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Buy Cowon X9 32GB Video MP3 Player online at Amazon. Cowon X9 32GB Video MP3 Player Cowon X9 32GB Video MP3 Player Colours: Black White
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Amazon Offers ₹38,949
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Cowon X9 32GB Video MP3 Player Features

Cowon X9 32GB Video MP3 Player Cowon X9 32GB Video MP3 Player Colours:
  • Black
  • White

The lowest Cowon X9 32GB Video MP3 Player Price in India is ₹38,949 at Amazon.
Buy Cowon X9 32GB Video MP3 Player online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
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Cowon X9 32GB Video MP3 Player Specifications

Audio File Format MP3, MP2, WMA, FLAC, OGG, APE, WAV
Audio Playback Time 110 hrs
Sound Settings 5 Band Graphic Equalizer (EQ Filter)
IO Device Hi-speed USB 2.0
Depth 12.2 mm
Height 114.9 mm
Weight 159 g
Width 72.5 mm
Display Resolution 480 x 272 Pixels
Display Size 4.3 inch
Display Type Color Wide Display, Touch Screen
Brand Cowon
Color White
Model Id X9
Type MP4 Player
In the Box
Sales Package Earphone, USB Cable, Manual, Guarantee Card
Memory Size 8 GB
Additional Features Stereo Channel, Audio Frequency Range: 20 - 20000 Hz, 95 dB SNR, FM Radio Frequency Range: 87.5 - 108 MHz (KR, US, EU), 76-90 MHz (JP), Video Composite, Video Format (NTSC, PAL), Stereo Audio, 0.5 W Mono Speaker Output Power, Speaker Frequency Range: 1 - 20 kHz, Speaker Recording (Mic, Line-in, FM R...View More Stereo Channel, Audio Frequency Range: 20 - 20000 Hz, 95 dB SNR, FM Radio Frequency Range:
FM Tuner Yes
MP3 Audio Yes
WMA Audio Yes
Battery Type Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
Max Power Output 29 29 mW (16 ohm Earphones)
Recharge Time 6 hrs (USB), 4.5 hrs (Adaptor)
Recharging Method USB-based Charging, Adaptor Based Charging
Max Video Recording Time 13 hrs
Video File Format AVI, WMV, ASF
Video Playback Time Yes

