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Creative (PD1030) Pro USB WebCam Features

Creative (PD1030) Pro USB WebCam

Find the best deal on Creative (PD1030) Pro USB WebCam at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Creative (PD1030) Pro USB WebCam Price in India is ₹11,754 at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of Creative (PD1030) Pro USB WebCam we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Creative (PD1030) Pro USB WebCam Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Creative
Item Height 19.8 Centimeters
Item model number PD1030
Item Weight 476 g
Item Width 8.4 Centimeters
Model PD1030
Product Dimensions 28.4 x 8.4 x 19.8 cm

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Creative (PD1030) Pro USB WebCam Reviews from YouTube

I tried all of these webcams so you don't have to. What webcam is best?
Logitech C920 vs Creative Live! Cam Chat HD Unboxing & Review - Also Low light test
Part 1 - Logitech C615 vs Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080P - Which One To Buy?
Creative Live! Cam Connect HD 1080p Webcam VF0760 [Review]
I have had a lot of people ask what the webcam is that I used to film this video. For this video I used my Sony a6000 mirrorless camera (). Unfortunately, I still have not found a webcam I think is good enough to film a Youtube video (which is what got me started going down this rabbit hole in the first place). Since filming this I have tried a few new webcams that I was ultimately not very impressed with. I am still on a quest to find a good webcam for a decent price. I will make an update (and probably another video) after (if?) I finally find one.
Actually Canon made a very good software to use your DSLR or mirroless camera as a webcam, in 2020. It always worked brilliantly, No lag and superb image quality.
Keep looking at logitech c920 on amazon sometimes it has option for used I got mine for 46pound and then straight after amazon warehouse had run out and whent up to 100 pound
You deserve a lot of likes just from this one video alone. Holy cow Thank you!
Thank you, can you recommend a great camera for you youtube uploads/live This was really great content
Whatever you do DON'T buy the Razer Kiyo. It has a critical design flaw in that the hinge will fail and you will not be able to position your camera properly. Since the signal cable runs through it you simply can't repair it. And then will come the surprise if you buy your Kiyo brand new and factory sealed from eBay (like I did) or any other seller deemed "not an authorised Razer reseller" (As deemed by Razer) you have absolutely no warranty. My Kiyo's hinge suddenly failed after less than a month of use. Please google "Razer Kiyo" and "Hinge" and you'll find all the information you'll need from tons of users who had this issue. Big fat scam
Good microphone bad video is okay, good video bad microphone is bad. Imo best to go for a cheap web cam and save the rest for a decent microphone.
Donate to me 1
Hi need help on seting up my c922pro for streamyard. Its too lag, and too brigjt
Sweet - thanks for sharing and all the testing!
Could do with timelines when you cover each.
Lol, not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes buy a ton of webcams for the people
How did you fix the lighting issues which looks like it's creating waves in the lighting?
Thx for your afford! How do I set up a wifi action camera as webcam for twitch? Est regards
Gutes Video! Danke für die Arbeit. Ich habe ein gutes Bildschirm-Gadget gefunden. /. Meine Augen fühlten sich viel besser an.
Which one was the shittiest I need it to tell in game chat
You know what I wanted a Logitech webcam, but couldn't afford it. I was in luck because my brother has one that he no longer uses.
What would be your view on say, getting the Logitech 920 and investing in a higher quality separate microphone for overall quality?
Well.! This is exactly what I have looked about. It spared me a lot of time and money. Thank you for the good work.
To support me, please order your C920 here on Amazon: much else to be said it’s a great webcam!Plugged it into my MacBook Pro, gave it permission and it fired right up in FaceTime, photo booth and OBS. Super camera control software you can download is kinda lame, but does let you manually adjust exposure and focus.*
Well, first off, it seems that you are running the test on the same machine? If so, that can explain the lag and discoloration on the creative webcam, perhaps. Second, there is a huge price gap between the two. Why comparing this specific pair?
Hi, is it possible to deactivate auto focus on C920? Does it save the settings or do you always have to deactivate it when not needed? thanks
OMG the creative is awful :D
WTF 180€ VS 19€ Lamborghini VS carreta XD
Great comparison! After that there is no problem to make a right choice.
Hope this video helped you decide which webcamera to go for. If you found it useful, maybe consider subscribing to Lyftic and get updated on new videos? Send me a message if you have any questions regarding these webcameras! (I still use C920 which works like a charm even after 5 years)
Yeah but the Logitech one is a lot more expensive.
fawking idiot is not gud mic i not buy fakka you
I want a cam to live stream study videos and don't want to show my tace, I want to place this cam on top of laptop screen and the bend down postion where I study like beside my laptop keyboard. So for that purpose will it work Anybody help Plz
soo gay
Great video and very help full
i was going to buy the creative but didnt know how it would look thank u for making this video:)
I'm investing in the *Creative Live* webcam and it doesn't look that bad
nice and very helpful review! thanks :)
I was very confused. The site I bought my Creative off of said 30fps and 720p. "That should be enough :D " When I first turned it on, I was gonna be sick. Thanks, now I know it's not my setting or whatever, the camera genuinly just sucks. Waste of money.
to be hones, smartphone with droidcam app has better quality than creative live.
Simen, I didn't expected that I, looking for a review, accidentally, will meet you xd
You did not setup it right!
So, will you go for the Logitech C615 or the Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080P? There is a part 2 between the battle of these webcams. Part 2: Logitech C615 vs CREATIVE Live! Cam Sync 1080P - We change the settings and the results will suprise you. Link: just got Creative Live! Cam Sync. my picture is very blurry. can barely see my own eyes. how come?
Just personally noticed Mas mataas cguro yung fps ng Creaive live kesa Logitech C615. Overall nice review!
hahaha akala ko rubix algo
Great channel, I subbed. I think you should take a look at smzeus”.”com to increase your social proof!
Iba ka talaga! Lufet
Creative live mas ok. Masakit sa mata ung motion blurr ng c615
Ano camera gamit nyo po dito sa video?
thank you very much, Creative is the best
hi thanks for this review! super useful!. but one question. how's the compatibility with the laptop? any suggestions for the laptop specs na pwede magamit para sa creativelive cam? Thanks!
Nice . Bro, next time isama mo sa review yung build in mic performance.
Does it works on android
Can you use this camera on xbox one x
The quality looked pretty poor to me
MasterGibEk Tv have this camera
I bought the webcam and it's good but I did not get the software that is on disk.
It looks meh
last 30 secs should be the first
How do you record your screen with it? Or can you?
Good review. It seems ok without being great
does it work on windows 8
Got a Logitech C920. Wish i had gone with this one Logitech software is just awful. I used to have a creative cam before with just the same software as Creative's. Waaaay better.
LOL, You can tell the voice was recorded separately from when recording. It isn't as good as your other reviews man :(
respect. nuff said just earned a new subscriber
Hello, I knoe this is unrelated to the video, but i'm looking to buy a laptop that can play games with decent graphics, without spending over £1,000 on an Alienware, could you recommend any? I saw the Acer Aspire 5755G if that is any good
£80? Holy crap
What is up with your audio quallity man it sucks
@MrHAMMUDE90 it sounds different, as he would use a headset mic
is this MP4 video format? the Audio sounds kinda . can't really describe here but let's just say not clear enough when wearing some good headphones. good work as always, keep up :)
can the video lag from this cam be fixed by changing the resolution of it to 720p?
weird sound

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