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Creative Sound Blaster Audigy PCIe RX 7.1 Sound Card 106 DB ...

Advanced chipset is designed to process the legendary EAX reverb engine for powerful enhanced audio · Immerse yourself in full cinematic 7.1 multi-channel audio, ...


CREATIVE Sound blaster Audigy RX PCIe Internal Sound Card ...

Brand. CREATIVE. Interface. PCIe. Audio Channel Supported. 7.1. Model Name. Sound blaster Audigy RX. Model Number. Sound blaster Audigy RX ...


Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1 Sound Card Features

  • Internal

The lowest Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1 Sound Card Price in India is ₹7,999 at Amazon.
Buy Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1 Sound Card online at Amazon.
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Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1 Sound Card Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Creative Labs
Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM
feature Creative LabsSB155000001
Item Height 18 Millimeters
Item model number 70SB155000001
Item Weight 272 g
Item Width 12 Centimeters
Manufacturer Creative Labs
Model 70SB155000001
Processor Count 1
Product Dimensions 14.5 x 12 x 1.8 cm

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Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1 Sound Card Reviews from YouTube

Sound Blaster Z & Audigy Rx - Detailed Look at PC Sound
How good is an Audigy in 2020?
UNBOXING : Creative Sound Blaster Audigy PCIe RX 7.1 Sound Card
Best Sound Card In 2021? 3 Best Sound Card
onboard audio is ok for most things. I found that when I have the opportunity to turn up the volume on a game when the family is not around, the onboard audio just isn't loud enough. Not that onboard audio sounds bad, in fact the sound is good, just that it never got loud enough for what I wanted and that is why I got a sound card. So the opportunity came along to buy one and I got a the sound blaster Zx. Immediately after setting it up, it does have a much higher volume level. HOWEVER, what I didn't expect was just how much clearer and crisp the sound card audio is over the onboard audio. Various sounds like footsteps and movements are now much easier to pick out and hear sooner than onboard audio, even when the audio is set at about the saem volume levels for each.
Nice raytracing effects on the table 👌
"but if you spent 200-300$ on a really(!) high end sorround sound system...." say what? 300$ for a really high end sorround sound system? you would have to spend like probably 2.000-3.000 for a really high end sorround sound system. if not 20.000-30.000 for a REALLY high end system. i mean high end is high end and not the best you can buy for a few bucks.
as an old fart who got audigy 2 back in the days ... i will never regret a single cent that is spend on a good soundcard... on the other hand ( unless the situation has changed over time ) - the internal cards were prone to picking up bad noise from the rest of the pc ... so if i was to get a new one these days , I would definitely go for a usb one * some dac is even android compatible. It will reduce your worries about noisy input dramaticaly
I know this is a older video but I got a chuckle lol you said a nice 2-300.00 high end surround system again lol I just watched this and listened thru my 2800.00 system and I'm not true high end. But your video and the card you recorded on sounds as clear as a dj on xm radio and Im using the sound blaster Z card
i like to use the HDMI sound. However there is no real inputs or outputs to manage. Okay for viewing if you monitor has a ear or out jack on it. Streaming and video creation is a problem due to that. It is 2020 now and it has not got any different.
Is this still relevant in 2020?? Was wondering what would be best between a sound card or an external DAC, I really love my music and I do have some expensive headphones/speakers. Or is my built in audio from my Z390 aorus elite good enough?
Awesome video as Always!!
