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Cowon iAudio E3 8GB MP3 Player Colours:
  • White

Cowon iAudio E3 8GB MP3 Player Specifications

Audio File Format MP3, MP2, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV
Audio Playback Time 11 hrs 30 mins
IO Device Hi-speed USB 2.0
Depth 11.6 mm
Height 89 mm
Weight 20.8 g
Width 31.4 mm
Display Size 0.95 inch
Display Type Monochrome OLED
Brand Cowon
Color White
Model Id iAudio E3
Type MP3 Player
Memory Size 4 GB
Additional Features Flash Memory, FAT32 File System, Monochrome OLED Display (96 x 64 Dot Matrix), Buttons: Power / Hold, Home, List, FF, Rew, Play, Pause, Volume, Volume-, CPU: Pentium lll 500 MHz or Higher, OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, ME, MAC OS 10.x / Linux Ver 2.4,Earphones Ou...View More Flash Memory, FAT32 File System, Monochrome OLED Display (96 x 64 Dot Matrix), Buttons: Po
MP3 Audio 320 kbps, MPEG (1, 2, 2.5 Layer 3), 48 kHz, Mono / Stereo
WMA Audio 320 kbps, 48 kHz, Mono / Stereo
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Recharge Time USB: 1 hrs 30 mins (5 V / 500 mA)
Recharging Method USB-based Charging

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MP3 Плеер Cowon iAUDIO E3 - обзор
MP3 Плеер Cowon iAUDIO E3 - обзор
Cowon iAudio 9 MP3 Player Review
Cowon iAudio 9 MP3 Player Review
i have the black version of it
What does G-sensor mean to you? lol...
thanks for making this video. It's short, funny and also shows the player size compared to a grown up hand. This video is from 2014. How did it worked? did it lasted long? does it sound ok?
where you buy the clip?
Cowon's S9 was wan heck of a PMP... I still got that and love to make different things in flash and run those in S9... Cowon is quite famous for their different shaped pmps...
G-Spot!!! LMFAO!!! I'm Already Your Fan!!
It's look like half review....
Thanx Marie, for the nice review and unboxing. I am planning to buy one within a week, but I will be using this player for recording lectures of my classes. Can you please tell me the maximum duration supported by this player. Plus, whether the recording are free from distortions?? Hope you will leave a speedy reply
I never even heard of this MP3player, and I frequent forums dedicated to discussions on MP3 players. Any chance of doing a general usage video? I see there's not many English videos describing this player- and the official Cowon video I've seen has this thing stuck between the pages of a book and I'm so confused as to why o_O
I was using Cowon D2+ for 5 Yeats, now I'm thinking about E3 .
wut g spot =_="
Cowon в принципе сама фирма лажа полная. Глючная ...до ужаса не работает с первого дня. Можно заводить но это будет продолжаться вечно- не берите если вам не нравятся проблемы и геморрой Когда этот керогаз заводится то звук ничего так
Чистейший звук с вкладышами?Еще и с теми,что в комплекте?Постыдились бы хоть.
не обзор, а реклама
В отзывах к плееру прочитал, что в нем нельзя воспроизводить песни по папкам, все записи распределяются по алфавиту, даже если их исполняют разные группы. Это действительно так?
Подскажите а даннный плеер сохраняет позицию воспроизведения музыки? или каждый раз с начало?) и может кто тестил сколько песен максимум влезает по количесву... И не будит ли лагать при 1000песен например?
В сравнении с Е2 мощность звука у них на одном уровне?  12 мВт по характеристикам, но на практике как?
О мой кот! Этот плеер прекрасен!
Здравствуйте. Покупать "спортивный" плеер без клипсы по-моему нет резона. Даже в фирменном магазине COWON клипсы нет в продаже. Насколько велика вероятность, что она в ближайшем будущем появится ? Потому как плеер я бы не против купить уже на следующей неделе. И ещё: как такое может быть, чтобы в фирменном магазине не было товара своего же производителя, а в других интернет- магазинах он есть ( например, iaudio e3 белый , iaudio 9+ белый 8gb и др.)
То есть, клипса не идёт в комплекте сразу с плеером?
Плеер эстетически само совершенство. Жаль, о клипсе ни слова.(она ведь есть ?)

Симпатичный плеер,но вот батарея...Это провал.Сколько он флак выдержит,3 часа?)
i have the black version
Where's my revamped iAudio E2?!
I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!
Yeah don't bother re-releasing the J3 or an update of that. We'll stick with this crappy bookmark.
Cowon... waht r u doing.... Cowon.... please stahp..... COWON STAHP!!
Y la radio no la probaste pedazo de tonto ...y como pasa la música ... increíble .
In the end, they don't sell it anymore!
Hi. Thanks for the review. I've got a Cowan, I don't know what model as It doesn't state it on the unit & I've gad it for AT LEAST 7 years, a few day's ago the touch screen 'blacked out' so I'm now looking for a new one. Can you... 1: increase the memory with an an external memory card? 2: Get a protective cover for it & still use the controls? 3: Is there a version that plays DAB radio? 4: How many ways are there to upload music onto this & what are they? Thanks David.
I'm in the market for an Mp3 player because I'm so over using that ridiculous itunes, its been hopeless for over well over a decade since its release. Ive owned Cowon before and they've always been great. I just went to ipod because they are really well built sound great and the UI is awesome, using itunes however destroys that. You cant even send music from one ipod to another... insane. The only thing I balk at this cowon 9 is that its 7 years old, I know its still sold new and on their website but living here in Australia the most expensive place on earth to live its well over 200 dollars.... seven year old tech....ummm........
better than fiio x1 ?
Is there a playlist or something
so nobody mention sound quality lol funny cause its crucial
I have one and it's a very nice device. But I'm trying to get JetAudio or other to convert video files to readable ones. I'm having troubles when introducing serial number, and would appreciate any advice to download Cowon's software.
hi sir im from US and looking forward to buy a mp3 player. i am chooosing between sony walkman, snsa clip, cowon iaudio9, ipod, samsung galaxy which one you think will be best? currently i am using ipod classic 5.5 with rockbox. thankssss.....
I think this isn't an alternative for hardcore music lovers, it's a must. The sound features Cowon has in their devices are superior
The English talk with amazing clarity, thank you =)
Can it play Movies ?
i find in 16gb in 87$ !!!
now, who is fooling who?
Cowon is wack...........ipod is way better. don't let these fools fool you
Hi, I am looking for a great-sounding mp3 player, without all the bells and whistles of the iPod (I read their sound isn't that great either). Came across this brand, but I've read that Cowons don't play well with Macs. I am running OS 10.6.8 on a C2D iMac. Will I have to jump through lots of hoops to get the mp3s into the Cowon? Are some Cowon models more suitable for Macs? Thanks, and cheers, PoA
@davomrmac Tell me what your choice is going to [email protected] I also want quality
@sk8terigor Tell me what your choice is going to be. I also want the best quality sound
@sk8terigor Tell me what it going to be because I'm also want top quality! :D
please clean your rug before your reviews