Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder Classic Ivory 210

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Buy Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder (Classic Ivory 210) online at Amazon. Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder (Classic Ivory 210)

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Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder (Classic Ivory 210) price at Amazon - ₹3,023 ₹3,999

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The lowest Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder (Classic Ivory 210) Price in India is ₹3,999 ₹3,023 at Amazon.
Buy Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder (Classic Ivory 210) online at Amazon.
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Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder (Classic Ivory 210)

Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder (Classic Ivory 210) Specifications

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Manufacturer Part Number 022700122158
Model Number 2270012215
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Loca habla en español. 💩
Natural beige would work that's what I use 😁👍❤️
You have such a nice soothing voice 💛 Great review!! I've been using this foundation since the 90's when I was in high school 😀 I have many others, but I'll still use this one however only times when I'm going out only for a few hrs as it doesn't last long on my skin.
Love it!
Watching you for the first time and I love the natural look, lipstick suits you well, matches with your eye shadow and bronza
New subscriber ... you look - gorgeous. You look - identical, to my friend, from - Killeen, TX - Charlotte Lumpkins, coincidentally, of course. She wore the - exact make-up and looked - flawless. #HUDa #HUDabeauty
You look beautiful. Natural. I've always loved cover girl and its cruelty free and a great price and quality
CoverGirl has great products! Thanks for sharing. I’m so glad they are cruelty free now!
I recently found your channel and love it (especially the curly videos) Also, your make look was so pretty and easy to follow!
"Covergirl Clean Makeup By Noxema" , I remember the commercial from years ago. It was the first face makeup that me and my high school friends used and Maybelline eyeshadow. Your makeup does look good. The bronzer is nice and the lip gloss too.
I really want to try it, thanks for the review
Just like Crystal, I steer away from cover girl 😉
I steered away from CG. I just may have to try for myself
KT posting videos like crazy. 👍🥇👸🏼
So I’m gathering there isn’t a fair shade available?
○_○; this lady is 40?....looks to be in her 30s
Yours is the best review I have watched, even if you are a beautiful YOUNG woman. I would like to see you do a review and "how to" on the "hockey puck", which I just purchased today. I do not understand why you need to get a tan before using it though.
If I'm using hockey puck foundation do u recommend using a powder as well if so does covergirl have ageless powder?
The simply ageless “hockey puck” was the first foundation I ever tried when I stole it from my mom as a teenager. I have dry skin, I’ve tried other drugstore and high end foundations and honestly none compare to how nice the covergirl one is. It would be nice if they expanded their shade range though.
Is nobody going to talk about how she looks like she’s in her twenties? Looking good sis.
Hi marnie i know this video is a few years old but ii was excited it find it. I just bought this foundation tonight and excited to try it. I have been struggling trying to find a foundation that doest look horrific on my skin. Ageing iis deffintly not for thank you for this wonderful content 💜 p.s. give rowdy and the westies a hug from me.
I'm going to purchase the pump foundation, de-puffer, and primer. I have tried foundations that can be used on mature/younger skin but it never looks good on me. I've tried everything from brush/sponge combinations to every hyped primer. I hope this works.
I'm trying to order the cream foundation online, what shade would you recommend for somebody who is fair with a pinky undertone? In Mac foundations nw15 nw20
oh my God you so younger i think your 30 years old.
You look stunning oh my god what
I just bought this, I am excited to try it
Luv...the hockey puck:)
I am 29 and I have been using this for years. Every time I try something else I don't like it. I just recently bought Maybelline fit me matte and pore less and I thought I liked it but it broke me out after the third time using it. I so disappointed and I am going to have to go buy me like the 5th bottle of the 3 in 1 foundation and the eye rehab concealer. I hate to say it but it's the best I have tried in the drugstore.
You are gorgeous,and I'm 21 and I use and love all the products you show I have wrinkles and bad dark circles and you look younger than me :( you're so pretty
Thanks I'm going to try it then because my skin is very dry to...
You would look amazing with darker hair,you look so young I can't believe your age,you didnt say anything about the how long this makeup stays on,and thats a problem with makeups that have creams added to them they slide all over your face within a couple of hours and don't wear well,they look good when first applied but thats it,maybe thats why you didn't mention it?You look very pretty in it anyway..
Good news about the advice on the Cover Girl website ! I'll check it out.
Since you like Covergirl, try their "intensify me" eye liner. I got it in my allure beauty box and have used it every single day since opening it. It's the easiest liner I have ever used.
I'll be 37 this June and lately I've been noticing my tried and true foundations look horrible. I remember you talking about this line before and I always think about buying it when I'm at the drugstore. I would love a quick overview and demo if you ever get the chance but let's be real I'll probably go grab it anyways 😉😊