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Creative Outlier Gold Bluetooth Headset Features

The perfect companion for your outdoor escapades, the Creative Outlier Bluetooth Headset offers up to 14 hours of playback time on a full charge. You can also get a total playback time of up to 39 hours by recharging this headset via the charging case. This wireless headset’s Super X-Fi technology offers an immersive aural experience, every single time. You can download and install the SXFI app on a compatible device from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. You can also listen to peppy tracks on this in-ear headset even when you’re breaking a sweat in the gym, as it is IPX5 rated.

  • With Mic:Yes
  • TWS True Wireless
  • Sweatproof Earphones with Super X-Fi Technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Graphene Driver
  • 39 hours1 of pure audio bliss
  • Premium charging case
  • Graphene driver diaphragm
  • Bluetooth 5.0 low energy with APTX and AAC
  • Dual-voice calls with smart assistants
  • Hassle-free convenience
  • All-day comfort and secure fit
Creative Outlier Gold Bluetooth Headset Creative Outlier Gold Bluetooth Headset Colours:
  • Gold

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Creative Outlier Gold | Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds
Creative Outlier Gold TWS True Wireless Earphones,14 Hour,aptX/AAC | One of the Best Sound | Review
Creative Outlier Air Truly Wireless Earphones - REVIEW
Absolutely Amazing! : Creative Outlier Air True Wireless REVIEW
Creative Outlier Gold, Sony WI-600SP or JBL Endurance series? Please help me decide, guys. I don't go to the gym but I have a Sony Walkman Z series and I just got a Oneplus 7T, so getting wireless headphones is now mandatory.
Just got this. Coming from an Apple airpods user, sound quality is definitely better than Apple. The battery life is really long.
ATH-CKS5TW are better with 15 hours on a single charge and totally with case 45 hours battery life ,but it will cost more.However,Creative Outlier Gold are in my top 2.Noise reduction might ruin sound quality,so it is totally fine without it.
rip those u waste 200+ on apple :D
10x better than apple.
Can you turn off those annoying glowing light rings?
Does creative outlier gold have wireless charging?
Are they worth the 30 pounds extra over the standard black ones?
love you too
Hello Sir can outlier gold earbuds use the sxfi function with movies and videos? And how?
after one month the left piece stopped working big disappointment I'm p....d
Which are better these or mpow m30plus
These are very tempting, but I wish I could know how do they work in call. Does your interlocutor hear you well or do they feel you like you're kinda far away? Have anyone tried a phone call in a windy weather or while riding a bike?
i got my pods at and they are awesome. Great quality and price.
I heard from another youtuber that he got 22 hrs of listening time through the buds while listening at 50% volume. Also he stated that at 50% volume, the sound is pretty loud. Is that true? Also how is the bass. Please confirm so I can make a decision to buy these or not. Thanks.
how are they for making and receiving phone calls?
Hi, great review. Just bought these for £64.99 off the Creative website. 👍
Is creative outlier manufactured in US?
Trying to decide between these and the one more stylish. Would would your choice be for sound quality? Tried the tws 5s and was terribly disappointed
"Top volume'll absolutely blast your brain to bits!" *SOLD!*
These vs soundcore life p2. Which are better? Sound quality and mic are the priorities
Creative is my fav. Brands interms of music department....since i was about 14 yrs I'm in 31......but still is a no. 1 choice for me....
i have wi-xb400 how does this compare with it
is this similar or better than sennheiser momentum
Bro just tell me which is the best ear bud for SPECIALLY for music and mic(best on calling)?
Bhai,creative outlier gold or lenovo ht10 is best one for music,(bass)and overall perfomance?plzz reply🙏
Sirji lot of buyers have given bad reviews on Amazon stating sound quality is very bad, bass is bad, instrument separation is poor, etc etc. Can you please confirm on the sound quality so that I can take a decision in buying Creative Outlier Gold.
