Cowon M2 16GB Video MP3 Player

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Buy Cowon M2 16GB Video MP3 Player online at Amazon. Cowon M2 16GB Video MP3 Player Colours: Silver

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Buy Cowon M2 16GB Video MP3 Player online at Amazon.
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Cowon M2 16GB Video MP3 Player Colours:
  • Silver

Cowon M2 16GB Video MP3 Player Specifications

Audio File Format MP3
Audio Playback Time 90 hr
Depth 13.8 mm
Height 53.1 mm
Weight 75 g
Width 74.3 mm
Display Resolution 320 x 240 Pixels
Display Size 2.8 inch
Display Type Tft Lcd
Brand Cowon
Color Silver
Model Id 16G-SL
Model Name M2
Type MP4 Player, MP3 Player
External Memory 32 GB
Memory Size 8 GB
FM Tuner Yes
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Video File Format AVI

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А вот подскажите пожалуйста на нём смотреть фильмы сериалы можно ??? Вообще
Плеер может и хорош только на ебей его цена около 700 долл,за эти день я себе QLS360 mod возму на цапе и еще долларов 150 останеться)))
Tonto no muestras cómo funciona la radio.
В этом плеере гарнитура листает треки?
можно слушать музыку на встроенном динамике.. но та что воспроизвел, как будто говорит : - чуваак, динамик тут говно и всё зависает!! что за тролл-музыка? Х)
Здравствуйте. блютуз есть и максимальная карточку поставить можно?
а можно ли здесь делать закладки? я слушаю и музыку и аудиокниги, и закладки очень нужныа
Вы наушники с гарнитурой не пробовали на нем слушать? Просто на iaudio 9+ не послушать наушники с гарнитурой .
Я владелец такого. Слушаю с наушниками мониторками от сони MDR V6. Звук зе бест. Но создателя интерфейса убил бы нах. У него что-то с головой... сделать настолько неудобное меню. Ну и экран просто дерьмо
купил!!!! Одни эмоции))) уже 3 день сплю с ним)
До сих пор пользуюсь своим стареньким j3 и доволен как слон, менять не собираюсь. До приобретения покупал i-pod classic, но тут же разочаровался и сдал обратно в магазин в тот же день. Звук был ни о чём, из плюсов только красивый хромированный корпус и много встроенной памяти. Cowon, кстати, те же ребята из магазина порекомендовали которым возврат приносил, за что им до сих пор благодарен. До этого вообще не знал такого брэнда
12 косых дорого звук как в ковоне с2
Учы фызику ДАРАГОЙ!!!
Haaha самый живой медиаплеер это марки Philips братан, так что не утруждайся
у плеера есть "Ревибратор" ... рукалицо
D2 92 часа играет, моему уже 10 лет, а батарею неделю держит (если слушать по дороге на/с работы в метро на наушники, или в машине на линейный выход)
Копия D20!! Только корпус другой!! У меня D20 сейчас! Держит очень долго! JetEffect на высоте. Мне даже в некоторых моментах показалось, что звук выдает лучше чем айподе. Кстати, даже чутка заметна разница когда слушаешь флак, а потом мп3.
не библиотека,а фонотека.
Усилок в нем никакой. Вот и работает так долго. По звуку - уровень MX3. Немало телефонов есть с более лучшим звуком.
Стою между выбором ,либо этот плеер либо (d2+ так как говорят очень громкий )и sony nwz a15 ,наушники beats pro , слушаю хип хоп ,рэп ,клуб.муз , помоги пожалуйста с выбором ?
I am actually die hard iPod Classic man I just wanted this to record voice. I know Apple have more complex stuff but for me nothing come close to iPod Classic for my music.
800 GB of my own music > Verizon and Spotify bill. I'm sorry but so called "outdated" tech is a simple convenience. Most phones can't even last a full day when you play music or use your camera.
how is back speaker
I have an old Sony Walkman that i just upgraded from, I have a similar one to this,and mine also records lossless audio as well, my old Sony Walkman is falling apart, the screen is dead, the battery life sucks like a black hole,and mine has a speaker as well
How do you put song into the MP3
