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Buy Cowon iAudio 10 8GB Video MP3 Player online at Amazon. Cowon iAudio 10 8GB Video MP3 Player Cowon iAudio 10 8GB Video MP3 Player Colours: Black
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Amazon Offers ₹76,146
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Cowon iAudio 10 8GB Video MP3 Player Features

Cowon iAudio 10 8GB Video MP3 Player Cowon iAudio 10 8GB Video MP3 Player Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Cowon iAudio 10 8GB Video MP3 Player Price in India is ₹76,146 at Amazon.
Buy Cowon iAudio 10 8GB Video MP3 Player online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
Check the Estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options while purchasing this product.
Please go through Cowon iAudio 10 8GB Video MP3 Player full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

Cowon iAudio 10 8GB Video MP3 Player Specifications

Audio File Format MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG, APE, WAV
Audio Playback Time 38 hrs
Sound Settings BBE ( BBE, Mach3Bass, MP3 Enhance, 3D Surround ), Special Effects (Stereo Enhance, Reverb), 5 Band Graphic Equalizer
IO Device USB (2.0), Composite Video Input
Depth 12.6 mm
Height 114 mm
Weight 73 g
Width 54 mm
Display Resolution 400 x 240 pixels
Display Size 3 inch
Display Type TFT LCD
Brand Cowon
Color Black
Model Id iAudio 10
Type MP4 Player, MP3 Player
In the Box
Sales Package iAudio 10, Earphones, USB Cable, Manual CD, Quick Guide
Memory Size 2 GB
Additional Features Audio Stereo Channel, 20 Hz - 20 Khz Frequency Range, 16 ohm Audio Maximum Output, 95 dB Sound and Noise Ratio, FM Radio Frequency Range: 87.5 - 108 Mhz, 76 - 108 Mhz, NTSL and PAL AV Out Format, 1 KHz - 20 KHz Speaker Frequency Range, Capacitive Touch Pad Interface Input Method, Flash UI Display, O...View More Audio Stereo Channel, 20 Hz - 20 Khz Frequency Range, 16 ohm Audio Maximum Output, 95 dB S
FM Tuner Yes
MP3 Audio MPEG1 Layer 3, MPEG2 Layer 3, MPEG2.5 Layer 3, ~320 kbps, ~48 kHz, Mono / Stereo
WMA Audio 320 kbps, ~48 kHz, Mono / Stereo
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Max Power Output 500 mW
Recharge Time 2 hrs (Adapter), 2 hrs (USB)
Recharging Method USB-based, Adapter-based Charging
Video Available Yes
Video File Format AVI, WMV, ASF
Video Playback Time 6.5 hrs

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Cowon iAudio 10 8GB Video MP3 Player Reviews from YouTube