Review mast hai bhai. I am looking forward to more reviews from you. One request. If possible, can you do a audio test on Realme X2 Pro. Wanted to know how the audio performs through the 3.5mm audio jack as in bass, loudness, etc.
I hv purchased this in 10999 rs from Flipkart...but its not work like what u say in a vedio...bass to hai hi ni .... clearity bhi ok ni ...agr koi solution hai to batao nahi return krna padega. Plz reply me .....
Bro I'm confuse, people say this buds works with Sxfi software then only sound quality is nice, and that sxfi not works with spotify or wynk etc, so confuse whether to buy this cause I watch movies and music with laptop and phone. Plz advice how was ur experience without sxfi etc
Low sound from microphones...dabbi hui awaz hai...sliding case very ackward...jhintak cheap looking lights on buds...not worth more than 5k then ok else not worthy...dont recommend them paaji as Creative is a lousy brand compared to JBL etc
Satisfying review mate. Can you tel me which one to buy from samsung buds plus or pixel buds or creativs gold?
"Superb"video bro Is it better than apple. Please reply me
Can I get a buying link for this one? And can you search for outlier air too? Comparison with 1more and shanling? Also lypertek tevi?
Ossam review 💚
Another good review. 👏🙏 Would you recommend this or 1more stylish tws? Thank you in advance.
Subtitles good
7k 8k price hai fir bhi touch control nahi hai. Aisa lagta hai jaise fully saji hui dulhan ko hawai chappal pehna diya.
You should also mention these have graphene driver. That's why it has less distortion than many earbuds of its class.
May I know if this earbud can pause music when you remove 1 earbud? Mine still seem to play music even with 1 earbud removed.
This earbuds have been a pain in my ass
Unfortunately microphone sucks.. It's really quiet, makes phone calls impossible to be successful, I called to someone and we both were frustrated about the quality of the call.. Either on messenger or the phone calls. Listening to music is a good side of these tws, sound is pretty nice, however these earbuds are really soundproofing. Makes them a little bit dangerous while jogging or riding a bike, but maybe it's just my ears and my feeling. Price wasn't too big so I'm satisfied with the sound of a music, but mic makes them totally useless during phone calls...
I bought them after your review and I'm beyond satisfied. I have them over a year now and they're in an impeccable condition. The sound quality is just great. If anybody's looking for quality earbuds under 100$, I absolutely recommend them.
Hello can outlier gold use the sxfi function with movies and videos?and how?
How is that possibile that some people say that the bass here are not good and some other people say that they are amazing?? I can understand that when is about audio quality everybody can have their own opinions, but the bass... you get them or you don't...
Does this have the capability to pair with ANY phone?
Why is my right earbud louder than the left ear bud how do I fix that?
anyone know if you can turn off the lights
i bought it based on your review and it's good! True to your description! Gonna miss your review from now on :( Hope you keep all your posts for future reference!
THANKS jim for mentioning audio passsthrough your reviews are the best
Just bought it ! Thanks for the great review!
While these earphones sound good they have pathetic life. I bought these on sept, 2019, two weeks back right earphones stopped working. Worst of all is the service. I have been writing emails to them but to no avail. No one seems to care. Plus they want you to pay for fixing things which are in warranty. DO NOT BUY THESE EARPHONES.
