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Amazon Offers ₹2,173
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The lowest Covergirl Blastflipstick Blendable Lip Duo (840 Stunner) Price in India is ₹2,173 at Amazon.
Buy Covergirl Blastflipstick Blendable Lip Duo (840 Stunner) online at Amazon.
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Covergirl Blastflipstick Blendable Lip Duo (840 Stunner) Specifications

Technical Details
Color As shown in the image
feature Blendable lip duos that let you customize your look
Manufacturer Covergirl
Model Not Applicable
Size As shown in the image

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Covergirl Blastflipstick Blendable Lip Duo (840 Stunner) Reviews from YouTube

Phoenix Makeup Tutorial
Hot Pink Lips! Covergirl Blast Flipstick Demo & Review!
Subscriber Selects - Cover Girl Blast Flipstick Review | Bailey B.
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dude. in the first place i have written numerous letters to companies, and have attempted to create a change in that way, but in the second, meghan affects a lot of people in what she says and does. She is endorsing a product which has a bad side as well as a good side and I have the right to let people know what that bad side is. I'm sorry you feel that I am "bitching", however I have the freedom of speech and will not "shut up" about an issue that is important to me.
Haha intro twice??
they don't feel pain but it's kinda like taking a person a chance at life
What was going on at the beginning tho?
Well.... I'm just here for the lipstick... Not abortion, so lemme say that color looks very nice on you :]
how the hell did you get on to the subject of abortion????
But people must also take responsibility for their actions, not just "dispose" of it and take the "easy" way out.
Those woman who don't want to get pregnant shouldn't be having sex then. They know what the consequences are. That's just my opinion....
that's your opinion on the matter and i respect you on that and i'm not going to sway you. i think abortions are a sad sad thing and no one should have to make such a personal choice, but the option should be there. not everyone wants to be pregnant and shouldn't have to be just because someone doesn't agree with their decision.
I don't like babies or little kids, but personally I don't think women/teens should be getting abortions unless they were raped or the fetus didn't develop right. If they didn't want to get pregnant then they shouldn't have had sex/unprotected sex.
Who knows....
darling, the issue is that people don't see this, that people don't realize. I have written letters, and this issue is that not enough people are aware of the problem that is going on. I love megan's videos, but she affects a huge amount of people, and those people ought to realize what happens to make the products they might buy.
By the way this is not intended for Megan it's for the girl who went onto my husbands account & corrected my grammar I saw what she looks like!! Ew!feel free to erase this Megan
Did you seriously correct my spelling and grammar ??????Get a life now I see why people talk shit about you!!!Loser did I spell that right??!!!!!Don't do YouTube videos if you're on here to correct peoples spelling!!Did you ever think maybe I have problems w/ oh that was the abbreviation with by the way my eye sight!!!!!???ew!By the way whiten your teeth there yellow!!!
Ok, I hate to do this but... *You're *ad *course *to, *idea! or idea.
i'm thinking of getting that flipstick you mentioned in the video.
..u can do what u want with it.
its right beneath you...
I have this product and I think it's fabulous. I would definitely recommend it. But you aren't supposed to blend it.
Exactly! Bored with your one trick lipstick? Then lead a double life!
I'd love to see a comparison of the L'oreal lipstains and the new Maybelline 10 hour lip gloss/stains and see which you like better:) Another suggestion would be your impression of Drew Barrymore's new Flower Beauty line at Walmart. Love to know your thoughts on the line!
yes it really does last a while. i think i might pick up a more mild color in it lol because i found its a little too crazy unless its done with a more neutral eye lol
Sonia kashuk eye on neutral palette!
Thanks for watching and for the suggestions! I haven't tried any of those, but I've been dying to try the Revlon Suede Lipsticks just to see if they are drying. Then again, those Maybelline things are supposed to be the new hotness, so it will be hard to choose!
Yay, so glad you can comment again :) I wish I had taken more time to test the wear because I found that it stayed ALL day on me! It really is long wearing. Thanks you so much for this video idea - I really, really love it!
Sofia Vergara could sell me an empty sardine can. Seriously.