The Audigy RX sound card came out in 2013 but it uses 2004 technology. It has the same E-MU CA10300 chip that was used on the Audigy 4 card made in 2004. It actually sounds worse than the X-Fi cards that is one generation ahead. And it has worse CMSS (virtual surround sound for headphones) quality than X-Fi too. It also comes with lackluster software. There is no band equalizer, no bass & treble control, no mixer. You need to use Windows control panel's sound settings for some features, such as mixer, balance, testing, etc. This is a low-budget, repackaged card that you should avoid in favor of other lower-budget but better cards such as the 2008 card X-Fi Titanium, which is superior to the RX in all aspects mentioned above. It is a discontinued card, but it can be had $30-40 used. As mentioned, it is one generation ahead and has a better chip, CA20K2. It is supported in Windows 10, has PCI-E interface, also outputs discrete 7.1 like the RX, has better sound quality, better CMSS quality, and above all, a much better software suite that includes a band equalizer, mixer, proper volume controls, and 3 separate user interfaces for games, movies, and audio creation.
Very detailed reviews. If this channel reviews a feature or product, I don't need to watch a second video.
my asrock x79 extreme9 came with pcie x1 sound card, the card has LAN port as well
Growing up, I used the SAME soundcard I got in 1994 all they way up to 2002. That was a great, generic Packard Bell SoundBlaster compatible sound card. Those were the days.
I bought myself a sound blaster audigy rx 7.1 and yes it's awesome.... I was sick of my sound stuttering and popping in videos and games i have an i7 9700 with 32 gb of ram and a 1660 super gtx nvidia accelerator card and welll i grew up in the late nineties and I have some nostalgia regarding sound cards and sound blasters.... I remember getting my first card that was nothing it could only let one program use it at a time finally sound blaster live came out in the late nineties and more than one program could output sounds at a time it was freakin' miraculous.
AUDIGY = Aw-Di-Gee
Wondering if you can help me - I have the SB-Z connected to my Cambridge Soundworks 4+1 - nice sound. I primarily listen to music - no games or recording. My stereo system is parked next to my PC - and I would love an option to send the sound to my Amp/pre-amp and listen thru my tower speakers. How would I accomplish this - but maintain an option to still use the Cambridge speakers?
hi, i have the soundblaster fx and it does not support stereo mix or what you hear, can you tell me what card i need that supports stereo mix or what you hear
Well, fist time I am made at you for not showing a unboxing and installation of the sound card RX Second which one is truly better and is the difference worth the extra money ??? and what can they really do and do they have blue tooth ??? etc?
Very helpful. Being new to using a microphone with computer so why could it be that while my 5.1 computer speakers work for playback of internet or disc media I cannot hear my plug and play USB microphones through those speakers. Checked all setting for microphone even in Bios. Have a 9 year old Dell desk top. Could it be I need a newer sound card like the Blaster Audigy Rx? Looking to podcast soon. Thanks for any feedback.
who's still watching after 3 years??? like comment subs me :)
Hi sir ,I want to hear footsterps sound clearly in pubg, should I buy sound blaster z for gaming?
Hey i want to start my journey with better sound on pc. What used sound card do you recomend? I want to spend about 25-30$. soround 5.1 is a must have to gaming but good quality on flac files matter much for me too.
I think 7.1 CMSS is still the best gaming surround sound for headphones.
Not good?Sound Blaster has always made decent cards.Way better than any Realtek onboard I have ever used.
i m still using Audigy fx but only problem windows 10 gaming lag and sound shutters
If you use the included Creative ASIO driver it really worth it! it works very good, low latency, you can't compare it with even high end onboard cards without proper asio driver! For recording and midi works in DAWs it could process it easily. I still use an old Audigy ES PCI on my system because of this, it does the job and you don't need to buy an expensive external Audio capture Card for the latency problem. Still there is some problems with Creative driver, but you could find driver mods that works without any problem on latest Windows OS
Check out UK Amazon reviews and you will see that the Creative Audigy RX 7.1 has much better customer reviews than the Anus Xonar AE (which I used to own for all of 24 hours and then sent back to Amazon due to disappointing audio).
Is it okay to just digital out to my amp (my amp gas dac in it) ? I want to send my music from this card to amp
and another question would you go for soundblasterz or audigy rx?
I dont know dude, i testet the sound blaster z and also xfi titanium, the old xfi series. and i can say the old ones are much more better for gaming.