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Y la radio no la probaste pedazo de tonto ...y como pasa la música ... increíble .
In the end, they don't sell it anymore!
Hi. Thanks for the review. I've got a Cowan, I don't know what model as It doesn't state it on the unit & I've gad it for AT LEAST 7 years, a few day's ago the touch screen 'blacked out' so I'm now looking for a new one. Can you... 1: increase the memory with an an external memory card? 2: Get a protective cover for it & still use the controls? 3: Is there a version that plays DAB radio? 4: How many ways are there to upload music onto this & what are they? Thanks David.
I'm in the market for an Mp3 player because I'm so over using that ridiculous itunes, its been hopeless for over well over a decade since its release. Ive owned Cowon before and they've always been great. I just went to ipod because they are really well built sound great and the UI is awesome, using itunes however destroys that. You cant even send music from one ipod to another... insane. The only thing I balk at this cowon 9 is that its 7 years old, I know its still sold new and on their website but living here in Australia the most expensive place on earth to live its well over 200 dollars.... seven year old tech....ummm........
better than fiio x1 ?
Is there a playlist or something
so nobody mention sound quality lol funny cause its crucial
I have one and it's a very nice device. But I'm trying to get JetAudio or other to convert video files to readable ones. I'm having troubles when introducing serial number, and would appreciate any advice to download Cowon's software.
hi sir im from US and looking forward to buy a mp3 player. i am chooosing between sony walkman, snsa clip, cowon iaudio9, ipod, samsung galaxy which one you think will be best? currently i am using ipod classic 5.5 with rockbox. thankssss.....
I think this isn't an alternative for hardcore music lovers, it's a must. The sound features Cowon has in their devices are superior
The English talk with amazing clarity, thank you =)
Can it play Movies ?
i find in 16gb in 87$ !!!
now, who is fooling who?
Cowon is wack...........ipod is way better. don't let these fools fool you
Hi, I am looking for a great-sounding mp3 player, without all the bells and whistles of the iPod (I read their sound isn't that great either). Came across this brand, but I've read that Cowons don't play well with Macs. I am running OS 10.6.8 on a C2D iMac. Will I have to jump through lots of hoops to get the mp3s into the Cowon? Are some Cowon models more suitable for Macs? Thanks, and cheers, PoA
@davomrmac Tell me what your choice is going to be@sk8terigor I also want quality
@sk8terigor Tell me what your choice is going to be. I also want the best quality sound
@sk8terigor Tell me what it going to be because I'm also want top quality! :D
please clean your rug before your reviews
I have it, and I am happy with my Cowon Plenue D2, a very compact device, the size of a pack of cigarettes, but which has an autonomy of 30 hours in hi-res audio and 50 hours in 328kbps mp3. It supports DSD files in addition to all known formats. Its body is made of premium materials with metal on the upper part, isometric cut. A Dap that has an internal memory of 64GB and a slot for microSD memory of up to 128GB. No tidal, no Spotify, no bluethoot. It's a Beautiful Dap that updates your music library every time you turn it on automatically. A cool!
I used to have a Cowon D a long time ago and was impressed by the SQ. Ordered the Plenue D2 today and I am curious about how it will sound. UI has not changed since 15 years ago it seems :-). Having some trouble in finding a suitable (balanced) headphone cable in the Netherlands though. Any suggestions???
Plenue D3 are out i think
What setup did u use for HD600?
can u make a review of the AK SP2000 pls...thanks
Can you use a dac head amp with it?
Er wtf does it sound like, and what phones are you using
Good review, but my first gen Plenue D touchscreen stopped responding after a year of being unused. Everything else works alright though, but my biggest gripe; they don’t officially sell here in India anymore, so no repairs possible. Sigh!
I have HiBy r6 pro and when I used 4.4mm balanced for playback, the player gets hot after around 10 songs playback. I was looking for a non Android player that can playback from balance port for my He4xx. Because when I playback with balance on my r6 pro, it sounded punchier without making the sound louder. Based on my experience, I have 2 questions: 1. Will this dap get hot from balance 2.5mm playback? 2. Do you know if this can compare to r6 pro in terms of sound playback for He4xx or even Sundara? I am looking to upgrade my headphone to sundara, but unsure if it can support playback. Thanks.
I just bought the plenue d2 but I'm extremely frustrated. I have a 128gb micro sd I formatted it to fat32 load my music and the play just shows updating database. Then it turns off. It load with the sd card but with the card it just keep doing the same loading database. Any fixes you might know of. And I have tried 2 different ad cards too.
