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Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX PCIe 5.1 Sound Card with High ...

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Creative Labs 70SB150000000 Sound Blaster Z Sound Card 5.1 ...

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX PCIe 5.1 Sound Card with High Performance ... Creative Sound Blaster Z SE Internal PCI-e Gaming Sound Card and DAC, ...


Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX Internal Sound Card Features

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Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX Internal Sound Card Specifications

Connectivity Features
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Input/Output Connectors 1 x Aux Audio, Microphone
Height 6 mm
Width 17.5 mm
Audio Channel Supported 5.1
Brand Creative
Features 5.1 PCIe Sound Card with SBX Pro Studio, The perfect Sound Blaster upgrade, Enjoy multi-channel cinematic sound, Independent input sources, Control and customize your audio
Interface PCI Express
Model Name Sound Blaster Audigy FX
Model Number CT-SB-ADFX
Signal to Noise Ratio 106 dB
Speaker Support 5.1 Speakers
System Requirements
Hard Disk Space 600 MB of free hard disk space
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8
Processor Intel? Core? 2 Duo
Processor Speed 2.2GHz or faster Processor
Slot Required 1 PCI Express
Warranty Summary 1 Year Warranty

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Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX Internal Sound Card Reviews from YouTube

My Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Fx Sound Card Review
Review - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Fx
How good is an Audigy in 2020?
Creative Soundblaster Audigy FX Sound Card Test and REVIEW!
This bloody Card cant "Record what you hear" to me its Crap!
I got this card about 6 months ago. It has never worked proprly in windows 10. After playing a game for a short while I get crackling and pops. This will carry on even if you exit from a game, i.e. using youtube. There is a temporary solution which means normally dropping the bitrate but saying that it only works for a few minutes then the crackling restarts until reboot. I am not alone with this problem. I have tried everything to resolve this issue by trying different drivers, various windows settings ect. I think that the problem is this card is longer supported by creative and windows 10. I would not recommend you buy this card.
Sorry for being pleb buy im quite new in pc stuff. Is it worth buying something like this if you are a gsming enthusiast and you also enjoy music but not with really high quality equipment?
Is this for pc or laptop
Can it be for singing or it only for listen to music
Can I use this to play Paltalk ad
Actually glad my onboard broke and forced me to buy this. Sound quality is way better, definitely an ear candy which I never knew my speakers have.
Dedicate soundcard = CPU less usage
Would you recommend this for headphone?
Great card but not possible for me to record playback (what U hear) of my pc :-(
good video mate thanks for the review
i blew my soundcard on my motherboard. this is the only reason why im looking this up
Someone please help me, this card is causing me to have a constant buzzing noise in the background of my headphones. I use a HyperX cloud II and I use a three ringed 3.5 mm aux extension cable so that my audio jack can reach the rear end of my case. I know it's not the cable because I can use it fine on my phone without any issues. I also know the issue is not my headphones because they work fine on my phone, and I have tried other pairs of headphones on the sound card and they get this buzzing. This is ridiculous plz help! EDIT: I minimized the buzzing by moving the sound card to another PCI slot.
Yo the onboard sound on my mobo does not work, would this be a decent replacement? I dont have high end speakers just a 2.1 set from cyber acoustics and the only thing that plugs into my PC is the green plug.
fuck you
Actually it not really much better than on board soundcard
3:33 Well Goddamn Looks like it's time for you to get a new sound card ☝
Hey man greetings, thanks for the video. I'm just curious because I may go buying this sound card but there is no really way I can test the difference in sound quality from the standart sound card you have from mother boards and this one. I do have a sub-woofer 2.1 so would like to know if it's worth or not getting this card. I would like to know your opinion if you ever tested already the difference between generic sound card and this one too. Would appreciate so much if you can set a video for showing the driver and his equalizer, thank you so much!
just got mine. I can't get it to work. i.e. no sound. thanks for the review. I really wanted to like this.
Which headset do you have
Nice video dude. But I decided i'm gonna settle on a asus soundcard.
I have been using this sound card with the Logitech z506 surround sound speaker for about a year and a half it has been a great upgrade
I don´t know what are u talking about this Audigy RX, it sound great. I have 2 motherboards now, with 2 onboard built in chips ALC 1200 and ALC 1220, with the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro WiFi and the ASUS Tuf B550m Gaming WiFi. The Sound Blaster Audigy RX sounds better than thouse 2 ALC´s chips. really better. If u compare the BASS audibles frecuencies, in real life, between the Audgy RX and the ALC 1220, the ALC 1200/1220 sounds good, much better than the old Realtek generation, AL 889, etc. But they don´t sound better than Audigy RX.