Thanks for demo-ing, I've been curious about these... but Sofia Vergara is awesome in the commercials :)
I'd love to see a review/comparison between all the different drugstore BB creams available now! I'm almost out of my favorite tinted moisturizer (Tarte) and was wondering if should repurchase or try something new (and cheaper!)
also as you see i can like and comment on youtube now lol but i actually thought id let you know that i never buy oranges or reds normally i would stick to rose like pinks, or peachy pinks but i was buying new makeup as birthday present from my husband and he mentioned it. my husband hates lipstick so i never wear it but when he like this color i was like im getting it lol
I love the video great job! I have to say I wear the gold by itself as its not that gold, gives a shimmery lipgloss look alone but mainly i put one color on my top & on my bottom and rub! looks great on me! do dislike the texture but the staying power of this lipstick makes it a yes for me literally hours(im a smoker so thats rare) i have almost white lips so i love that after the lipstick is gone it actually leaves a stain on my lips til washed! thanks for doing this video! Had fun watching it!
subscriber impression suggestions? would love to know what you think of the almay get up and grow mascara!
Definitely going to pass on these. They've never really held any appeal to me in the first place, but after seeing a live demo... NOPE. Never.
Good idea on the segments! Idk about shimmery lipstick though. Good 1st impression vid!
Chalky is the perfect way to describe it! I never know how to recommend a lip product with texture because I know some don't mind and some do. I guess as long as you know it exists you can make your choice from there! Thanks for watching an commenting :)
Great video idea babe xo
You go get that first comment, girl! Thanks for the suggestion :)
I've done one on the blog already and was planning on doing a video tutorial, but didn't know if people would want to see another review on YouTube. Since I can't put a link to the Jenni palette in the comments, I'll put one to the info bar. Thanks for commenting :)
can u do a review swatches on the jenni rivera palette?plzz
Subbie Picks Bailey trys
you're absolutely gorgeous and lovely!
The elf brush seems so much better than the Ofra! Funny how Ofra has become much more main stream since being in so many subscription services.
Great look! 😊 I actually saw a couple of eyeshadows I might have tried as blush. 😊
emily, you're such a good instructor. i follow you and value your opinions on products. I think you have so much class.
So amazing! Both you and your tutorial videos. You are so much enthusiastic in sharing makeup tips. I like the way you begin the tutorial from your natural face to your made up face. I really like your "nighttime eye, daytime eye". Sooooo cute!!!! Thanks for all tutorial videos.
Wow u look lovely
do you recommend a specific eye cream?? i am 23 years old and have like 3 deep wrinkles under each eye, and the eye creams i have tried make my makeup or concealer go on really weird, and it looks blotchy then it settles in the wrinkles and looks worse
i just discovered you, i love your videos, thanks a lot!!
Love your eye shadow....I cannot ever make mine look like yours dang it!! I am going to keep trying and trying....thanks for sharing all these tips and tricks with us!! Love U Emily!!
I wish I had her makeup collection. I mean look at all this lipsticks and EOS balms!
I like how you explain everything! You're definitely one of my top beauty gurus on YouTube!
Thank you!
She's mentioned that the Almay Get Up and Grow mascara was her go-to drugstore mascara.
It depends on the foundation and your particular skin type. Some foundations apply better with a brush (even different types of brushes) some with fingers, and some with sponges. I have dry skin so I don't use a stippling brush because it tends to make my skin flake up. It's really a matter of experimenting with foundations and application techniques.
Hi Emily! I would really like to know what your favorite go-to mascara? I have to go get one at the drugstore and wanted to try one of the newer ones but I'm not really sure which. Ive been out of the loop, I usually get Clinique or other brand name or "high end" ones. Do you have any suggestions (I know you do lol)? Thanks a lot! I love your videos, I watch them all :-)
thanks casey
Whenever you'd say "beauty school" I'd get Beauty School Dropout and Frenchy in my head! :D Now I've gotta watch it. Thanks for the video, Emily! ♥
hi emily, where did you get the red football makeup applier thing?
also a cosmo student...thanx for the vid!
if you havent seen this then you are missing out big time!

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