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Cowon Plenue D2 Super Review - POWERFUL Audio
Is it possible to change the radio station and volume with the buttons?
Fuck it and fuck those who developed this player, i had this new and instal update on second day, stuck forever! i tried so many things nothing helped and $146 gone just like that :)
you forgot to turn your radio off
Do they have one without a touchscreen?
Does anyone know if there's a Cowon brand successor to the X9? As in "all music, long battery life, no "apps" or bullshit like that"? I love mine but am looking towards Hifiman as an upgrade unless this exists. Between FLAC and 320kpbs records, I get about 60 hours of battery life out of my Cowon from 2013 @ 27-33 volume depending on the recording. This is plugged into a Fiio AMP to further make it louder as it distorts past about 32, or the "getting into it" range with electronic music. I am content with that. I'd get the ~100 if I listened to it @ half the volume and just MP3s. 40- 60 hours is good enough. Has Cowon made a device since then with battery life akin to that for both FLAC and MP3 at volume? When I bought my X9, most other models were 12-20 hours at best. Out of the box, my X9 new lasted a whole three week trip through NE, UK (England and Scotland) and back with >15% battery life back (this being most of the time listening to music quietly) and I felt I should settle for no else besides that but I hate the proprietary charger and the jack that can break (did, I had to recable it) on you.
what sounds better, this or the M2?
Better than the fiio brand?
I just care about sound quality I have my phone for everything else and the x9 is better than iPod when it comes down to sound
How hard is it to make an MP3 player that supports micro SD and drag and drop files and has decent user interface....
Sorry I bought the X9 now. I thought Cowon may have moved on from my old D2 (in terms of functional usefulness) but the X9 is crap. The UI is slow, unintuitive and buggy, the picture resolution is pretty poor, the documentation is poor (thats why I'm coming to do research on Youtube) and the website is unresponsive to support enquiries. If I could take it back, I would. The only selling point (other than it not being an Apple) is that it handles .OGG and .FLC as well as .MP3. Is there another brand that can handle those file types?
Because of the screen... I rather get a sansa clip+
Anyhow, the Cowon players still are on top when comes to audio quality and formats.
No bluetooth :(
1:34 he has lights on there shout out
yes! finally i can play "Chicken Head in the Sky!"
I agree PawlOwl, and with the ability to stream Spotify, that would be the perfect Player. all other non Music things I can do with my Smartphone.
I wish they would just make a solid, small player with huge battery life and skipped all the video and games bullshit. Unless you are doing those two things very well no one will use them anyway, like the D2. I mean, thats the only reason people buy a dedicated portable music player, for the sound, not the other crap that your smartphone can do 100x better anyway.
Very interested in this. If they could meld it all into a "x79" (pc gamers will get this joke) with a HD screen I'd be flabbergasted. I'd like to see a better screen altogether. Like the ultimate portable media player. X7's size and space, the x9's battery life and storage expansion, and lasty a UHD touch screen would make the "x79" an ipod killer. Also a market!! Let the geeks play with it and put some root os's on it so we can hack em. Phone calls would also be nice!!
Looking to buy a Cowon after being let down by Apple,are these players compatible with Macs and what player could anyone suggest?.Cheers in advance.
x7 is like wine it gets better as the years go by. nothing will top it in the next 5 years money to quality wise as the x7.
Hi mate, Could you tell me the difference in sound quality between iPhone/iPod and Cowon X9? Is the earphone incuded with Cowon X9 any better than iPone 5 earphone? Thank you.
I own an ipod touch 4th gen, and im about to get this cowon x9 cause im tired of all the itunes shit and not being able to put songs like OS files, and no flac compatibility. I think is a good idea, i owned a cowon f2 for like a year and i loved it until i lost it stupidly.
So anyways, I'm planning to buy this for my birthday as an alternative to the all-very-known ipod/ipad series and want to also have a big display (No less than 3.9") and also affordability. Do you think this is a good idea? P.S. I don't care about the sound; I am planning to get a Nixon Trooper headphone to use with this
yeah i agree. however i dont buy stuff like this based on looks. babes yes... mp3 player no :}
Flash that we're "stuck" with? Flash is infinitely more reliable than HDD anyway. Who would actually prefer HDD?
Better than the X7?
Cowon = superb audio quality
think worth mentioning :D 110 hrs, really i got sick of mp3 players dying off on me unexpectedly it's soo disappointing on long trips or any car rides really. i like my mp3 players to be charged as long as possible, without worrying too much about forgetting to charge it.
Thanks for the review :) really well done. what about the battery life?
have this one a reset button same the j3?
I think Cowon should keep their focus ONLY on sound, because that's where they're the number 1 on the market.
Awsome review would you say its betyer then samsungs media players??
I used to have a Cowon D a long time ago and was impressed by the SQ. Ordered the Plenue D2 today and I am curious about how it will sound. UI has not changed since 15 years ago it seems :-). Having some trouble in finding a suitable (balanced) headphone cable in the Netherlands though. Any suggestions???
Plenue D3 are out i think
What setup did u use for HD600?
can u make a review of the AK SP2000 pls...thanks
Can you use a dac head amp with it?
Er wtf does it sound like, and what phones are you using
Good review, but my first gen Plenue D touchscreen stopped responding after a year of being unused. Everything else works alright though, but my biggest gripe; they don’t officially sell here in India anymore, so no repairs possible. Sigh!
I have HiBy r6 pro and when I used 4.4mm balanced for playback, the player gets hot after around 10 songs playback. I was looking for a non Android player that can playback from balance port for my He4xx. Because when I playback with balance on my r6 pro, it sounded punchier without making the sound louder. Based on my experience, I have 2 questions: 1. Will this dap get hot from balance 2.5mm playback? 2. Do you know if this can compare to r6 pro in terms of sound playback for He4xx or even Sundara? I am looking to upgrade my headphone to sundara, but unsure if it can support playback. Thanks.
I just bought the plenue d2 but I'm extremely frustrated. I have a 128gb micro sd I formatted it to fat32 load my music and the play just shows updating database. Then it turns off. It load with the sd card but with the card it just keep doing the same loading database. Any fixes you might know of. And I have tried 2 different ad cards too.
Today i received the PD2. In comparison to the PD(1) the on/off button is somewhat loose and rattles - do other owners of the PD2 experience the same? Thinking about exchanging it. Thanks!
Which Walkman version are you comparing this to?
Hi there - great review! Which IEM's do you suggest for the D2? Coming from d(1) with Final E2000/Beoplay H6 2nd and would like to step up (a lot). I'd be interested in a budget and non budget option. Favorite genres: jazz, rock, folk, independent, electronic. just your personal preference - any suggestion appreciated...
Had a horrendous experience with Sony customer service (so bad that I will never buy anything from them again) so looking for a good alternative to a Walkman. Thanks for this review
okay, I bought one after watching this review actually and I've had issues from the start. I can't get the thing to turn on, it crashed for like the tenth time transferring music. I've tried resetting it with the volume buttons. I'm having no luck. Has this happened to anyone else that could help me?
that lag on interface is a complete no go for me.. I am not spending this much money on a product in 2020 with a laggy interface. shame as it looks great otherwise..
I have a Cowon M2 and love it for its battery life, sound quality, etc. But I really enjoy being able to bookmark mp3 audiobooks. Does the Plenue D2 have that function?
picture perfect advert :p
I fall in love with Cowon sound quality, I dont know why, but I just dont like sound signature of Astell and Kern
Is this louder than your preferred Sony one? I heard that Sony has to started to limit the loudness of their players (at least in Europe). Thank you.
the up/down track button really just orientates to a vertical track list; like what you would find on the back of a CD case.

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