.


D'Addario EJ15 फॉस्फोर ब्रांज़ एकॉस्टिक गिटार स्ट्रिंग : Amazon.in ...

D'Addario EJ15 फॉस्फोर ब्रांज़ एकॉस्टिक गिटार स्ट्रिंग ... Acoustic Guitar String Set ... रंग, True Medium | EJ24.


D'Addario EJ24 Acoustic Guitar String Features

  • A popular choice for heavy strumming, flat-picking and resonant, projecting tones - also optimal for DADGAD tuning
  • Preferred for its warm, bright, and well balanced acoustic tone
  • Corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance
  • String Gauges: Plain Steel .013, .017, Phosphor Bronze Wound .024, .032, .042, .056
  • Key specs are not available.
D'Addario EJ24 Acoustic Guitar String Colours:
  • Bronze

Find the best deal on D'Addario EJ24 Acoustic Guitar String at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest D'Addario EJ24 Acoustic Guitar String Price in India is ₹1,407 at Amazon.
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For a comprehensive understanding of D'Addario EJ24 Acoustic Guitar String we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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D'Addario EJ24 Acoustic Guitar String Reviews from YouTube

Acoustic String Comparison: 80/20 vs. Phosphor Bronze
Choosing Right Strings for your acoustic guitar | Best Strings For Acoustic Guitar
Can You Spot Counterfeit Guitar Strings?
Does String Gauge Affect Tone? 10's vs. 13's Comparison
Does String Gauge on Acoustic Make a Difference? 10's vs. 13's: , is the phophot bronz extra light is good par for yamaha fg800?
They both sound good you have a great guitar. Martin Good guitars.
9:21 9:43
And durability?
3:54 4:00 4:30 4:36 5:13 5:52
I liked the 80/20s. I'd have to cut out more low end with the Phosphors to not fight my bass sounds. I would use the Phosphors if the music wasn't guitar-focused and I just wanted to blend it into the mix though.
My ears really don't like bright sounds whether it be on guitar or speakers, was wondering if it was the strings on my new guitar doing it and this pretty much confirms I need some Phosphor strings. Cheers for the video, very useful
My fingers are very sensitive. I could tell the difference. I mistakingly put the Phos. Bronze on instead of the 80/20's. Couldn't tell why my fingers hurt much more with the new strings than usual. I'd been using the 80/20's on my beautiful acoustic electric for years. I put the Phos. Bronze on my new Taylor GT Mini. My fingers have been sore. Anyway, I like the sound of the 80/20's much better than the Phos Bronze. Just a matter of taste I guess.
Good Job!
Thanks for the video! Great playing too. You played every song I wanted to hear!
Both sets of strings sound great on that guitar.
Thanks so much buddy you helped me and for sure many others to choose the right one.
Nice video bro! Really helpful till this day! I prefer phosphor
What model Martin? Great video man!
80/20 Bronze strings defenitely. More punch, more grit, clearer and less mellow. Thanks for the video!
Well, I just put some 80/20's on my guitar and really didn't care for the sound at all. After listening to this incredibly well done comparison it's clear as can be that I'll never buy 80/20's again. The 80/20's IMO were louder and brighter but lack the wonderful harmonics of the PB's. It's like the difference between glass and crystal. The PB's had beautiful string to string balance and work well as a set while with the 80/20's each string seems to be trying to out do each other. Thanks for making my string buying decisions a mute point! Also, that is some beautiful playing sir.
I just overpaid for some Elixir 80/20 custom lights and they're obnoxiously bright. Now I'm going to go pick up some Dadarrio PB's, I can't seem to find the right sound
Thanks for comparrison. Don't feel bad as most people mispronounce but. The apostrophe after the D in D'Addario means that it is pronounced Dee- A- ddario. Not Da- Dario.
What gauge 80/20?
Sirijii I have one question d daddario ej 13 and ej 26 are they same? Please help me to buy
Sir can i use EZ920 on my yamaha fs80c?
Best string for Yamaha f280 plz btaodo koi
Could you please make a video on Electric guitar strings.
Sir Yamaha f280 mei same f310 ka string hi lagega ya nahi? Please reply jaroor kijiyega
I usually opt for the cheapest pack, but now i realise the specs are actually important
I have exactly the same t shirt
I have yamaha f280 which would be the best strings for me?
Hi, very informative video, I have Yamaha F280, and I broke my string so can you suggest which size of string would be perfectit would be very helpful. thank you in advance
Hi, please suggest me the best guitar under 40000
I like the way he finishes every sentence with ‘hai’
Sir I have kadence FRBK 01 so which string I have to apply can u tell me please
Main Yamaha f280 pe 12_53 lga sakta hu kya f310 wali
Sir which string should be used in crusader guitar
I have squirt by Fender model Sa105bk which guage string should I use
Hi I brought my guitar from givson it have thin string compared to my other acoustic guitar so can u tell me which I should get plzz reply
Superb video. Very informative
Which string should I use for Yamaha FS80C ?
Please recommend me strings for Yahama FG 800
Interesting. I just bought a 3 pack of the exact strings in the video. The plastic bag for each set of strings looked exactly like the fake bags in the video, different from the "authentic" bag. Worried I might have fakes, I checked the D'addario play real website and all three codes checked out as authentic. So don't just go of the look of the bag, be sure to check the codes
Out of maybe 20 years using D'Addario strings I have had only one string with a flaw that caused it to break when I tuned it to pitch while restring.
Hmm, I got a packet of acoustic elixir strings not long ago and they didn't come in a box like my electric ones did. Hope I didn't get fakes.
Daddario is the bulshit, I hate this corporation with all his production!
Honestly though a quick 2 minutes to scan the QR code is fine. I dig that system.