Today i received the PD2. In comparison to the PD(1) the on/off button is somewhat loose and rattles - do other owners of the PD2 experience the same? Thinking about exchanging it. Thanks!
Which Walkman version are you comparing this to?
Hi there - great review! Which IEM's do you suggest for the D2? Coming from d(1) with Final E2000/Beoplay H6 2nd and would like to step up (a lot). I'd be interested in a budget and non budget option. Favorite genres: jazz, rock, folk, independent, electronic. just your personal preference - any suggestion appreciated...
Had a horrendous experience with Sony customer service (so bad that I will never buy anything from them again) so looking for a good alternative to a Walkman. Thanks for this review
okay, I bought one after watching this review actually and I've had issues from the start. I can't get the thing to turn on, it crashed for like the tenth time transferring music. I've tried resetting it with the volume buttons. I'm having no luck. Has this happened to anyone else that could help me?
that lag on interface is a complete no go for me.. I am not spending this much money on a product in 2020 with a laggy interface. shame as it looks great otherwise..
I have a Cowon M2 and love it for its battery life, sound quality, etc. But I really enjoy being able to bookmark mp3 audiobooks. Does the Plenue D2 have that function?
picture perfect advert :p
I fall in love with Cowon sound quality, I dont know why, but I just dont like sound signature of Astell and Kern
Is this louder than your preferred Sony one? I heard that Sony has to started to limit the loudness of their players (at least in Europe). Thank you.
2:32 not true... you cannot connect it to a phone via Bluetooth
I like how almost in every video nobody mentions whether these can play Bluetooth headphones nothing like having a wire in the way of your exercising we're pretty far in the future cut the cord.
Well, since you only show pictures and videos from web of those players, you just assume everything. That is not a review. That just retelling advertising.
Text to speech is getting really good nowadays, really trippy to hear a very convincing sounding american voice speak in what is clearly machine translated english.
What is price of A30 MP player
Did he actually tried all of those before reviewing?
Do you know if is there an mp3 player that includes the youtube music app?
Please I want a response im thinking of getting the agptek MP3 player like in the thumbnail is it good is it worth the price?
" ....... we have shown the best product that will not become worthless." I'm assuming English isn't the primary language of this channel. 😬
Good Video
JOLIKE M4 Bluetooth 5.0 player
What sort of review for a budget mp3 player mentions expensive items and no mention of audio quality? Was the writer paid by the sellers for this? If so, more fool the sellers.
Good video here. Wish you had given the storage capability, expansion and size for each device though.
My favorite is iPod nano......😭😭😭😖
Prices would have been good to know
Will the ones with touch screen break more easily I skate so I don't want to fall and have it break easily after a while
1. SanDisk (has no sleep function, not so easy navigation menu, not good for fast forward/rewind, mediocre battery, making it a bit inconvenient for audio books), audible buttons. Nice size obviously. I wonder why so many mp3 makers limit their devices capabilities so seemingly unnecessarily. Like NOT being able to play an mp3 list simply in alphabetical order but to rely on playlists only. Or not to allow resume track between switch on an off, not allowing resume track between swithhing tracks, sleep timer. Why is it that most android software mp3 players are more thoughtful and feature rich than specialist mp3 devices? And thanks Apple for ruining the market potential by patenting the most sensible fast forward and navigational concept while also insisting on your devices to have to a) go through iTunes, b) sort the music split up in tons of senseless lt named random folders and c) not allowing for placing music in folders and playing them by alphabetical order.
ALL those players are junk!
The big question for me was or is "what am I paying more for?". I am new to Bluetooth and want a player that will be compatible with a lot of pa systems. My other priority is that I want to play tracks copied from my pc in a desired order?Looking at the video you seem to be paying extra for durability when exercising or waterproof. My priority is sound quality reproduction to PA systems , easy connectivity / compatibility. Ease of use. I think 3 6 & 7 would suite my needs best, any help in making my mind up would be appreciated.
This is what im looking for oh my a big bunch of thanks i hope i could buy one of this im so happy that i could watched your video next time i would buy this products one thing i want to know what is the meaning of number 1 upto number 10 do the number 1 stand for the top 1 or highest rank in terms of quality sounds battery life endurance or durability i hope i could purchase the best one
my favorite is the ipod touch
If get a chance to kick on your balls huh... u said budget mp3 player 😈...$300 is cheap hah f...k u...

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