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Cursor LCP 855 Laptop Cooling Pad Features

Cursor LCP 855 Laptop Cooling Pad

Find the best deal on Cursor LCP 855 Laptop Cooling Pad at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Cursor LCP 855 Laptop Cooling Pad Price in India is ₹770 at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of Cursor LCP 855 Laptop Cooling Pad we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Cursor LCP 855 Laptop Cooling Pad Specifications

Technical Details
Form Factor COMPACT
Item Height 31 Centimeters
Item model number LCP 855
Item Weight 649 g
Item Width 5 Centimeters
Product Dimensions 38 x 5 x 31 cm

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Cursor LCP 855 Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews from YouTube

Laptop Cooling Pad effectiveness
Laptop Cooling Pad Unboxing And Review| Best Cooling Pad For Gaming Laptop At 1000 Rs|
Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad Unboxing & Review| Under 1000 RS| Temperature Test|
The ULTIMATE Laptop Cooling Comparison - Pad vs Vacuum vs Stand
I have an asus rog zephryus m15 gu502l, i can't run it without hitting at least 70+C on IDLE! I run R6S for maybe 5 minutes and it jumps to around 80C-100C. My computer is a 4k screen, RTX 2060, 1tb ssd, 16gb ram and an intel i9-10th gen. I bought a cooling pad, if that doesn't help what should I do?
I have the nitro five with the i7 nvidia, GTX1650 and 16 gigs of ram and the cooling pad has kept it below 75 degrees playing KSP and squad at max settings without the fans being one full blast it’s a good buy
I have the same red dell, I love how it's 1 screw and the texture of the case.
I jst started watching videon his audio sucksbt he seems to give some good reviews i will bear with it please improve audio
Which software you use to measure cpu gpu temperature
I would have liked you have seen you test the non-vented laptops on the cooling pad. Even though they do not have vent holes on the bottom, heat conducts through solid objects. If you cool a surface that is adjacent to a hot object, some benefit should be observable. Thermal conductivity varies through substance of course, but i think that the non-vented cases should be looked at since they still could benefit significantly from a cooling pad.
All i could understand was t t t t t p tp p t
I think you should have added an elevated laptop using a normal stand as comparison. Jarrod made comparison between using cooling pad, laptop stand and no laptop stan. Using cooling pad and laptop stand has almost the same result.
Thanks buddy
i've had some experience with newer razer blades and alienware laptops (old 14 ,m15 r2). And the difference is nothing as dramatic - 5 degrees max but also just using fanless stand to elevate the laptop (razer stand or similar) has prodused almost the same results as with the cooling pad (i was using a cooler master with 3 fans which you can place anywhere on the pad to match the vents on the laptop). guess the newer laptops have a much better cooling. and yes -cleanng dust, repasting always helps. + undervolt if using oder intel.
Iv used cooling pads for a while and then not used it and the laptop runs better and cooler with out the cooler. They dont work as far as I'm concerned.
i have a cooling pad which is just a grill with holes and 3 removable fans which can be moved exacly under the holes in your laptop i think thats the most efficient pad you can find, and with little upgrades you can replace the original fans with something stronger if needed
Of course is effective
This video is amazing, it's just on point. Everything i wanted to no, not much, not to little, kept it simple and i loved it
I am no longer able to undercoat my CPU whit Intel XTU ,because Intel patched this feature of choosing the voltage of the CPU.
The fact that the laptop with small vents cooled the most, which was a surprise to you even… makes me want to see the laptops with no vents still be tested. It would seem that anything may be better than nothing.
mines a mid size
Thanks for the info! Does a cooling pad carry dust into the computer when the air blows up into the laptop?
Coolen ped.
Iske fan chalte hai ? Aur isko lena shi hai na gaming ke leyie
Bhai laptop ki grip achi hein
When I played valorant that plastic melted.
There is also a cooling pad from 550₹ on Amazon called something like care which has one BIG fan.
Dose it blow the cool air in the laptop or sucks the hot air from the laptop?
Good video But in reality these cooling pads are waste of money. Their working philosophy does not makes any sense.
Gta 5
Price ?
hey love how you got straight to the point without talking about any shit just sayin your channel looking to grow :D
lagta hai aap game khelne ki wajah se disturb ho gaye
is this a sponsored video?
Can v use this for normal laptops also? Which v use for work?
kya ise lenovo ideapad s50 je liye purchase karna worth hoga
a visit to shmila after buing this product #no sponsered
We cool I pad mini 5 with this product
Definitely not the best lol. I like how cheap youtubers claim products to be the best without comparing it to anything anything at all.
review kahan ye to ad hai. temperature to gira hi nai fan lagane ke baad?
Vent ka position ke just neeche fan aata hai ki nahi
ch*ti*a 65 degrees se 66
Guys please suggest me what topic you want for next video . Thank you for your support
when you off this cooling pad , for how many seconds the fans rotate until they stop rotating? please reply i need to compare this with my cooling pad
Overacting ke liye ₹50 wapas kar dena
Highest rpm? Better than cosmic byte?meteroid
Bhai ye available nhi hai amazon pe aur flipkart pe bhi nahi hai ab tum hi gift dedo mujhe koi cooling pad
Bhaiya iss product ka name bta do plz mera laptop bhot heat hota h
Instro noob bot wala
Fan ki speed dikhao aur kitna speed chalta fan
bhai ishaki pries kitani he
Utna fan se fayda nai, Bs jo fayda hh normal' useage me ventilation ka kam ata h
can it work in normal laptop
Suggestion : stop saying actually so frequently as a filler word
Bro iam having acer aspire 7 is it good to have this Colling pad Plz reply
Btw hows the noise level when the fans are at full throttle
Agar gaming laptop nhi hai lekin performance ke liye lena hai to thik rahega?
Hey bro in your description the laptops under 50k 3 of them are currently unavailable on Amazon I just went through your link is it still available
Maine bhi khareeda hai cosmic byte ka cooling pad 5 fan ka
Pls Amazon Link
sir can we put 13 inch laptop on it
In a pinch I just stick the laptops power brick under the back to raise it up, how do you cool yours?
So, final answer: THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. Just buy the cheapest one.
What happens with vacuum cooler + cooling pad at the same time?
SO TLDR : vaccum cooler cools better by 3 or 4 degrees pretty much same you just make sure the intake vents are not blocked both sides and bottom .
My cpu is always at 95 when playing games, is this normal?
A15 says hi! Why cooling ?
my msi laptop sits at a constant 98°C , I think I bought a microwave
I just used the laptop box to raise it up
How you did it ? I had Helios 300, I try couple different cooling pads and it's zero change on temperature. I had pad via one fan and 5 fans pad, on load there is no change on temperature, next time make video monitoring temperature for 30 minutes. thanks
Great video thank you for the help. The MSI laptop you showed wasn’t the Alpha 15 its the PS63 unless you showed the PS63 and uses the Alpha 15.
Skip to 09:50 to see his results
If you don't want hot temps just go to battery settings and get into the processor highest performance and type 99% and voilla! No turbo mode on. 66 celcius while gaming BUT with less fps. (20 less)
Conclusion, which one is worth it to buy?
What would be your cooling pad recommandation for an Area 51M user ?
I thought the vacum cooler would work better, but the difference is minimal, plus it's louder
Stand on stress test : 0db
شكراً لإضافتك اللغة العربية
i heard cooling pads can blow dust into your laptop is it true
my cooling setup is a couple of detergent soap on either side of my legion y540.
did opolar go out if business its not in amazon anymore

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