I use the Sound Blaster Audigy RX for 3 or 4 years ago. and now. it is excellent, a good sound, good bass, real acutes, not sharp and not metal. the sound is real. But i have a little problem, recently I instaled Batocera and Recallbox and there´s no sound. It is recongnized, like Sound Blaster Audigy 5/RX but it doesn't sound. I use the Digital Output S/PDIF, but with analoge RCA conectors, neither. I don´t know what´s up with the Linux support.
Hmmm, all I see is just looking at specs. I want to see results in hearing tests on both new tech and old tech. I have been in home theater and home audio for over 20 years and specs done mean crap compared to using your ears. I have heard old Marantz receivers that will to me sound better than my 2k Pioneer Elite receiver. I do have a current Emotiva separates that cost twice more than my $2k Pioneer elite and honestly is does sound better, but it is not really a big night and day difference. Why do spend more, well it’s part of the hobby just like pc’s and so forth. Now, you say that Audigy is not good and so forth. I have both a Audigy 2zx and also and sound blaster z. I have these both connected to two different pc’s similar specs and i also have two Logitech Z2300’s and 2 Klipsch Promedia’s. When listening to Dianna Krall on both computers two different sound cards and two same z2300’s, Klipsch Pro Media’s both being on neutral on settings the sound is not a big night and they difference. On the Z card, the highs are a bit smoother and the bass a bit more refined. The 2ZS, was still no slouch. The highs were a slight more brighter and the bass was a bit less refined. Both being almost 10 years apart, the sound is not a night and day difference. I also hooked them up to my Emotiva setup and having it driving my Klipsch Epic CF3’s both sound cards sounded great! With both cards not being adjusted and being on neutral they both held really well. The 2ZS like compared to the pc Speakers the Z2300 and the Klipsch Promedia’s results are almost the same. The 2zx was slightly brighter, but the bass was very articulate on my CF3’s. Along with the Z where the highs was a bit more smoother, but still being 10 years apart can’t really complain and also for the price. Honestly, if I didn’t A and B the cards you probably wouldn’t tell the difference. In conclusion, I say you must go by what sounds better, not just specs. Sure the specs will look good and one card will have better DAC’, SNR, and so forth, but hearing is what makes the decision not specs. Having both the Z and the 2ZX I was curious to see how each sound and to my observation they both sound great and the sound between them is not even a night and day difference. If anything, the highs is maybe a slight smoother as the bass is a bit refined and articulated. Like I mentioned before if you didn’t A and B both cards you probably can’t tell the difference. So for me, is newer tech better than old. That’s a big NO! Does specs mean a lot? That’s a big NO! Is the audigy 2ZS a bad card or to old? That’s a big NO! Is the sound blaster z a better card than the 2ZS? That’s a big NO!
i wanted to buy this card, but this video helped me. and when i saw software, its retro without settings (welcome back in the 2000), thanks again
driver win 10
Hey i want to start my journey with better sound on pc. What used sound card do you recomend? I want to spend about 25-30$. soround 5.1 is a must have to gaming but good quality on flac files matter much for me too.
I think 7.1 CMSS is still the best gaming surround sound for headphones. good?Sound Blaster has always made decent better than any Realtek onboard I have ever used.
i m still using Audigy fx but only problem windows 10 gaming lag and sound shutters
If you use the included Creative ASIO driver it really worth it! it works very good, low latency, you can't compare it with even high end onboard cards without proper asio driver! For recording and midi works in DAWs it could process it easily. I still use an old Audigy ES PCI on my system because of this, it does the job and you don't need to buy an expensive external Audio capture Card for the latency problem. Still there is some problems with Creative driver, but you could find driver mods that works without any problem on latest Windows OS
Check out UK Amazon reviews and you will see that the Creative Audigy RX 7.1 has much better customer reviews than the Anus Xonar AE (which I used to own for all of 24 hours and then sent back to Amazon due to disappointing audio).
Is it okay to just digital out to my amp (my amp gas dac in it) ? I want to send my music from this card to amp
and another question would you go for soundblasterz or audigy rx?
I dont know dude, i testet the sound blaster z and also xfi titanium, the old xfi series. and i can say the old ones are much more better for gaming.
I still use my 2ZS platinum pro on my win 10 media center pc
А где тесты звука?
Something that I see in my computer that after installing this card and disabling the one integrated in the motherboard my games started to go better. I got a few more FPS jus because of this card.
Hi sorry bad english :: I have installed in my computer Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value SB0400 and sound from jack phone goes ok but when I use digital sp/dif to my dac .no sound . how can i fix this ?
Hey thanks for the video, just wanted to ask is it worth buying in if i will use it with HyperX Cloud Alpha (my motherboard is gigabyte ab350-gaming 3)
focusrite gen3 vs creative who is better?

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