I was looking for some earbuds with a fair, yet quality price. I came across two for the main reason in audio calls, but still wanted a good overall experience. For me, it came down to 2 (looked outside of this channel). Jim has reviewed both of these. The following are my direct notes from his reviews, so take them for what you should, as they are simply my notes for me to personally decide. However, I hope they may come to use for you. I chose to pay a little extra for a little extra to stay on a more premium side of buds, but it was a close call. Currently they Creative buds are priced at 59.99, while the Aukey are at 89.99. I'm going with the Aukey. Have fun, and choose wisely, no matter what you end up with :) CREATIVE 10 hr life (50% vol. resulted in 7hr 18 min.) 30 hr total not touch sensative (firm touch) plastic quality, but not top quality Siri is crazy good No external environment switchover, but you may take one bud out, to be more aware of surroundings rain NP (IP 5) Stay in ear well for jogging and weight lifting, but not the best outside of that. Jump roping they starting to slip out. Bluetooth 5.0 (90% of apartment coverage) Youtube and Netflix played without syncing issues USB C charging for case Displays L and R bud charge A little bg noise, but audio coming through on both earphones during a call. Audio performance: apdex auio; has great base (more so than Aukey T10) Mid audio is fine compared to bottom end range, although base will shadow mid (gives me reason to believe Aukey T10 is much better, and has a better balance). High notes could be clearner, but not terrible. No listening fatigue after a couple hrs. Cost for quality is REALLY good. AUKEY T10 Premium look and feel, providing grip while wearing; very comfortable for "my" small ears Very stable while wearing Low Pressure Jet Spray rating (5) Touch sensative Tripple press for Siri and Google No aduio passthrough (just like Creative) Audio Prompts are available meaning it will let you know when you are paired to a device, and when they are being turned on and off. Bluetooth 5.0 (reaching 95% of apartment) YouTube and Netlix played w/ zero synching delays Wireless charging compatible 7 HRs of playback (6 hrs 37 min at 50% vol) Needs case to pair. Can't pair to another device at the same time, so you must unpair to connect to another device. Audio comes in on both ear when on call. Sounds damn good for the price. Really well balanced. Bass is good, and performs well in all other genres. Overall very good for budget buds.
These things hurt my ears so bad. They’re so huge! Once I put them in, they slowly push themselves out and I’m constantly having to jam them into my ear canals. I can’t have them in for more than $10 without my ears throbbing. I’m pretty disappointed
@Jimsreviewroom. Would you choose this over the aukey t10?
What if this compared to samsung buds+ and lypertech tevi which sound better. Just for the sound quality aspect.
Hey great vid. Compared to lypertek tevi? Which one should i get?
Please make a review of Creative outlier V2. I have the gold one and they are incredible for that good price. I'm thinking about buying the V2.
Is it have app?
Came in just a few hrs ago. I love them SO. MUCH. The sound is so good overall but THE Bass (with capital B) is very present. I can almost feel them pulsing. The isolation too is so good it seems active. I still have to try the mic's quality but I guess I'll only stick with Creative from now on. I'm sold!
creative outlier vs sesh evo?
Tbh they're the perfect fit for me, the button thing isn't really a big deal because I usually just use my phone to do everything
Does this have an ambient mode ?
Battery life???
Touch response suck, i usually get accidentally trigger the tws while fixing the tws position in my ear. I prefer touch button to touch sensor
Button is not an issue for me, given battery, price, and sound. Better than my Jabra 65t elite.
Heloo what your oppinion? Creative outliner air vs soundpeats truengine 2 ? Please need advice
Hello créative or aukey ept10 ?
Thanks for the great reviews. Between the 1 more stylish and the creative outlier airs, which has the better sound? Thanks again.
Would these compete with the Sony wf-1000xm3 Volume/Soundwise? Minus the noise cancellation features, etc. *I just wanna blow out my ear drums!* 🔥😈🔥
just got them! sounds amazing! i like it:) thanks for the honest reviews
I have these and there is a problem. Compared to others like I own eg Soundcore liberty pro 2 these sound very strange-I hear no bass and maybe my ear canal is at fault. I tried pressing them or even putting them loosely-I dnt get the sound as expected Or maybe the design is flaw? Anybody else got this issue?
I have two questions if anyone can help: 1) How can you cennect them with laptops 2) Do they have an app that you can connect them with?
you didnt do a mic test
Since you had reviewed 1more stylish true wireless, which one is better?
Hi there! Great review. Thank you! Off topic: Does anyone knows where to get the wallpapers he has in his monitors? Thank you.

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