I still use my 2ZS platinum pro on my win 10 media center pc
А где тесты звука?
Something that I see in my computer that after installing this card and disabling the one integrated in the motherboard my games started to go better. I got a few more FPS jus because of this card.
Hi sorry bad english :: I have installed in my computer Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value SB0400 and sound from jack phone goes ok but when I use digital sp/dif to my dac sound ... how can i fix this ?
Hey thanks for the video, just wanted to ask is it worth buying in if i will use it with HyperX Cloud Alpha (my motherboard is gigabyte ab350-gaming 3)
focusrite gen3 vs creative who is better?
But the motherboards card is unable to play youtube and a vsti instrument at the same time. And this card knows 🙃
Hi Anton, If I just use headphones and want the amp from the sound card, do the DACs make a huge difference? I never use speakers due to my living arrangements. In my case would the Audigy be ok as its cheap? Or should I just grab the AE5?
The 106db is one of the least important things about the card, yes it does have some importance (in this case, is means that the older 106db is going to usually sound a tad bit more warm/nice/fussy which is good when dealing with PC sound. But I have heard newer onboard sound with a much better DB, that sounded a lot worse! What happens with sound is that, when you clean it up so much be removing distortion, and still have bad/weak/small onboard parts, it just sounds like plastic, and that is okay as long as you play games and mostly only deal with sound effects, but for REAL music, you notice that it does not quite have that little bit of magic that draws you in. I would much rather have the old audigy2 card, than most of the low - normal top onboard sound that is built in the newer boards. Yes maybe there are like 5 models on the market where you pay like 500 bucks for a really good motherboard, that finally has a better sound than audigy 2. But it is usually just a bit more clean in sound, still very flat and fake compared to those other boards you recommended. It is also a bit difficult finding drivers for those old cards audigy cards, because they probably don't support the newer OS, last time I looked. My driver cd is from like 2005 or so. The older cards did also have an older PCI slot which we do not have anymore, so they are kind of not compatible with the newer PC's out there. But nice to hear a guy focusing on sound cards in 2020 :-)
Idk why anyone would need more than 106 decibels. I believe you when you say this card is not good. But, I kind of feel bad believing someone that bases their reason on the fact that the card can not do more than 106 db. I have tested my Headphones with a Sound meter and I can say anything past 95 db starts to hurt my ears. I have also googled it and according to google anything past 85 db can cause hearing loss. I personally usually listen to music in the range of 50 to 75 db. So, yea 120 DB! is really just a gimmick.
i've still got my Audigy 2 ZS Gamer Limited Edition upstairs in it's original box. was used for a bit in my machine at the time and just kinda forgot about it. it's still in near mint condition as well, no corrosion on any of the contacts on the pins or board.
OMFG Another crappy text to speech video. Congrats on Zero Subs in 2 Years, that takes some doing. Maybe if you put some heart into your videos, instead of re-cycling other peoples videos, using the youtube DRM free music, and the worst speech synthesis available. This is just like the millions of click-bait crap videos that come from India or China. Thumbs down.
Great news for those who use FreeBSD as a desktop operating system - this card is fully supported by all recent versions of FBSD and works flawlessly with all the audio & multimedia programs I've used. And a real bonus is the card drives high impedance headphones such as the Koss Pro4AA (600 ohm) to decent volume levels without the need for an external headphone amp. Well done, Creative!
This channel carry about money ... It just want to sell ... She have no interest about Quality... Don't follow her Advice .... Because even her owner have not these products in her home .
ASUS Essence ii STX is not compatible with AMD AM4 sockets not compatible with X370/B350/X470/B450/X399/X570 motherboards. SHOULD ONLY BE SOLD WITH HEAVY WARNING!!!
Wot, no Midi in/out? Joke-
Creative rx doesnt competiable with windows 10... trash video ;)

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