I accidentally stepped on my Agptek C05 just recently and the screen broke. I was so mad at myself for breaking it. I really loved my little MP3 player. I always had it on me, until that one day. I didn’t know it was on the floor until I heard a crunch sound, when I stepped on it. Anyway the bluetooth signal sound that the Agpek C05 MP3 player puts out is loud and decent. The bluetooth stayed connected, even with the walls in my house. I had to order another MP3 player. I went with a generic one this time. It’s a 8th generation one from eBay. As long as it’s not too crappy, I think it should be ok. :)
Does it have an EQ??? My old Sony Mp3 player had a 5band EQ. And try it with some actual good ear buds like Skullcandy Ink'd and not the stock buds it came bundled with.
I like the conveniences. -Save battery power on your phone. -Save storage space on your phone. -Save money by transferring your favorite music files from your computer to your MP3 player. -MP3 Players have built in FM radios with all FM radio stations, while iHeart radio doesn’t have all of your local radio stations. -You can also use both your phone and the MP3 player in the same time to show a song to a friend on live broadcast on your phone. -You can still listen to music from the MP3 player, when you don’t have mobile service on your phone or you don’t have access to WiFi on your phone. It’s just like if you had a CD collection but it’s in a small MP3 player. The need for MP3 players is still there for some people like me. :)
my sansa clip's battery won't hold a charge anymore but I want a sleak mp3 player with a nice gui like the sansa clip.
What is the song management like??? SUCKS Don't even try looking through a thousand songs.... It's like looking through a list of a thousand files.... At least they give you a search box, if you know exactly what you're looking for 🖕....
Can I make playlists in this MP3 player??
what smartwatch is that he is wearing ?
omg is that an ipod nano 6g ??
which brand is best apple vs sony mpe player?
How do I  add songs? I added, shows in folder on laptop, as added, does not show in player. I turned the play off and on  and no change, plus the new songs are not showing anywhere, not in the 3 playlist folders nor the main default folder.
The UI is very similiar to the non-touchscreen Walkman.
Is it better than fiio
flac and wav is the best codec for audio because mp3 file is lossy...
Where did you get it?🤔
This or using my Android phone? But when I use my phone my battery is still good even using Bluetooth
Looks beautiful...
Does the device have an alarm / alarm clock?
Where can i buy this???
It cost over £30 online. If it were cheaper maybe.
That's a thicc playa!
Does it have Bluetooth system
Bro whats the price In us
Have bluetooth?
It's a 8gb variant how to upload or see videos in it
Does it have Bluetooth
Can we watch movies
Get the mymahadi m9
Does this chould work as a digital transport to feed a dac?
use time ?
Battery duration playing music? Is great audio quality or poor?
Saw it on AliExpress showing its screen is bezel less so I had to YouTube it, shameless I swear.. they have no shame at all misguiding marketing
Might be more receptive to touch if you'd taken the plastic of first.
Can we install applications like Spotify or Tidal?
no sound ?! no mic?! is this really a review ?
Будь здоров сцуко!
Sorry I bought the X9 now. I thought Cowon may have moved on from my old D2 (in terms of functional usefulness) but the X9 is crap. The UI is slow, unintuitive and buggy, the picture resolution is pretty poor, the documentation is poor (thats why I'm coming to do research on Youtube) and the website is unresponsive to support enquiries. If I could take it back, I would. The only selling point (other than it not being an Apple) is that it handles .OGG and .FLC as well as .MP3. Is there another brand that can handle those file types?
so quiet, it's like a golf tournament!
nice review, you show all device posibilities, 
Whats the other device you were taking the sd from?
Probably the most boring product review (if you can call that a review) I've seen on youtube. 
pff.. no rising from cowon
Is it compatible with Win 7 x64bit? I've read some reviews that say its not but others say it is?