Mine are real cuz i registered them on the website lol
here in philippines thousands of fake d addario guitar strings also other u.s. branded guitar strings are counterfited by the chinese - corona virus producer.several years ago when you go to store to buy a new sets of strings you have no problem about this chinese made product but now! they are all scatered everywhere almost fake ! never trust chinese product. aftter i bought it from store and put it in my guitar. the sound so terible i cant imagine how bad it sound. it kills my finger,, very hard to press down to its fingerboard and i removed it right away and throw it in the trash can
I bought from amazon I have not experienced counterfeit strings yet but now I’m going to scan them
what about the sound difference? because we dont get real strings here in my country
D'Addario strings come with a code which can be registered on the official brand website. It's called the players circle code and is something of a marketing strategy but does verify the strings as genuine.
Daddario strings are trash why would ya wanna copy there strings
Checking the QR code is almost a fail proof way to check it right? Lets say they get a bunch of original sets and copy the codes for themselves, you're most likely not the first person to check one of these right?
Just put fresh EJ-16 strings on my Tak EF341SC and was having issues. The sound wasn’t right. The strings had breaks in them by the bridge. After I saw this video, the MADE IN CHINA explained why my Tak sounded like crap. Fake strings! Arrrgh! Thanks for sharing this info. I need to get fresh strings. Real, this time.
Damn china
61 down thumbs - they must be the fakers. Well done for not even trying them, that would just give air and promotion to the fakers.
If you want Cheap D'ad string find out what companies they sell strings to that repackage them and sell them as economy strings (like Hartke back in the day)
I got some strings which seemed to have all the same serial number and packaged differently from my previous Daddarios. I checked on Daddarios website and it was confirmed fake. I reported to Daddario. They didnt bother to even respond. Last time i will ever buy Daddario. I would buy cheap Alice strings. Confirmed genuine. Nobody would fake Alice strings
You know you can buy them from their website for basically the same price as amazon. Also, I can tell you they're not always vacuum sealed that tightly, unless D'addario has been selling me counterfeits from their site too.
So are those Fender strings from eBay China sellers are genuine? It did said made in USA.
Do I still need to set up the action if I go lower to 10? I'm at 12. Or does that only apply when you go higher?
13 gauge feels warmer I think, but maybe harder to play for some people. Thank you for this comparison.
10's sound is definitely cleaner
Players with small hands, typically meaning less finger strength, are better off with lighter gauge strings because of their somewhat reduced tension.
Playing thicker strings helped me learn not to push down as hard on the frets.i now play 11s
Lighter gauge for standard tuning. Heavier gauge for lower tuning, especially open tunings. Martin tells you the gauges that their guitars are designed for and it is probably wise to stay within those limits, if you value your investment. Solid wood guitars, as a rule, take light to medium gauge. The player makes most of the difference in the sound that comes out of a guitar and that includes strings. Remember that there were no light gauge strings in the first few decades of steel string acoustics, they were all , what we would designate as medium or heavy. Light gauge began to be popular with advent of the electric guitar in the 50s. Early folk and old time players did not really "bend" strings. In the 60s, bending became the rage and the string market responded. Luthiers began designing guitars specifically for the, now available, light gauge strings. Now, with new technology and guitar design, very light strings are capable of driving very delicate and subtle sounds, but the best idea is to generally stick to the gauge for which your guitar was designed.
I went from 9’s to 11’s
use 13s only if you're Hulk Hogan
The heavier string the more powerful it is Also the harder it is to press down, but you will get used to it , but it’s gonna hurt at first
very good video.rated!
Blimey, take all the waffling out this video would be half as long.
I'm buying the extra light good²
The 13s sound a little fuller, and they're what my guitar came with. I've had no trouble after I built my calluses up, and so I stuck with em.
Please keep it to the point and talk less.
Oh get on with it
Is it just me or is there someone else feeling that thicker strings like 12's or even 13's are "easyer" to play?! When I got 10s or 11s on i struggled with playing, also with Fingerstyle playing! I feel that the heavier strings give me a more clear feeling for the strings and i can play better, and hit the strings always correctly and direct! Someone else feeling like me?
10s easier and sounds fine
you can get the same exact change simply by changing out the nut and bridge material to bone or tusq and with a new set of DR veritas heavy 9's you won't need a string adjustment unless you pay for the name and buy
How about doing a comparison of how a guitar would normally sound tuned to the standard 'E', vs how a guitar would sound dropped 3 or 4 steps and then using a capo to get the same chord 3 or 4 frets higher. So basically this would tell the difference of how strings would sound on high tension vs low tension. Am wondering if the loosely strung would sound too bad or what. This would be a great help for those of us who are thinking of dropped tunings to avoid the continuous high tension on the guitar neck, as well as to get an easier playable feel on an acoustic. Thks.
When i was young i want to play guitar and i start watching until now and never play guitar.

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